Posted by: inforodeo | September 5, 2008

It’s probably only fair to say …

1) in regard to my post about Palin’s family looking like “nice church-going people” … i still stand by that remark, but yeah, their 17 year old unwed daughter got pregnant. Must not be going to the right church? hmmm … anyway, poor girl, at least she’s marrying the dude and not going to have her baby killed like most of the liberals who are raising this “issue” as some sort of “point” about whether or not Palin is worthy of office. The circumstance is lame, and reflects bad judgement on the part of a 17 year old girl … but that 17 year old – whether by her own choice or by the influence of her mother (and intact family!) is making the right choice … that simple and clear right choice that is rarely made by those sick monsters violently supporting their heathen party.

2) i shouldn’t have made “name calling” a point, because on the surface, it seemed like the RNC was pulling as many jabs as the DNC had been …
but looking a little deeper, i’m still correct … where Obama and his goons were slinging direct falsehoods and attacks at McCain, McCain and Palin were in defensive mode, giving the facts about their personal record and then (the worst i heard) saying something like “i wonder if Obama can say that?”
so, while justly defiant of the garbage the dems were trying to toss around, the reps never really slithered down into that same mud pit.
sorry guys! you got dirty for no reason!


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