Posted by: inforodeo | September 17, 2008

Oprah Promoting Obama *and* Abortion

my wife just came across the following filth on 
(this is just an excerpt, as the first bunch is simply this woman trying to be funny about getting married at age 40 & trying so hard to conceive)

“We actually got pregnant on our wedding night, and for a moment we were “those people” (you know, people who got pregnant right away, maybe even accidentally, which now seems as likely to me as accidentally finding Osama bin Laden), but back then I didn’t know any better, so we were “those people” until three months later, when we found out the baby’s head was too large, and there was fluid where there shouldn’t be, and there was a malformed heart, and the baby probably wouldn’t make it to term, and, as the doctor said, we should seriously consider termination unless we were deeply religious.

That news was hard to take, but even harder because I felt guilty. The truth is, at that time, I didn’t want to be pregnant.

We’d just gotten married. I still wasn’t sure it was going to last. 20 questions to ask before you get married

I also thought a little time as a couple would be nice since it took us 40 years to find each other. But my husband was eager to start a family, so the morning after he proposed, we were walking on the beach and I threw my birth control pills into the ocean in a dramatic display of love and good faith, and it made him so happy that I had to resist the urge to run screaming into the surf to recover them.

I’d always wanted to have a baby… in five years. I’d been saying I wanted to have a baby in five years for about 20 years. I just never felt ready. But ready or not, on day seven of our honeymoon I felt nauseous, and, thinking I had a stomach bug, I stayed in our room.

We were in South Africa on a safari, and they had warned us to keep the sliding doors to our bungalow locked because of the monkeys, but I thought they meant when we were out. And I was in, curled up in bed, when all of a sudden I heard the door open.

Then I heard this thump thump thump, and I got up and looked into the living room, and there were seven monkeys throwing food around, and they froze as if I had just walked in on a teenager’s party. And the funny thing, looking back, was that this was my fear. This is what I thought it would be like to have children. This is why I never felt ready.

Cut to the day of the “termination.” We were already distraught, and then on the way to the appointment, we got pulled over by the police because my husband didn’t see a woman walk into the crosswalk. I did see the woman, but she was on the other side of the street, plus I was trying not to say anything, as my husband had taken to charging me five dollars every time I told him how to drive, so the policeman pulled us over and said, “Are you trying to kill someone?!”

And I was thinking, “Yes, actually. That’s exactly what we’re trying to do, and if you would let us go, we could get on with it.”

I remember, the rest of the way to the clinic, I was pissed at my husband for not seeing the woman, and he was pissed at the policeman for being such a dick, and the truth was, we were both just pissed at the universe for giving us this gift that we had to return.”

[source: original article – ]

With infanticide filth like this being promoted in the Kingdom of Oprah’s official scripture as “comedy” or “sassy writing”, or whatever they want to call it this month, it is no wonder she supports pro-baby killer Obama so strongly.  As a father of two awesome kids, this makes me sick … this monster, and all those who promote and harbor her should be locked up, or maybe “terminated” themselves because they’re inconveniencing the lives of people who love children and have somewhat transcended all this selfishness …


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