Posted by: inforodeo | September 26, 2008

Kid Oppressed at Progressive School Over Eyeliner


Embedded video from CNN Video

I’ll have to be honest here … if this kid had been doing the whole ICP ‘juggalo’ thing, i probably would be less than compassionate, but he’s doing the same thing we did waaaaaaay back in 1991/92, and our town was even more redneck.

The kid (13 year old Matt Alsip of Garfield Middle School) in the video is just wearing a little eyeliner and some lipstick … but the administrator made him take it off. We didn’t usually wear black lipstick, in fact, we only wore lipstick at school a handful of times, but ours was the brightest red we could find, and smeared like Robert Smith’s (of English band ‘The Cure’), so in reality, we were far more distracting …
Still, we didn’t live in a “PC” town where students are handed out badges reminding them to ‘value the uniqueness of others’ and display “compassion, acceptance”. We didn’t have some cross-eyed monster saying that she and other board members agreed that since the rules say not to wear “extreme or distracting makeup”, and “a boy wearing makeup is extreme and distracting”, the administrator ‘did the right thing’, and the same thing would have happened if a girl was wearing ‘extreme makeup’.

ha ha ha!

At school the other day, we saw a girl sitting outside eating a sandwich and being ‘hot’. her buttcrack was out catching some rays (not all of it, only about 4 inches or so), and my friend remarked “there seems to be a double standard, ‘cos a girl can do that and everyone says ‘wow, hot!’, but a guy does that and it’s ‘disgusting'”
I’d bet there are some ‘average’ girls at that school dressing and behaving in ways that would be ‘extreme’ and ‘distracting’ to their parents and grandparents. For that matter, having been a little boy once too, i KNOW that girls in tight shirts, dark eyeliner, big earrings, ‘belly shirts’, low cut pants, thong underwear peeping out is (uhem) “distracting”, and i’ll admit, i spent many a math class gazing longingly at a girl named Molly who sat across from me who wasn’t even indecent, she was ‘just cute’.

I’m sure Matt is sometimes a ‘distraction’ at recess, especially in the first week of school, but i really doubt the average kid is going to be so distracted by him in a class that they stare at him the entire time instead of ‘paying attention’. This kid is going to get beat up by ‘jocks’ (yet we’re not going to punish them for intolerance, because we’ve already set matt up as being ‘bad’, so preying on him is only aiding the correct order of things, right?), and if he’s really that distracting to teachers, maybe one of them should step up and ask the question: why is he so desperate for attention?
maybe if they dared ask this, they might be able to make a big difference in the kid’s life (we know from two hints that he’s a child of divorce!)

having grown up, i can say that this kid is probably going to survive the horrible pain of being forbidden to express ‘who he is’, but having not faced the same kind of discrimination from ‘authority’, i have to wonder what the long term effect of this attack on him will be. when you have authority figures abusing their power or condtradicting themselves … or you are raised hearing stories of this, your youthful distrust eventually turns to paranoia, which turns to rebellion, and often that leads to criminal activity.


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