Posted by: inforodeo | September 5, 2008

and another 396 arrested for breaking the law …

Yet another day of protesters …

the media is really eating this line of garbage up … read on:


* Arrests at bridge near meeting hall bring total for week to 818
* Most of 396 arrested are cited, then released
* No serious injuries are reported from the confrontations

ST. PAUL, Minnesota (CNN) — Police faced off with crowds of protesters outside the Republican National Convention, arresting 396 people after using tear gas and percussion grenades to turn them back.
Demonstrators are handcuffed Thursday evening in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota.
As a line of police clad in riot gear and walking with bicycles approached a woman who refused to get out of their way, several sprayed her with a chemical agent.
She covered her eyes with one hand and gave the two-finger peace sign with the other.
A man standing nearby yelled, “I love you! Why are you doing this?” as the woman was shoved to the pavement. Video Watch police spray and shove the woman »
Police who were shown video of the encounter declined to comment.
Thursday’s arrests brought the total for the week to 818, authorities said.
“Most of them were cited and released,” police Lt. Tracey Martin said Friday morning. Most of the citations were for the misdemeanor charge of unlawful assembly, she added.
Martin said she didn’t know how many protesters were jailed. A deputy at the Ramsey County Jail said “not many,” but couldn’t provide a number.
There were no reports of serious injuries, police said.
Protesters who had gathered near the state capitol, about a mile from the site of the convention, were repeatedly cut off as they tried to march to the convention center.
Police used tear gas when dozens of marchers — most in their 20s, some chanting “F**k the police! F**k the police! F**k ’em!”tried to cross a bridge leading to the Xcel Center convention site after being warned not to.
Minnesota State Public Safety Commissioner Michael Campion said the arrests were made at an interstate overpass that separated the marchers from the Xcel Center, where Sen. John McCain was preparing to address the GOP faithful.
He said the objective was to contain the protesters and keep them from reaching the convention hall.
Campion said the first night and the last night of the convention were expected to be big trouble, and they were.
Each time the protesters attempted to cross the interstate highway separating them from the convention center, police tried to stop them.
Police on horses, motorcycles and bicycles followed marchers on a street-to-street chase that led through a shopping mall parking lot.
A number of people wound up on the ground with their hands behind their heads. Cop attacked during protest <– please watch to see how peaceful demonstraters attack an officer of the peace. they’re lucky they weren’t shot!
On Wednesday, the RNC Welcoming Committee, a self-described anarchist/anti-authoritarian organizing body that has been behind many of the protests, said authorities in the Twin Cities had created “a climate of intense police intimidation.”
Holli Drinkwine, spokeswoman for the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department, denied Thursday that police used excessive force.
“The police showed great restraint in what they were doing,” she said. “They were dealing with 300 criminals on the street while trying to protect the 10,000 peaceful protesters that were in St. Paul.”
The American Civil Liberties Union said it was providing limited representation to many of those arrested.


definitely check out the iReport … if you want to see a police officer exercising inhuman restraint (he was arresting someone and was attacked by others, and only pepper-sprayed them to get away. any ‘normal’ person would have blasted their nazi heads off!)

i’m not surpised at all about the “i love you” and “as she was gassed, she raised two fingers in a peace sign” garbage. they do stuff like this *after* breaking the law, because they want to become a ‘martyr’ or ‘icon’ of the “injustice” and “police brutality”. it’s all staged … in this age of youtube, facebook and second life, it’s all staged …

the thing this “unbiased” (snicker) news report failed to bring to light is that IN ORDER TO MARCH or PROTEST in an area where someone else (in this case, the RNC) has already obtained a permit to use, you have to also have a permit. 99% of the time, the second permit will NOT be issued, because the reason a permit to assemble was issued to group 1 is to secure or reserve the area. it’s a pretty simple concept … it would be like you calling ahead to a fancy restaurant to make reservations, and securing those reservations, but then someone who doesn’t like you marches in and pushes past the doorman and waiters and starts banging on your table or helping themselves to your dinner. When the establishment tosses them out, they start screaming “right to free speech” and ‘right to assemble” and “unprovoked attack” and “ACLU” …

wow, yeah … incredibly simple concept, yet these goons … the same ones who know how to stop global warming, save the earth, run cars on water, eliminate all the social woes and create babies from two members of the same sex … these goons can’t seem to wrap their heads around the concept.

fortunately, there is one amazingly telling sentence in this entire report that really unhinges the otherwise crafty propaganda: they mention in the final sentence that the ACLU is providing limited representation to many of those arrested.
this reveals a lot about what really went on at this ‘peace march’ … because the ACLU is the first to jump on anyone possibly infringing on the ‘rights’ of others (like the “right to have all traces of others’ religion erased from your view”, the “right to public lewdness as long as it’s only homosexual in nature”, and the “right to kill a baby when it is inconvenient”) …
so if the ACLU has restricted their service to “limited representation” of some of those claiming to have suffered injustice at the hands of the defending officers during their attacks …

i’m watching a separate report right now of a meeting with an attorney that is talking to the arrested protesters. he’s basically letting them know that most of them are out of luck because the police had told them several times that they were to turn back, but when they didn’t, many of them had been issued citations for unlawful assembly. some people were charged with felony conspiracy to riot, and there was no evidence to the contrary … and the allegations that “journalists were charged with conspiracy to riot” have been unsubstantiated so far.


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