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Democrats To Economically Cleanse Denver of Filthy Homeless during the DNC!

17th July 2008 [lifted from another blog, which lifted from the news story, posted in full, below]:

I found this interesting primarily because the D’s are supposed to be more “for” social reform, saving the homeless, providing more welfare money, etc … while the R’s are always seen as not caring about the homeless, being too busy with ‘big business’ to bother with social reform, and being stingy with welfare money. 
I guess it shouldn’t be that weird … after all, the D’s have somehow managed to shift their image to “more Black-friendly than the R’s”, despite that whole Civil War thing (where the Northern R’s wanted to grant slaves freedom, but Southern D’s wanted to keep slaves) and it’s lingering effects …

anyway, here’s a cute little local news story from Denver, illustrating how the DNC will be dealing with the unattractive homeless while it has its convention:

 Free Movie Tickets A Plan To Hide Homeless During DNC?
Organizers Deny They’re Trying To Sweep Away Homeless Population
DENVER — When thousands of delegates converge in the Mile City in August, downtown Denver won’t look exactly like it does now.

Free movie tickets and passes to Denver’s cultural attractions will be given out to homeless people just in time for the Democratic National Convention.

Several groups that help the homeless announced Wednesday that they are making changes during the DNC. But the plan is seen, by some, as a plan to hide the city’s homeless, estimated to be roughly 3,800 the summertime.

A DNC advisory committee devoted just to handling the homeless issue has been working on a plan for the past four months with the help of Denver police, the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, the Denver Rescue Mission and other shelters.

The homeless will be offered free movie passes, tickets to the Denver Zoo, museums, and other cultural facilities. The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless will also hand out free bus tickets so the homeless can attend events that aren’t nearby.

Some shelters will open their doors during the daytime and have more cots available at night. A spokeswoman for the Denver Rescue Mission said the shelter will almost double its overnight capacity. Some shelters will also have big-screen TVs so the homeless can watch convention activities without being out on the busy streets, caught up in the chaos.

Organizers say it’s not an attempt to sweep away the homeless but it’s more of an effort to educate them.

“There are no plans to relocate the homeless, to keep them out of the downtown area. If anything, we’re trying to educate the homeless population on what is available, what entertainment they can go to, you know, how they can be involved as well,” said Denver Rescue Mission’s Greta Walker.

The committee thinks this is a way to make sure the homeless aren’t harassed by police or Secret Service and aren’t unknowingly caught up in the activities and protests in the area. Extremely tight security is expected around the Pepsi Center, Invesco Field at Mile High and Civic Center Park, where thousands of protesters are expected.

“It’s better than them doing a police sweep. What good is that going to do? It’s going to clog the jails that are already clogged,” said Cecil Miller, a homeless man. “I’d love to go to a movie. I’d take my wife if we could get somebody to watch our stuff.”

The homeless have already been told that aggressive panhandling and asking for money near an ATM are illegal. During the week, a voter registration drive will target homeless shelters and low-cost or free health clinics.

The Democratic National Convention will be held in downtown Denver from Aug. 25 to Aug. 28.

I guess we ought to commend the D’s for their clever plan:

– they have discovered a way to use non-profit welfare groups to assist them in removing the homeless from the areas where the DNC will be held so they won’t get in the way
– they’ve fooled non-profits into supporting the DNC’s big party, filled with wealthy ‘prominent’ people, news media, etc.  it’s strange how closely this resembles the old D’s parties, where the wealthy white Southern D’s met and partied, while a few select black folk served the refreshments, cooked the meals, and did other menial tasks, and armed men kept the undesirables away.  I am amazed that they’re still continuing on their way in the same old fashion … the only differences now is the change in the ‘lower class’. 
– they are using these same Charities to create the image that the D’s are providing “free entertainment” to the homeless, which is sure to look good to those homeless who are getting a free trip to the zoo, the movies, or an art museum “from the DNC” …
– they are hijacking the shelters’ televisions and forcing those homeless who remain to watch the DNC on TV. 
– if the homeless are not being forced to watch the DNC on television, it sure looks like some strategic advertising! (aren’t the D’s freaked out about that pepsi-sponsored school TV thing … “channel one” or whatever its called … where big business broadcasts educational shows into schools during the first part of the day?  or the coke machines in the halls?)
– in itself, the DNC being force-fed to the poor is quite clever … the R’s would have never thought of this, so now, in addition to those who are ‘well off’ getting one-sided information through the news media (and entertainment!), those who couldn’t afford to be brainwashed by movies, television, biased newspapers and magazines will now have equal-opportunity to be brainwashed by giant televisions in the shelters! yay! and if they bother to listen, they’ll hear a lot of hitler-esque powerful (and hollow) speeches about poverty and welfare and the economy … the very things that put a fierce fire under those most smitten!  (who won’t realise they were invited everywhere BUT the happy magical convention filled with people who love them and want to fight for their social equality).
– and it’s weird that few will realise that the televisions are not a treat … the TVs are there so they can be exposed to the message, without exposing them to the wealthy D’s who are attending the convention. it’s like being turned away at the gates of a football or baseball game because you’re ugly/smell funny/aren’t wearing abercrombie, and having to watch the game on a tv at the bar or listen to it on the radio instead…
– if this were any other religious group (and, mind you, the D’s ARE like a religion to most of their “brainwashed”, “indoctrinated” followers [to borrow some common phrases hurled regularly at churchgoers by – hey! D’s biggest fans!] ), i think people would be freaking out!

i guess i’d like to donate all my MySpace kudos to the following people that are making this happen:
The Denver Police (who really don’t have the option to not be involved).  this (listen up angry protestors who are convinced the R’s hire police to break up demonstrations!) is one of the functions of the police at ANY large gathering: to maintain order, including protecting those exercising their right to assemble as well as those whose right to property may be affected by the gathering of large herds of people.
The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless: your name is a little misleading (i’d change the “for” to “at” or something that doesn’t mislead people into thinking you’re actually on the side of the people you’re trying to brush under the rug in preparation for this mighty parade) … but good job on giving the gift of entertainment to the homeless!  it reminds me a little of those showers the nazis were giving their internees … though this time the effect won’t be so readily apparent.
the Denver Rescue Mission, and “other shelters“:  great job on getting those big-screen televisions!  maybe when this is all over, you can use them to play educational films, or old “civic” films, to instill a sense of community and worth to your patrons.  (yeah, yeah, i know … instead they’re going to be used to watch NFL, old reruns of Law & Order, and lots of advertisements that remind people why they need money to be ‘happy’). 
and last, but certainly not least, the DNC advisory committee who is “devoted to handling the ‘Homeless Issue'”.  If there were more people like you, our nations Zoos and Art Museums would be filled every day (and not just first thursdays!!), and public transportation would actually get used enough to make it worth the money spent!  you can have all the remaining Kudos because i am so shocked and amazed at how efficient this plan is … getting rid of the homeless while at the same time indoctrinating them into your cause! here again, i must make a direct comparison to hitler and the nazis of the 1930’s … because NO ORGANIZATION SINCE has been so clever as your party in hurting people while making them think you’re on their side.  “Big Tobacco” isn’t even as skilled at this as you!


AMAZING!  not only can they (the clintons and ted kennedy, at least) get away with murder, but they can actually make holocaust-like relocation of the poor and needy look like a good thing! 


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