Posted by: inforodeo | August 26, 2008

Speaking of protesters …

I heard a report protesters at the DNC were blocking traffic (bad guys!), breaking laws (criminals!) and otherwise annoying people and being naughty, and several had been arrested.

To be fair, i must denounce them, no matter how just their cause might be! 
but yeah, breaking the law and hurting people’s rights (to get to work on time, etc), is never good, and i hope they are all thrown in jail and deported to wherever the DNC sent the homeless …

i’m pretty anxious to see the news articles about this, and to see some images that i can loot for my anti-protester blogs, but … no one is reporting it!  argh! 

wait!  i’ve found it: “Riot Police Block Protesters in Denver”

hmmm. weird. it’s an iReport, so its from a ‘regular person’, but these reports are sometimes flawed (or completely fabricated) … several, for example, are form-letter reports posted by ‘volunteers’ for …

the thing about this link (which i got from the article on increased security for the R & D’s big parties here: ) … is that i go to it, and it says “story not available” and “content is currently unavailable”. 
is the reason this content is not available … that it was fabricated? or that CNN (and all the other major news outlets) need to verify the event before reporting it and then getting squished in the backlash when it turns out they reported false news? (which happens sometimes, like when they made up the stuff about Bush’s military record, and then it turned out the documents were forged) …

or, an alternate conspiracy: 
the major news outlets are actually controlled by the republicans, who have been secretly feeding stories that make conservatives, republicans, and the bush administration look bad for the past 8 years, just so liberals would trust them, and now – their moment of action – they are suppressing the news of the protests so it will look like protesters only broke the law when they were protesting the republicans convention! 
even better, maybe the Secret Republican Illuminati Propaganda Task Force (S.R.I.P.T.F.) is confiscating the footage so they can use it when they fabricate news of a violent protest at the Republican convention in MN!  yeah!

anyway, i don’t believe either theory.  i’m sure there were some bad-guy protesters, and i’m sure there will be 50,000 of them in Minnesota …

In Denver, the protest permits were only issued for areas far removed from the parade route and the actual DNC convention, but in MN, the republicans are allowing the protesters to come a little closer to the ‘action’ (which, in my opinion, is a freaking retarded thing to do!  i wouldn’t let 50,000 screaming, unruly anarchists within miles of me if it were my big party …

i’d really like to see this news! it’s driving me crazy!  i swear i heard it on the radio this morning!

doing a search for “riots in Denver” brings up a bunch of reports of Rush Limbaugh allegedly trying to get people to riot in Denver during the DNC (which may be true, though i think regular listeners to his program would see it as satire, because conservatives just don’t resort to chaos and violence, while liberals do. 

wow … an actual transcript of what Rush DID say:
CALLER:  Actually they would be demonstrating as Americans —
RUSH:  We don’t riot.
CALLER:  — that they’re more out of control.

RUSH:  We don’t burn our cars. We don’t burn down our houses. We don’t kill our children. We don’t do half the things the American left does.  We need the American left — and this is another great thing about Operation Chaos; nothing to do with my ego. We need as many ignorant Americans to wake up and find out exactly who the modern-day Democrat Party is as dominated by the far left in this country.  We need that to be seen.  Now, I am not inspiring or inciting riots.  I’m dreaming.  (singing to the tune of White Christmas) “I’m dreaming of riots in Denver.”  Remember 1968? And which party did that? It was the radicals in that party, the anti-war radicals, the same bunch of clowns that are running around defining the Democrat Party today. What the world thinks of us? There was an analogy just this week about somebody in the world. I’m drawing a mental blank about this.  But the fact is that the Democrat Party has members in it that have already said, “There will be riots,” or something to that effect. Al Sharpton. 

He was throwing down the gauntlet to the superdelegates: “You take this election away from Barack Obama, and there’s gonna be trouble. There’s going to be trouble in Denver.”  As for the rest of the world and what they think of us, you know, there’s nothing that frustrates me more than to hear that.  What part of the world do we care about? What part of the world do we want approval from?  Do we want approval from the Europeans who have gone so damn wussy that they cannot — they could not if they had to — mount a military defense of themselves if they were attacked?  Not even with NATO, because it has been allowed to lapse.  Is it those people that we want the approval from?  Do we want approval from people like Robert Mugabe? Do we want approval from some of the warlords and terrorists of Al-Qaeda?  Who in the world do we want approval from?  Do we want approval from Hamas, like Jimmy Carter does?  We have the approval of our allies. We have the approval of the UK. We have the approval of the Australians.  Do we want the approval of the Chinese? Do we want the approval of Kim Jong Il.

Who do we want to love us?  What is this?  I guarantee you: You live your life this way as an individual, and you are forever going to be confused and unhappy because you will be embarking on something that’s impossible, and that is, A, to make everybody like you; and, B, respect you.  This is something that has to be earned, particularly on the side of respect — and respect is earned with strength.  Nobody is going to respect you if they figure out you’re doing whatever you have to do to get their approval.  They’re going to laugh at you!  They’re going to think you’re a weak-kneed wuss.  So the hell with that! We do, hopefully, the right thing for the sake of this country.  We’re the only ones in charge of our affairs.  We don’t farm out our defense, unless we elect Democrats.  We don’t farm out our protection against attack and national security, unless we elect Democrats.  We don’t farm out our economy and tear it up in the name of a hoax called global warming, unless we elect Democrats.  Riots in Denver at the Democrat convention would see to it we don’t elect Democrats — and that’s the best damn thing could happen for this country as far as anything I can think: Don’t elect Democrats! 


RUSH:  Let me tell you something, folks. If there are riots in Denver, the world is gonna just think that we’re just like them, and we have something in common with them, and isn’t that what we want to say: “We’re all the same”?


(i’m still looking for a reliable report of riots in Denver)

it is incredibly strange to me that:
a) it would be a ‘major news story’ that Rush Limbaugh, a freaking talk show host, was “trying to incite riots in Denver”
b) and he wasn’t even saying that … he was saying that the Dems regularly resort to rioting, while “we” don’t do that.
c) then there was a mysterious news story (i heard it on the radio, and CNN’s iReport reported it) that the protesters had rioted in Denver
d) but the news story was mysteriously (and quickly) retracted! 

wait!  it’s not strange at all! 
the propagandists took Rush’s dialogue and severely edited it to remove its true character and intention, twisting it around to say Rush was asking his listeners to commit crime (riot) at the DNC. 
they were likely trying to raise fear in the Dems (who would stage a counter-protest, which would help to escalate rioting), and maybe (in a longshot) fool conservatives into showing up to fight.
not knowing the extent of the riot, they had some of their comrades in Hollywood edit some film and build a ‘clash’ …
distributing various angles to their undercover ‘iReporters’ (i’m guessing this was, as they are the most frequent abusers of iReport, as well as well-known fabricators of news).
i’d imagine they were hoping for at least a little clash, which would enable them to blow an existing thing way out of proportion, at which point the iReporters would spring their form-letter press kits into action, hopefully getting picked up by the AP and other news, knowing that once it was discovered that riot news was faked, it would be ‘too late’ to retract the event from all of the public’s mind, and the retraction would go unnoticed and without punishment. 
i suppose what ended up happening, is that when there was no riot, the entity in charge ( sent out a memo to tell their embedded reporters to not follow through with the plan, but someone didn’t get the memo …
(alt theory: in keeping with their practice of ‘proving’ their sources by linking to their volunteer’s blogs and other shaky material, was going to report that news of the violence was ‘supressed’ by the news. ???)

SO here i am, a bit shaken …
i’d planned on fairly reporting that Conservatives were just as protest and riot-friendly as Liberals, that some misguided Republicans staged a protest that degraded into criminal activity …
but not being a good reporter, and being a terrible writer, i was doing my research as i wrote, figuring anyone who bothered to read this might better relate to my search if i wrote it in ‘real time’ …
i figured the climax of the story would come by the time i wrapped it up, and i could paste some photos from the scene …

but i am SHOCKED, and should be pleased (?) that this event just didn’t seem to have happened.  the report i heard on the radio seems to have had no substance to back it up …

WAIT!  i think i found it! 
never mind. its just a video of some kid with pink hair trying to harass a bunch of old people who are praying and wheeling around big crosses. (they were actually really nice, and he was really nice to them. the video ends with them all laughing together & shaking hands).
his description is this:
 “I ask what they’re doing at the DNC and then ask them to pray that I get in.”

two comments that describe it:
“While I think you clearly posted this to make fun of them, I think it shows “abortion foes” in a much more positive light than you anticipated. They were very friendly and resectful. Thanks for posting.”
“This is probably one of the most accurate videos of a typical abortion protest that I have seen. Something the big media companies would never produce. Thanks for sharing.”

the events that take place with the protesters at the republican convention, when viewed alongside the order and peace displayed by the protesters at the DNC will be telling. 


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