Posted by: inforodeo | August 8, 2008


If i read this right, the Georgian region of South Ossetia is being attacked by Russian fighter jets and tanks. 

Russia had been lining up tanks at the border for weeks, claiming they were ‘doing exercises’, but then earlier today, Russia began bombing Georgia, so far leaving “scores of wounded and dead civilians”. 
Georgian military had shot down at least two Russian fighter jets …
When asked if Georgia and Russia were officially at war, Georgian president said “My country is in self-defense against Russian aggression. Russian troops invaded Georgia.”

Russia is claiming that the reagion was being ‘ethnically cleansed’, and that they sent reinforcements to the region as a ‘peacekeeping effort’. 

Soth Ossetia had declared independence in the 1990s, but (like Taiwan‘s independence from China), it was not internationally recognized.

Georgia had declared a 3 hour ceasefire at 3pm to enable citizens to flee the conflict zone.

Recently there’d been an emergency U.N. Security Council meeting about the situation in the area (there’d been some fighting between Georgia and South Ossetian seperatists), and the UN, as well as NATO and OSCE.

so …

who is the ‘bad guy’, and who is the ‘good guy’? 

South Ossetia left Georgia in the 1990s, and has identified closely with Russia since then (many of its people holding Russian passports, using Russian Currency, etc).  
according to other news, there have been exchanges between Georgia and South Ossetian seperatists for awhile now, which is why Russian peacekeepers were in the area.
Russia claims there was ‘ethnic cleansing’ going on … and that there was a Georgian attack on Russian military barracks that left a number of Russian peacekeepers dead …
Georgia’s president claims the Russians have just been waiting for an excuse to attack …

it’s all very difficult to discern, especially as Americans, where we’ve been conditioned through years of the Cold War and television and films that the Russians are the ‘bad guys’.

we probably should figure it out soon, because we are going to become involved in one way or another …

if it is Russia that’s the bad guys, do we stay out of the war, like the democrats had us do during WW2, and let the evil empire eat up smaller countries unchecked, until they finally decide to attack us on our shores?
or do we hop in and start a real war between the US and Russia, and hope our fairweather friends in other countries jump in to help out?  

if it’s Georgia at fault, how does this affect us?  i mean … it seems that Russia is bulldozing its way through, and has already caused more casualties than any of the alleged Georgian attacks … yet they haven’t ceased the attacks …
it makes one wonder if Georgia ‘gives up’, is Russia going to eat them anyway? 

Putin is no Gorby … i think he’s extremely likely to return the country to communism, though likely with the Chinese model … he’s already a bad guy to human rights organizations because of how he handled Chechnya and Dagestan, though the people under his rule seem to love him.  He also fills the government with Russian businessmen who have a lot of power and wealth …
Also, due to constitutionally mandated limits, he was ineligible for a third term as president, so he took a job as Prime Minister.  hmmm …

oh yeah … and he’s also former KGB.  and he’s got a record of creating effective propagamda (look up Yury Skuratov, or Putin’s televised attendance at Orthodox services)



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