Posted by: inforodeo | August 4, 2008

YEE-HAW! Introduction …

I considered for a long time whether or not to hide my identity and let you make your assumptions, judgements and categorical pigeon-holing based on the things i had to say, rather than who i am …
but i realised that today’s reader is so incredibly biased anyway, that to avoid a description of my person and interests was pointless … you’re going to toss me into whichever large box you choose after reading a few of my words, so why waste the time hiding?
Because i do value my privacy and that of my family and friends, there will be a thin veil here & there, but the general specs are as follows:

1) I was born and raised in the United States of America;
2) I have been to a handful of foreign countries;
3) aside from the occassional blog in LJ or elsewhere, i keep copious notes and always have a journal and pen within 3 feet of my person;
4) I am deeply religious by my own education, and not by environment or upbringing;
5) I read more books in a week than 93% of adults my age, of either gender;
6) I am a student of pop culture;
7) I am a student of cults and ‘secret societies’;
8) I am a student of world history;
9) I am a student of U.S. History;
10) I am a student of statistics and their presentation;
11) I am naturally skeptical – you have to earn my trust;
12) I will occassionally act upon ‘gut feeling’;
13) I think camo-wearing guys in monster trucks peeling out downtown & waving flags are weird;
14) but i am a card-carrying member of the NRA, i have a concealed weapons permit, and i’m a good shot;
15) I love the outdoors, and like to hike, bike, paddle and climb;
16) I am pro-environment, pro-conservation;
17) but i would never put the needs of an animal above the needs of mankind;
18) I read the news compulsively;
19) I don’t like action films;
20) I don’t like Americans who abuse their freedom and then speak out against the government;
21) I believe in the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, the right to assemble, freedom of religion;
22) but only as far as those rights don’t infringe on someone else’s rights;
23) I don’t think the government should have too much say in our personal lives;
24) but realise excessive legislation is necessary because of the proportion of mindless, dishonest & selfish people to those with common sense, honesty and a work ethic;
25) I vote for politicians who i feel are the best pick … when permitted by law, i vote for individuals, not parties.
26) I am pro-choice, and since abortion definitely limits the choice of the father, possibly of the child, and certainly of grandparents and sometimes siblings, i do not agree with abortion, except under rare circumstances (rape);
27) I do not believe that a person’s race matters for anything other than cosmetics and a small amount of medicine;
28) I think that, in nearly everything, the two genders are equal;
29) I believe in the bible’s unchnging definition of homosexuality as an abomination to God;
30) and that if homosexuality is genetic, the practice of it is purely choice;
31) and regardless, the persecution of it – like the persecution of any habit or trait, is ungodly;
32) I have lived in heavily ‘democratic’ states, as well as heavily ‘republican’ states;
33) When given references, if possible, i always check them;
34) and I always try to go back as far as possible to the original source document/video/recording;
35) and if i act too soon on something and later learn i’m wrong, i apologize and do my best to set the record straight.

There is certainly more to me (and anyone) than a simple list can explain, but these are just a few points to get us started …


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