Posted by: inforodeo | September 17, 2008

The Tortoise and the Hare

i had to take down the “oprah” post from a different blog today because it wasn’t as clear as i liked, and i think it was irritating some people i respect.

i’m not a good writer when i’m stressing out about something, and the “abortion topic” has been in the news a bit more lately than normal, and having been victimized by the whole “Pro-Choice” philosophy, i’m strongly opposed to it. 
i wish i could say “i don’t care about how anyone feels about abortion, we should all be able to do our own thing” … but i can’t.  i know first-hand that “pro choice” permits choice for one of three immediate parties (mother, father, unborn child), or two parties, if you buy into that “when does life really begin/mass of tissue” scam … but even then, that means the ‘choice’ is a freedom that only 50% involved enjoy … despite both adults (rape excluded) being party to the act that got them there in the first place …

i suppose i’m angry that the same people who want to rob me of my freedom in a parental role (if abortion is involved) use that argument that “no life is lost” in the “procedure” … also want to ban my ‘right to bear arms’ because an attacking criminal has a life that is valuable, or an animal i need for food has a life that is valuable.  often, the same folks who want it to be ok for individuals to choose whether or not to kill a baby also want to outlaw a group of peers and a judge from condemning a murderer to death. 

i recognize the same logic can be used against me … i want to be able to shoot a nuisance bird to eat for dinner, but i think a disputed mass of tissue/baby should be spared at all costs, and that may be a contradiction to some.  i think, however, i have nature at my defense … we’re built to eat flesh, but we don’t have a ‘reset’ or ‘eject’ button on the maternal side of the race. 

anyway, i’ve been grouchy lately because of the political atmosphere.  i’m pretty certain i don’t have a single friend who would agree with me politically, but i’m scared of Obama/Democrats this year.  The only thing Obama has a record for is his attempts at molesting the constitution and trying to take guns away from law-abiding citizens.  that’s as scary as having your right to free speech taken away, or your freedom to assemble.  it’s like having a politician actively trying to have laws passed that eliminate congress, or declare a national curfew.  Even if you are creeped out by guns, you have to recognize that a law banning private citizen’s right to own them is in direct conflict with what our forefathers intended. I’m frightened by Biden, and his idea of dividing up a foreign nation … segregating them by religion and race … because it’s not our place! if it’s not appropriate in our (currently) free society, it shouldn’t be appropriate in any! As mentioned numerous times, i am terrified by their party’s support of abortion.  I don’t a few other issues, and there are a handful of minor issues i do agree with … but a party where taking away my guns and killing my babies are two of the only clear platforms, i don’t care how iconic a speaker the main guy is, i cannot support them. 

There’s an Aesop story that has been around for a long time, that illustrates the ‘swift change’ of liberalism, and the slow, calculated steps of conservatism. It’s known as “The Tortoise and the Hare”, and its meaning seems to have been lost to modern society – especially in America.  While it is annoying often to wait and wait for change, only to see a few little adjustments, history has shown that only rarely has radical change been for the overall good … and even when you look at these few radical shifts closely, you find they were usually implemented at a slow and cautious pace (civil rights/suffrage issues).  History shows a massive record of ‘big change’ implemented too quickly or too drastically, and i know the liberal-minded are aware of them, because some are brought up to place blame on their opposition:  the US providing weapons to countries/groups in the 1980’s that we’re now fighting [Afghanistan, Iran/Contra, etc], Thalidomide, FDR’s “New Deal”, The Patriot Act, the HPV Vaccine …
Perhaps in a few years we’ll look back and be ready to admit the ethanol requirements were a bad idea, the welfare program failed miserably, social security didn’t work, the Federal Reserve bailing out shaky businesses was a bad idea, etc. 


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