Posted by: inforodeo | September 27, 2008

The Debate

I didn’t have time to listen to the debates last night because i was working on homework, babysitting my children, and donating studio time to a college kid who wanted to record a song, but i was able to pull up the full video of the event on several sites online, and watched it diligently, while following along in the printed transcript (which i had also color coded, using the traditional “Liberal Red” for Democrats and “Conservative Blue” for the Republican.)

I had intended on posting the entire text to this Journal (LJ-Cut, of course), but it exceeded the 64k allowed per post, and i was too lazy to break it up.  You can find the full transcript online, but then you’ll have to do all the color-coding work and “um” editing yourself. 

Anyway, i’m still digging through it, but i can certainly state a couple things:

Obama is usually a good speaker, but his manner (cold, brooding) was distracting, and he stumbled through things a lot, probably because he had a lot on his mind, trying to keep the propaganda straight.  Amazingly, McCain, who normally looks like a creaking dinosaur, was a lot more ‘at ease’ and straightforward in his speech.  Obama registered about 3 “Uh”‘s per paragraph, while McCain averaged about one per 1.5 paragraphs. 

A lot of facts were in question, and i was particularly tickled when McCain brought up how Obama is on some board overseeing NATO, but Obama hasn’t been present for any of their meetings, and then Obama responds with “Spain is a member of NATO.”  ha ha!  it was hilarious! 

Equally as funny was when Obama was putting words in McCain’s mouth, and looking a different direction, and the mediator had to twice ask Obama to look McCain in the face when he said it, and When Obama finally did, and nervously repeated the line of his speech, McCain goes “what, did you think i couldn’t hear?”. 

Even so, the general public (CNN reporters said most of those polled had expressed that they are ‘democrats’, leading the reporters to suppose more D’s than R’s viewed the debates — which is likely, since we all have jobs & don’t have the time to sit on our butts collecting welfare, smoking weed and watching television) viewed Obama as having “won” the debate (with all the Dem’s watching, the narrow ‘win’ of 51% should be a little worrisome).

McCain is a little boring to listen to, because he (despite his sense of humor) is calm and steady all the time, like a hypnotist … while Obama employs much more inflexion in his voice, and frequently pounds the podium, sometimes raising his arm and shouting “Seig Heil!”, making him a little more entertaining.  He’s also a good storyteller, especially when it comes to creating facts to back up his cute speeches. 
Just today, for example, the Propaganda party released an ad pointing out that McCain never once mentioned “middle class” in the debate.  Obama, for the record, mentions the ‘middle class’ three times, the first time after using the word “orgy”, and all three times while using the ‘middle class’ (something he is financially quite distant from) as a point of speech, placed just after an unfounded argument against ‘thebushadministrationconservativesrepublicans’, and just before punctuating his speech with the magical assumption that it will all end “when i’m president”.  Unfortunately, none of these examples – indeed, very little he said – is anything other than opinion and promise. 

Something i question, is why the Obama campaign would create such an ad, where, if Obama was making real, substantiated points in the debate, they should have had an hour’s worth of stronger material to attack McCain on? Why waste the money on an ad that revolves around McCain not mentioning the ‘middle class’ in this one debate?  McCain did say we need to take focus off of Wall Street and put it on Main Street – that’s referring to the ‘middle class’, right? 
I didn’t hear Obama mention “poor”, or “indian” or “muslim” in his speeches – and we already know where he stands on those demographics – shouldn’t the republicans attack him for that?  No way! not when they have so much material!  Let’s play “Fact and Obama”:

Obama: “we are going through the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression”
Fact:     the worst financial crisis since the great depression was during the 1970’s, when the Democrats were ‘in charge’ (Carter Administration). Personally, i’m surprised at this fact, but then again, i was a baby and wasn’t paying much attention back then. Most Probamaites are my age or younger. Furthermore, economists are in agreement that, as bad as things are, it won’t get as bad as the great depression. 

Obama:  “we’ve got to make sure we’re helping the homeowners, because the root problem here has to do with the foreclosures that are taking place all over the country”
Fact:  ok, partly right. Foreclosures are related to the problem: they are the result of the problem.  The root of the problem is greed and credit.  Taking up the example of democrat politicians, many Americans spend-spend-spend, and expect money to start pouring out of the rocks that are hit with the magic stick of liberalism.  The public welfare system, for example, teaches Americans it’s ok to live off of society, because society owes them. No real effort is made to monitor who takes the money, what it is spent on, or how hard the person spending it is trying to work.  The welfare system is so backward, in fact, many Americans actually quit their jobs because they ‘make’ more money through welfare. I’m not speaking with the same theory and third-party assumptions as Obama – i’ve SEEN this happen. 
Saying the ‘root problem here has to do with foreclosures’ is like saying the ‘root problem of drunk driving accidents has to do with death’. No, Obama … that is a result.

Obama: “10 days ago, (McCain) said the fundamentals of the economy are sound.”
Fact:  McCain was actually stating that the fundamentals of the economy are the goodness and strength of the American worker, America’s productivity, our innovation – and those things are sound.

Obama: “Senator McCain is proposing $300 billion in tax cuts to some of the wealthiest corporations and individuals in the country”
Fact: The United States businesses pay the 2nd highest business tax in the world: 35%.  As a result, businesses in the United States are forced to cut costs, whether that means laying off workers, importing cheaper materials and products, or outsourcing American jobs to other countries.  McCain’s proposed business tax cuts are designed to keep jobs in our country, for our people, and would help ALL businesses, from tech giants HP and Micron (both of which recently laid off thousands of employees) down to little family owned businesses, like mine.  Obama wants you to be confused and (see above) think the ‘root’ of the problems people are facing is ‘foreclosures’, but the real root, or something closer to it than what he’d have you believe, is lack of jobs.  Foreclosures happen when people can’t pay their bills.  People can’t pay their bills when they’ve been laid off from Boeing and gas is so expensive they can’t commute into the city to look for more work.  If we magically get rid of foreclosures (essentially robbing banks and lending companies of their freedom to conduct business), well … it wouldn’t work – even the most socialist countries in the world don’t give their people free homes – but if it did, Joe and Sally MainStreet still can’t afford food, medical bills, gas for transportation and diapers for their children (or, to put it in terms more Dems will understand, Dweezil and Dumpster Muffin won’t be able to buy any more imported beer and pot, and eventually they’re going to need more tofu and organic squash, and maybe some oil for their bicycle chains, and there won’t be enough money in middle-America’s wallet to give them handouts anymore!), so yeah, if Obama gets his way, life at the bottom of the food chain is going to suffer too. Beware!

Obama: “There are so many loopholes written into the tax code, oftentimes with the support of Senator McCain, that we actually see our businesses effectively pay one of the lowest taxes in the world”.
Fact:  There are no legitimate examples of McCain supporting loopholes, while there are several examples of Obama supporting them (Energy Bill, for example).  Even so, these loopholes do NOT put America’s business taxes anywhere near the ‘lowest in the world’.  Straight talk:  Obama again fabricated his ‘points’. Anyone who can stand to get off their butt for very long can look up the actual facts of who voted for what – it’s a matter of public record.

I want to step aside from the Obama vs The Truth game for a second here. Since I’m going in chronological order through the debate, it is fitting that i now use an awesome example of Obama’s deflection of the issue.  In this scene, he uses his “Oh crap! They brought up me not going to work!” strategy: REDIRECTING TO BIDEN, his running-mate, a senator with almost as much ‘showing up for work’ time as McCain:

McCain:  “Senator Obama is the chairperson of a committee that oversight’s NATO that’s in Afghanistan. To this day, he’s never been to a hearing.”
Lehrer:    “What about that point?”
Obama:   “Which point? He raised a whole bunch of them.”
Lehrer:    “Let’s go to the latter point, and then back up. The point about your not having been …”
Obama:   “Look, I’m very proud of my vice presidential selection, Joe Biden ….”
Obama:   “But let’s get back to the core issue here. Senator McCain is absolutely right that violence has been reduced …”

Wow.  I hope if our nation is ever unfortunate enough to elect this inexperienced smooth-talker into the office of president, we are never faced with any serious dialog (about war, the economy, foreign relations, etc). (an organization primarily funded by the Annenberg Foundation, who also funds many anti-conservative organizations, like the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, a gun-ban organization) has a big long story on their site meant to bore or confuse the reader into believing McCain lied when he said that, but if you read it (or take notice that Obama never addressed it, and actually dodged it quite a bit), you’ll see that McCain’s one-liner was incredibly accurate, and did not ‘distort the facts’ one bit. 

I’ve got something else to blog about.


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