Posted by: inforodeo | September 30, 2008

Don’t Make Terroristic Threats to “Prove” A Point

I just read a news article about a guy in Blaine, WA who blogged and got arrested.
the story itself is ho-hum, but i was shocked by people’s reaction to it!

this guy was reading the news about the guy in whatcom county who killed a bunch of people, and in the ‘comments’ section of the news story, people were speculating the cause of the gunman’s rampage, saying ‘must be drugs’ or ‘must be mental illness’. Thinking he’d be a clever liberal, Jeffrey N. Gagaro, 28, married father of two daughters posted something along the lines of “i’m gonna go shoot up sunset square tomorrow and it’s not going to be because of drugs, it’s going to be because of Bush’s example…” (i’m paraphrasing what it said in the news video … the article i’m about to link to misquotes it and cleverly avoids the liberal slant to the message). a cop in missouri saw it and notified police, and he was arrested for terroristic threats.

the reason this made the news is that there are actually people who are mad at the cops for arresting this “clearly innocent” guy!


personally, i don’t blame them one bit … because it was an anonymous blog, and he made a clear threat. it wasn’t like he said “i’m going to stick a spork in brad pitts’s head” or something clearly in bad humor & harmless … this guy made a specific threat about a specific place, a specific time, and for a specific reason. i’m sure he thought he was clever, maybe even funny … but what he did wasn’t funny, and in this day of post-9/11 seriousness, he certainly wasn’t clever.

anyway, here’s the link to one of the articles about it:

i feel sad for him becoming a felon & everything, but felons can’t vote and can’t own firearms, and having said what he said, i think that’s probably a good idea.

funny thing, though, how a lot of these “progressives’ think it’s ok to blatantly break the law, justifying it as “civil disobedience” and whining about the 1st ammendment. It’s kind of like those Democracy Now! jerks who tried to encite a riot so they could get some juicy footage … what they were doing is against the law, and they deserved what happened to them.


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