Posted by: inforodeo | September 20, 2008

Here’s where i go against the grain a little bit

there’s a lot of stuff in the news that i need to comment on, but i’ve been so busy sorting lies from truth and defending America from liberal conspiracy. (there’s a slight amount of sarcasm in there)

anyway, i do need to go agaist the grain a little.

1) I think Palin and her husband and her former coworkers did a SERIOUSLY BAD THING by refusing to coorporate with the State trooper firing inquest thing. We all know it’s a pile of crap, it’s been well documented that some of the Obama/Biden cronies have been up in Alaska trying to dig up dirt and influence key people, but TRUTH ALWAYS PREVAILS, so being paranoid or stubborn or whatever it is is really a poor move, because it makes her look guilty. Now they don’t even need fabricated evidence to screw her over … all they have to do is say “look … why did’t she cooporate?”

2) THE ECONOMIC CRISIS is a result of greed, bad business decision, and over-extending on credit. Thowing a bunch of federal (taxpayer) money in to bail these companies out is NOT going to permanently fix the problem, though it is going to ADD TO THE NATIONAL DEBT and make our country even more worthless internationally. It’s kind of like using your credit card to pay off your payday loan because you couldn’t pay off the loan after paying your bills … with one very, very important exception: a person can go out and get a job and make more money to pay bills. A country can’t go out and find a ‘new job’, and we’re not likely to get any financial aid from any of those other countries we’ve bailed out so many times. It wouldn’t be nice to take back the aid we gave to indonesia after the tsunami, or demand payment from iraq, most of europe, korea and china for the wars we helped them out of.
So what do i propose? I think those companies should topple and crumble. I know it’s harsh …
but i’m a business owner, and if i made some stupid business decisions, the federal government isn’t going to come bail me out, right?
Most people are scared because these are mortgage companies. Most people have mortgages.
There are two likely scenarios that would play out if those companies fail:
1) the mortgages they manage would have to go to a different company
2) they would have to forclose on all their debtors (???), which i think is not an option in the legally binding contracts they have.

this actually could result in a 3rd scenario: debts are forgiven, and there is a freeze put obn housing lending (so people won;t take advantage of the debt forgiveness). That will never happen either, because our society is so greedy, but if it did, i’d suggest tracking people whose debts were forgiven, and requiring those debts continue to be paid into accounts that would go elsewhere useful (social security?), because to suddenly cease to require work/payment from people is to weaken society through demoralization (much like we saw during the great depression when people were unable to find work0.

I think Obama is an idiot for shrugging this off last week and trying to use spin to toot his own leadership trumpet, but hopefully the world sees that McCain has now been working on the issue for over a week, and Obama is just starting to get his act together.


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