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News today reminded us that Sen. Joseph Biden embraced (and pushed for) a “Plan Z” for Iraq, which called for FORCIBLE SEGREGATION of Iraq into divisions determined by race and religion. 
WHAT?!  yep. here’s one article (biased, so it’s nice in its terminology of the segregation plan, calling it “soft partitioning”) from back in June of 2007:  CBS News: IRAQ: A PROBLEMATIC PARTITIONING – Why Biden’s “Plan Z” Is Destined For Failure.  the article contains the following run-down of Biden’s segregation plan:

As redacted by Etzioni in a paper titled “Plan Z: For a Community Based Security Plan for Iraq,” the Biden proposal calls for a “high devolution state” in Mesopotamia. Iraq would be broken up into districts with Kurdish, Sunni Arab, and Shia majorities, and such considerable local control as to render the Iraqi national state almost nonexistent. The Etzioni paper included a number of statements to which I objected, based on my own consultations with Iraqi Arab (both Shia and Sunni) and Kurdish intellectuals and clerics, as well my experience in the former Yugoslavia. Bosnia-Herzegovina, thanks to the Dayton Agreement of 1995, was repeatedly invoked as a success story for partition.

A better (and humorous, though accurate) dialog of the reason this is in the news now is posted on the Glenn Beck website:  Obama/Biden pro segregation?

an excerpt of that dialogue:

So now Iraq is saying this guy is a nightmare. He’s the guy this is the last guy that the Democrats should be picking for their vice presidential nominee. The head of Iraq said that the Biden plan would be a disaster for Iraq. Not only a disaster for Iraq but the entire region. Now, here’s what I find interesting. As I understand this, as I understand this proposal, the vice presidential nominee of the one that was selected by the first African American is actually for segregation. Not only did he propose segregation and it’s not just segregation. It’s not like they just go home what he proposes is forced segregation. So if you’re of a different race, you’ve got to move up north and you have to I mean, just move you out of your home and you’ve got to move up north. He’s not only for segregation, he’s for forced segregation and Barack Obama is neutral on it.

further on in the dialogue, they played a couple of shocking audio clips, one in which Biden is displaying shocking racism in remarks he made linking Indian Americans to the stereotypes regarding their employment:

Sen. Joseph Biden: “In Delaware the largest growth of population is Indian Americans, moving from India. You cannot go to a 7 11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.”

and Sen. Barack Obama: “We don’t always catch the right person. We may think this is Mohammed the terrorist. It might be Mohammed the cabdriver.”

Adding this to the sneaky way they cleansed the streets of Denver of filthy the homeless, to the strange militant support the masses are giving to this great orator with no political record, to the greek temple props, the self-made revision of the presidential seal, and so on and so forth … WHY AREN’T WE AFRAID?  What kind of people are supporting this party? 

Last night and this morning, i was considering softening up on Obama. i was feeling like maybe he’s an ok guy, and i’m just freaked out because of his party’s stances on promoting certain offensive and unnatural practices.  i was thinking maybe i just didn’t like him because of how repulsed i am by his supporters (same reason i never could get into the Grateful Dead or american football). I was trying to think of something nice to say, when i suddenly realised that Obama had made speeches condemning mudslinging & sounding like an upright man, and then he started attacking the republicans in the very way he spoke out against!  i realised that (this is strange!) Obama is attacking the Republican vice-president nominee … isn’t that weird?  And the propaganda mill (which suspiciously seems to have borrowed some man-power and evil serum from the defunct Clinton campaign) is now on the prowl to attack Palin.  they’ve accused her of ‘hating eskimos’ (seriously!) – despite her husband (and therefore children!) being of Alaskan Native blood. 

Oh!  and this whole thing about her allegedly firing someone because he wouldn’t fire her sister’s ex husband from his job as a state trooper …
this guy … the state trooper … had threatened to kill his estranged wife (and palin)’s father, he had tasered their 13-year old son, he had been suspended for driving his marked patrol car with an open container of alcohol, etc.  he was a pretty rotten guy.  the accusation that she’d fired someone specifically for not firing the trooper came from the guy who was fired … he’d actually been fired for failing to fulfill his job duties, including filling existing vacancies in the state’s police force.  Palin followed the legal process to have him removed from his position, and has cooporated completely with the investigation (the investigation being a formality because the accusation was made). 

now … thinking about this …
let’s imagine the accusation is correct.  in fact, even better … imagine Palin didn’t do anything, and the diggers were looking for dirt. wouldn’t it have been worse to have a governor whose brother in law was drinking and driving in his patrol car, had tasered his 13-year old son, had threatened to kill an elderly man “conveniently” overlooking this behavior?  yeah. 

well, regardless … this policeman – the long list of freaky stuff is not disputed – is still on patrol in the neighborhood where the elderly man lives. (according to the news i heard earlier today). 

The dems are also attacking Palin for changing her mind on the so-called “road to nowhere”.  I guess she’d initially been on board for the project, but when the cost was going to double the budgeted amount, she backed out of the project.  Funny thing … and not sure why they were careless enough to draw attention to this … Biden voted for it too, as did Obama (one of the few times Obama voted), but when the budget was reviewed … when Palin ‘changed her mind’ and backed out … when the option to kill the project and divert funds to support the Katrina devastation in Louisiana … Obama and Biden still voted to continue the expensive and (by that point) decidedly pointless project. 

hmmm.  so yeah, Palin changed her mind … because it wasn’t worth the cost and money was needed more elsewhere.  Obama and Biden voted to continue wasting taxpayer money, even at the expense of the victims of Katrina.  (what?! oh … wait … they must have looked poor or homeless!)



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