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The Conspiracy Chain

George Soros a Hungarian financial speculator, stock investor, and philanthropist to political activist orgainzations.  With his personal wealth at around $9 Billion, he is considered by Forbes to be the ’99th richest person in the world’.  George owns and heads the Open Society Institute, a controversial organization that seeks to change societies, often in conflict to the intentions of local government.  Soros funded Georgia’s “Rose Revolution”, which overthrew Georgia’s president in 2003.  Soros became famous on “Black Wednesday” (09/16/1992) when he sold short more than $10 billion pounds, profitting from the Bank of England’s reluctance to either raise its interest to rates comparable to the European Exchange rate Mechanism countries or ‘float’ it’s currency.  Because of Soros, the Bank of England was forced to devalue its pound sterling, and Soros earned about $1.1 billion (U.S) in the process. He thus became infamous as the ‘man who broke the Bank of England”. In 1997 Soros used his wealth to punish ASEAN for welcoming Myanmar as a member [accusation made by Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad].  In 2002 Soros was fined $2 Million for ‘Insider trading’ and violation of France Securities laww from participation in a 1988/89 attempted takeover of the French national bank ‘Societe Generale’.
Soros’ philanthropy has involved funding Blacks in apartheid South Africa, and funding dissidents behind the Iron Curtain. Soros claimed to have helped his mother kill herself, and supports physician-assisted suicide. Soros has declared that he is not religious, and does not believe in God, though he also refers to himself as a ‘successful jew’, and attributes antisemitism to policies of Israel and biases towards businessmen like himself.  At a Jewish Forum in NYC, Soros said:
“There is a resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe. The policies of the Bush administration and the Sharon administration contribute to that. It’s not specifically anti-Semitism, but it does manifest itself in anti-Semitism as well. I’m critical of those policies… If we change that direction, then anti-Semitism also will diminish. I can’t see how one could confront it directly… I’m also very concerned about my own role because the new anti-Semitism holds that the Jews rule the world… As an unintended consequence of my actions… I also contribute to that image”

Open Society Institute – a private grantmaking foundation that aims to shape public policy to promote ‘democratic governance’, economic, legal, and social reform, and its own version of ‘human rights’. It was created by George Soros to support his businesses (“foundations”) in Central and eastern Europe and the former Soveit Union.  A controversial OSI project is the Lindesmith Center, which conducts studies aimed at minimizing the harm of narcotics (rather than eliminating them), and which also strongly supports the legalization of marijuana.  It advocates making drugs available to ‘select adults’ in a way similar to America’s liquor laws. OSI also has caused controversy in Uganda, where OSI sought to educate prostitutes on ‘human rights’, and officials felt the methods used were supporting the legalization of prostitution.  OSI also funds the Tides Foundation, SAFE Colorado, and the Million Mom March. OSI also promotes physician-Assisted Suicide through the Hemlock Society and the Oregon Death With Dignity Act.

Center for American Progress –  A liberal political policy research and advocacy organization.  It uses email, a newsletter, and YouTube to spread its POV on global warming and climate change, along with strategic appearances on The Al Franken Show, Air America Radio, and the Bill press Show.  It is also funded by George Soros.
In 2008 (03/27/2008), Think Progress, a blog run by Faiz Shakir (one of the main authors of CAP’s daily email) incorrectly blogged an article that accused McCain of plagarising a 1996 speech by Admiral Timothy Zeimer.  When it turned out that the speech was McCain’s own work from 1995, Think Progress posted a retraction that said Zeimer had apparently plagarised McCain. CAP also runs “Campus Progress”, an effort to indoctrinate college kids into the beliefs of leftist politics, and groom a new generation of ‘progressive leaders’ saturated in the dogma of liberalism.  Its website,, uses cartoons and interviews with prominent democrats to entice these young adults into believing the propaganda while their minds are still malleable. CAP provides financial support for more than 50 campus publications, ensuring their views are always readily accessible and continuously dominating the biases of these campus papres, they provide support for campus entertainment (film screenings, speaking programs, debates), and they use ‘national issue campaigns’ and action grants to further lure college students, using issues the students care about – student debt, the Iraq “war”, ‘golbal warming’, and something they call ‘academic freedom’, which promotes narrow-minded attacks on what they call ‘neo-conservatives’, as well as bigotry against persons who have beliefs rooted in the teachings of organized religion. CAP also promotes a ‘National Student Conference’, which is a one-sided rally that features prominent liberal politicians (Bill Clinton in 2005, Barack Obama in 2006, Nancy Pelosi in 2007), which is consistyent with their intent on saturating colleges with one-sided liberal political propaganda.
CAP also has their own lobbying branch, which is separated from the main body of the group to maintain legality, and is also primarily funded by world billionaire and government pupetteer George Soros. CAP’s PAC is called “Center For American Progress Action Fund”.
CAP also released a controversial report called “Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio”, where (by manipulating statistics), it stated that “out of 257 news/talk stations owned by the top five commercial station owners, 91% of daily talk shows are conservative, while 9% is progressive (liberal)”.   The report did not include analysis of other radio providers, including Universities and Public Radio

America Coming Together –  A liberal PAC that “does not specifically endorse any political party”, but mostly works on behalf of Democrat candidates, targeting voters with phone calls and door-step propaganda.  Funded by George Soros and Steve Rosenthal, a former AFL-CIO director. ACT was featured in a Frontline documentary “The Persuaders”.  ACT violated several campaign finance laws during the 2004 US Presidential campaign, and in August 2007, reached a settlement with the Federal Election Commission in which ACT agreed to pay $775,000 in fines.

Annenberg Foundation – a charitable family trust with initial funding of $1.2 Billion, which came from the sale of Triangle Publications. Their charitable contributions are largely in the field of media.  Annenberg runs a nonprofit organization that claims to be nonpartisan and a ‘consumer advocate’ called Despite being ‘nonpartisan’, Annenberg also funds the Brady Campaign (for example, providing $100,000 in 2005, and $50,000 in 2007). Barack Obama was the chairperson of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, and with co-chair, terrorist Bill Ayers, channeled money into other leftist organizations.

Bill Ayers – In 1969, Ayers himself planted a bomb that blew up a statue dedicated to police casualties in the Haymarket Riot (1886), shattering nearly 100 windows and hurling pieces onto the nearby Kennedy Expressway. After the statue was rebuilt with a replica, the Weathermen blew it up again in 1970. Later in 1970, Ayers and several fellow WU terrorists ‘went underground’ after the Greenwich Village Townhouse Explosion which killed Ted Gold, Ayer’s close friend and roommate Terry Robbins, and Ayer’s girlfriend Diana Oughton while they were making a bomb. Ayers participated in the bombings of the NYC Police headquarters later in 1970, bombed the U.S. Capitol building in 1971, and the Pentagon in 1972, becoming one of the most prolific domestic terrorists of the time. Charges against Ayers and other Weathermen were dropped in 1976 and 77 because of “prosecutional misconduct” (prosecution didn’t follow the right procedure with some evidence so everything was thrown out, despite Ayer’s greatly detailed admissions in his autobiographical work “Fugitive days: A Memoir” and in interviews.
Ayers claims “we weren’t terrorists … because we did not commit random acts of terror against people”, as if committing planned violent acts to shock, frighten, and otherwise draw attention to their ’cause’ justifies their bombings of government buildings, but these claims followed the 9/11 attacks, and immediately prior to the attacks Ayers had professed “no regrets” and that he’d “do it again” in his book and some of the promotional interviews, including one with the New York Times that was published the morning of September 11, 2001, and due to the coincidence has probably attracted more gravity than it might have otherwise.
Ayers is also affiliated with the Annenberg Challenge, which is where his close affiliation with Obama comes into the picture. Both Obama and Ayers served as chairs of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge – an organization that provides money and support to other leftist organizations. Not surprisingly, in 1995, Ayers characterized his political beliefs of that time (1995) as well as in the past as “radical, leftist, and communist with a small ‘c”, and continued “the ethics of Communism still appeal to me.” Ayer’s and the WU also pushed for a radical reformation of sexual relations under the slogan “Smash Monogamy”.  Ayers more recent statements pointing to lack of remorse and his continued support for the fundamental schools of thought that led to his formation of the Weather Underground in the first place are the primary cause for concern, in view of the Obama campaign’s statement that “the detestable acts that Ayers committed decades before occurred when Senator Obama was 8 years old”.

Brady Campaign – a political party lobbying group aimed at promoting ‘gun control’ through strict bans and misrepresentation of facts.  It was founded in 1974 as the ‘National Council to Control Handguns’ (NCCH).  In 1980, and through 2001, they called themselves “Handgun Control, Inc”, and in 2001 they changed their name to ‘The Brady Campaign to Prevent Handgun Violence’.   They are recognized in the U.S. as the chief gun-control advocacy organization.  The organization (like most fetted against the Constitution) uses fear to take advatage of the ignorance of their followers and potential voters, using phrases like the following (taken from their main page today):

“The legislation passed by the House will endanger public safety in a city that is already a target for terrorists. It will allow dangerous people to stockpile dangerous weapons and make it harder for the people of D.C. to combat gun violence in their community.” [source: on 09/27/2008] –  is an American ‘progressive’, non-profit liberal public policy advocacy group and political action committee (PAC) that has raised millions of dollars for the Democratic Party.  It was first formed (in response to Bill Clinton’s impeachment) by Joan Blades (writer of two books on how to Divorce, and contributor to the Huffington Post) and Wes Boyd. To comply with U.S. law, MoveOn is broken into two legal entities: Civic Action, a nonprofit organization formally known as ‘’, and Political Action, a federal PAC, formally known as MoveOn PAC.  They give money to politicians across the country to help elect and influence selected political candidates. MoveOn uses various media to exploit the population’s ignorance, bombarding them with messages on internet sites, in message boards, through email, through traditional print and broadcast media, on bus signs, billboards, and bumper stickers, many of which are available as downloads on their website.  MoveOn also uses sites like facebook and to further their recruitment and organize terroristic street demonstrations, as well as benign bake sales, house parties, and other opportunities to glean cash from people looking for a quasi-intellectual social organization in which to participate.  During the 2004 election, MoveOn created an offensive ad that attempted to draw parallels between George Bush and Adolf Hitler, angering Jewish advocacy groups. MoveOn has an ongoing campaign against the formerly ‘shockingly liberal’ fox network, in particular Fox News, in retaliation for two of its opinion talk-show hosts arguing that MoveOn “owns the democratic party” (in actuality, MoveOn only rents it). MoveOn also stopped to personal attacks on the name of General Petraeus, running an ad in the NY Times calling him ‘General Betray Us’. As a result, a unanimous vote (unanimous means ‘Republicans AND Democrats) for an amendment designed to ‘strongly condemn personal attacks’ passed in September 2007. Also in 2007, MoveOn also worked in conjunction with Google to remove ads for Maine Senator Susan Collins, but later backed down from their positions because it was pointed out that doing so was denying people the freedom of expression.  MoveOn is also funded by George Soros, and other millionaires.
It is truly a tragedy at this time of widespread laziness and short-attention spans that MoveOn and similar groups have slithered in to take advantage of the weaknesses of our ‘civilized’ society.  On any particular day, a person can go to MoveOn’s website and see incredibly biased “news” and tabloid-style stories that trump by a landslide any ‘biased’ reporting from any ‘conservative’ news (unbiased and informative FoxNews being their biggest target).  The worrisome thing is that the legions of lazy ‘liberal’ college kids and 40-something wannabe protesters who receive MoveOn’s daily emails or frequent the site actually believe what they’re told.  This gross lack of discernment, this slothful ignorance and non-desire to ‘check for themselves’ will be, and likely soon, the grand downfall of American society.  And Soros again stands to make money.

Call for Change – an arm of, used to solicit potential voters.  Call for Change contacts registered voters in select districts, and attempts to influence their knowledge of the candidates through push-polling and well-planned remarks.

Avaaz.organother arm of MoveOn that seeks to promote ‘progressive’ political action and indoctrinate the public with their takes on climate control and religious conflicts.

Huffington Post –  a liberal news site and weblog founded by Arianna Huffington, who made her billions by divorcing her openly bisexual husband and Kenneth Leher a liberal media executive for CBS, and previously AOL Time Warner. The Huffington Post is ‘yet another’ media-oriented arm of the liberal movement, but in the past has proven to be a little better at strategy, and usually backs up its stories with more believable ‘fact’ than MoveOn.  Huffington attempted to be at the forefront of the ‘save the earth and stop wasting fossil fuels’ rage in the early part of the millenium, but was ‘caught’ and openly ridiculed for having her own private jet, which she used to fly from coast to coast, spreading her take on environmental issues. When cornered and asked how she could burn so much fossil fuel on her silly little trips, in her own private jet, she replied “i didn’t go anywhere where (the jet) wasn’t going already.”

Democracy Now! – claims to focus on news that is “underreported or ignored by mainstream news”, and that does seem to be the case, as many of it’s ‘news’ stories are interviews with bizarre ‘authorities’ on various subjects of importance to america haters, and though an occassional important issue involved in news elsewhere is reported, the bulk of the programming is a stage for liberal ‘public access’ and ‘michael moore’-type shows.  The tagline for the program is “the Exception to the Rulers”, a title that is is darky humorous in light of the program’s furthering of George Suros’ agenda.  Democracy Now! claims no corporate, government or CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) funding, stating that the independence of their programming might be compromised, but they have accepted various grants, including $150,000 from the Ford Foundation (2004), and around $350,000 from the Lannan Foundation in 2001.  The poor, oppressed show is aired nationally on the Pacifica radio network, NPR, most community radio stations, Public Access Cable stations (i was surprised to learn you can air a syndicated show on Public Access!), and manages podcasts and streaming video.  While attempting to incite a riot during the 2008 Republican National Convention, several DN! members, including Amy Goodman, Sharif Abdel Kouddous, Elizabeth Press and Nicole Salazar were arrested for (gasp!) “probable cause for riot” while filming police arresting protesters and vandals, and ‘egging them on’. Their press release claimed the arrest of the producers was ‘unlawful’, and a “clear violation of the freedom of the press and the First Amendment rights”. (because it’s ok for the press to start riots and interfere with police, but it’s not ok for Republicans to assemble peacably in their meeting, or for the NRA to air ads that reveal Obama’s voting record, or for anyone to use Obama’s middle name, or …).  Despite DN!’s incredibly amateurish video, and lengthy interviews with strange people (see one of my prior posts), they have won numerous awards, all of which are from foundations and groups dedicated to promoting liberalism and ‘progressive’ society. (that’s like Britney Spears winning numerous awards from her mother).

Ford Foundation – begun by reciprocal Hitler fan, Henry Ford, the foundation continues to fund social and environmental programs with a ‘liberal’ strance, despite having detached itself from Ford Motors (“Big Car Manufacturers”) about 30 years ago.  Though successful in some of its environmental endeavors, The Ford Foundation has been involved in some serious scandals:  In 1968, the foundation gave $12 million to law schools to create ‘law school clinics’ that claimed to be vehicles for law students to gain practical experience while providing pro bono support for the poor.  It was later discovered that the clinics instead provided a venue for the professors to engage in political activism. The Ford Foundation also gave big donations to a CIA front-organization (the foundation supported the CIA), which linked them to involvement in the Marshall Plan, and allegations that they therefore fund “anti-leftist human rights groups that focus on attacking human rights violations in adversarial countries”.  In 2003, the Jewish telegraphic news Agency and others accused the foundation of supporting Palestinian NGOs that performed anti-Zionist activities at the 2001 World Conference Against Racism.  (Summary:  Hitler fan starts organization. Organization corrupts law schools, gives a lot of money to the CIA, and then supports anti-Jew Palestinians in their little hate party at the WCAR.  But hey!  at least they’re saving the environment with ‘green buildings’ and funding ‘Democracy Now!’)

Lannan Foundation – runs the Lannan Literary Awards, a series of awards and fellowships given out in various fields. Winners are chosen from a pool of persons who represent (to the foundation) the liberal ideal of ‘diversity’ (i.e, any one other than a straight, “white” man or woman who attends church in an organized religion and who loves the United States).  While it is awesome to see ‘minorities’ represented, and great the foundation exists to help people who were, at one time, ‘oppressed’, it is sad to see the exclusion of this pariah of civilization, the educated, middle-class, God-oriented, patriotic Caucasian, from their version of ‘diversity’.



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