Posted by: inforodeo | September 18, 2008

Stirring Up Lies: Professor Andrew Hacker and Democracy Now!

My wife is reading Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” right now, and noting the shocking similarities to the society portrayed in the book and the society we live in.

I was flipping through the channels, and decided to watch “Democracy Now!” to see what kind of propaganda and social unrest they’re peddling today.
Professor Andrew Hacker, with various alternating titles beneath his name, was being interviewed by some rigid-jawed mumbling host about some interesting theories he has.  he didn’t, of course, call them ‘theories’ … instead, they were ‘facts’ (lacking any sort of references, sources, evidence, etc).  This aged white man, Prof. Hacker, was telling us about all the ways ‘blacks’ are discouraged from voting.  Hacker claims that black people move more than white people, so they miss out on opportunities to register to vote.  He claims that in St. Louis, “over 50 percent of blacks don’t have driver’s licenses”, and somehow tried to tie that in with voting. (i would think that liquor, tobacco and lottery sales haven’t gone down, so these alleged ‘unlicensed’ persons either don’t realise they can use their state-issued ID to vote, or Hacker neglected to tell us that over 50% of blacks in St.Louis aren’t old enough to vote … IF that “over 50%” number even exists in the first place).  Hacker also wants us to know that blacks are required to provide their social security numbers when registering, and when those numbers are checked, they ‘suffer the same problem as immigrant workers, and their names don’t match up, or there’s no record of them”.

It bothers me that they can have this fake little ‘news’ shows, interview some random old guy, and launch their conspiracy theories.  Here are a few facts of my own:

In most big cities, there are a LOT of people who don’t have driver’s licenses.  This was strange to me, coming from a small town where even the poorest of the poor owned some sort of transportation, and everyone of age had a license, except those who’d lost them in a meth bust or DUI.  Despite there being few drivers licenses, there are an abundance of state-issued ID cards.  those are one of the only ways you can cash checks, buy liquor, tobacco, pornography, gamble, register for school, go to clubs, rent bowling shoes, etc.  I may be wrong, but i’m pretty certain state-issued ID is sufficient to register to vote.  (I know it is here, because i’m registering as we speak).  Usually you’ll need some secondary proof of residence (a utility bill in your name, for example) … and it is this point that is likely an issue.  It’s nice & PC to keep hush-hush about what i’m about to say, but to those of us familiar first-hand with big-city welfare, it’s pretty obvious.  Like illegal immigrant workers, a lot of folks ‘on welfare’ are not on the books.  They live off their girlfriends, their ‘cousins’, their moms.  These people don’t have a utility bill in their name because they’re not supposed to be living in the subsidized housing in the first place! They’re also not supposed to be using grandma’s handicapped placard to get ‘good parking’ at the mall or downtown. they’re not supposed to be using their baby’s mommy’s food stamps. they’re freeloading off the system, so on paper, they ‘don’t exist’, which is why they can’t vote!  They can’t satisfy the requirements to act as a citizen of the United states, even though they’re sucking blood out of the system.
Before you start screaming ‘racist!’, let me point out another big flaw in what Hacker is saying.  He wants you to think that this ‘voting issue’ is all aimed at ‘blacks’.  He wants YOU to be racist in ‘identifying the problem’ … he wants you to change this into a race issue instead of a social issue.  These things are not race issues! They are culture issues, they might even be economic issues, but they are not exclusive to one skin color!  To buy into that is to continue on the long distracted mis-route of social reform … it’s never going to get any better as long as people keep trying to tie it to race!  Poor lazy whites are as much to blame as poor lazy blacks!  Illegal ‘immigrants’ are as much the problem as drug-dealing gangsta posers.  The issue is the paranoia, the laziness, the freeloading, and the demonizing of police and government that is drilled into these kids’ heads.  Yeah, there are people who are really disabled. There are single mom’s through no fault of their own. There are those who need the system, but they constitute a very, very small percentage of those who are riding it.

Want to know why ‘blacks’ don’t vote, Hacker?  because people like you trick them into thinking their vote doesn’t count, that the government is out to get them and suppress them … so they don’t make an effort to pay taxes, abide by the laws, or fill out that little form that sets up their voice in the proper arena.  If instead of blaming this and that and theorizing this and that and wasting your time on some stupid leftist ‘whitey’ television show, you went out into the world and spread the word about how the government is still by the people/of the people/for the people – it’s still everyone’s friend, regardless of race, economic status, religion, gender, or disability – and you built up trust in the government and then educated people how easy it is to register to vote … or to get a job, or to have a utility bill in their name, or to get a driver’s license, or to get married, or to go to school … you might make a REAL change!

Hacker isn;’t the only one spreading these “you’re oppressed, and nothing short of violent revolt will change that” messages. Nagin, of New Orleans, is just as guilty of this doom and gloom preaching.  Think of the lives lost because of his naysaying, his distrust of government!  People who needed help were shooting at the aid helicopters during Katrina!  people set out to navigate deadly waters because they believed his brand of lies … that the government “abandoned them”.

If democrats (or anyone, for that matter!) really want to change the world, the key isn’t in handing out more money, or providing free meals/food/transportation/parking/college … the key is re-educating people of their position and duties as citizens of the United States, and stopping the cultural paranoiac propaganda that has been passed down for generations.


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