Posted by: inforodeo | August 29, 2008

McCain’s Weird Choice for VP

Right now, for me, the only thing Sarah Palin has going for her is that i don’t know anything about her.

I’m actually a little worried about McCain’s choice for VP … i think with Romney, McCain would have had a winning ticket because of Romney’s record, his lack of scandal, and the fact that McCain and Romney are both “good guys”.  I think a set like that ciould have easily defeated no-record Obama and that other guy. 

What i’m worried about, though is what i do know about Palin:

– Her husband works in “Big Oil”
– She has a record of working with “Big Oil”
– She has a scandal, for which she is still under investigation, and it’s a little complicated, but basically boils down to have possibly abused her power of authority to get her sister’s ex-husband fired from a job.

I’m worried about the scandal because it may turn out to be true, and though nowhere near as damning as the democrat’s record of infidelity, the Dems will drag this scandal around & “get her”.

I’m mostly worried, however, about her ties to “Big Oil”.  “Big Oil”, as we know, is a term used in the 1000’s to describe “the man”. it’s a widely used term, with seeming accuracy in its description, but used to infuse all the paranoia of big business, propaganda about oil companies hating the environment, and anger coming from a nation of people who have to pay $4 a gallon for gas. “Big Oil”, like “Global Warming”, is one of those things everyone talks about, but no one really ever learns about … we just “know its the bad guy”.
McCain picking Palin as VP is going to look to most like he’s running with “Big Oil” … so this is going to be Obamesiah and Some Guy vs. McCain and Big Oil

it’s a bad, bad team.

not that i think image should be the sole factor …

maybe he chose her for her gender?  an old wrinkly white guy and a younger woman vs a black guy and another wrinkly old white guy? 
maybe for her own ‘maverick politics’, because she *is* known for her strong opposition to political corruption, she is firmly dedicated to ‘life’ (pro-life?), and aggressive in solving our oil crisis.

wow … SHE IS GOING TO POLARIZE THE RACE because now it’s going to definitely be about oil and abortion … ugh.  while i TOTALLY AGREE with her stances (if they really are those), that’s going to be a tough sell to hard-line baby killing hippies. (i’m more of the type who thinks a president should be ‘middle of the road’ and not take too much of a stance either way, as they’re supposed to be representing us all).

on the flip side, pulling in a woman is clever. 
i realised yesterday that with Obama being black (which isn’t a problem and means nothing), any time … ANY time a person disagrees with something he does, there will be thousands of people who will instantly say “that’s because you’re racist!”.  sick, but true …
but now the Republicans will have that same super-power … anytime someone is against the McCain administration, someone could choose to say “that’s because you’re sexist”.  (though that’s probably a little less likely because sexism isn’t as big an ‘issue’ and VP isn’t as noticable as President).
even better, if Dems decide to attack her on her lack of experience, Reps can sling that right back at Obama’s own lack of leadership.  If the abortion issue comes up, and they try to twist it into “women’s right to choose”, she’s a woman, and that fact alone will deflate that particular angle considerably.  This effectively limits the dems attacks on her to being attacks on “Big Oil” … so if McCain has ready answers,  he has a little less to defend. 

i’m hoping that she, as VP, being literally ‘in bed with’ Big Oil will allow her to more effectively (knowledgably) respond to the vague demands, unresearched announcements and childish arguments the democrats will try to put forth during these last few months. 

hmmm.  maybe she was a good choice after all.  Maybe people will finally see that a woman in office isn’t a novelty … and the sexism thing can be over once and for all. 


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