Posted by: inforodeo | October 15, 2008

Things So Shallow

Normally i’d be posting something as random and non sequitur on a different, less “charged” blog, but i’m not really certain i want any friends commenting on these things. 

first of all, one recent news item is the story of a girl, Jennifer Thornburg of Ashville, North Carolina, who had her name legally changed to “Cutout”, to draw attention to her branch of PETA that wants to stomp out, burn and gut a staple of biology classes: dissection … in her case, chicken wing dissection. (?? huh?  we dissected frogs, cats, pigs, cow eyballs, earthworms and giant crickets!)

reading something of this sort usually might get me a little annoyed for a moment, but the mood would have passed quickly …
but earlier yesterday i listened to a medical talk show where the doctor was talking about a handful of things:
– the giant campaign to promote circumcision in Africa (to combat AIDS) has failed … but no one seems to care, since (surprise!) circumcision doesn’t prevent HIV infection.
– more vitamins have been proven to be … useless … not that you should quit eating your veggies, but now, in addition to high doses of vitamin C causing cancer, and antioxidants doing the opposite of what they’re supposed to do, scientists have learned that vitamin B supplements do (brace yourself): nothing.
– more harm is done to babies when their moms avoid fish than is done when their moms ingest fish and get small amounts of mercury …
– the immunization scare (“it causes autism”) has sparked a trend of backward science, and as a result, “extinct’ diseases are popping up everywhere … polio in minnesota, measles in seattle …

so after hearing all this, i hear about a girl who was ‘focused enough” (stupid enough, narrow-minded enough) to actually change her name in an effort to support an organization seeking to further hinder science in schools. 

the science taught in schools is already a joke.  at some point, science deviated from the scientific method (where theories are tested and then reported either true, untrue, or unknown), and started force-feeding theory to grade school children.  They refuse to allow “intelligent design”, yet actively promote the equally faith-based “evolution” theory.  They use an unproven set of “dating methods” (the most famous being ‘carbon dating’) to announce how many ‘millions of years old’ something is … yet no one has yet remained alive long enough – no culture with a written record alive long enough – to put the methods to the test, so all we’ve got to go on right now is this “if  X = 1/2X in so long, then we may as well assume that X=even less in a longer period, so that longer period must be Z if we can measure a tiny amount of X” …
even more ridiculous, when they then declare a certain soil strata to be ___ years old, if they find something anomalous (a skeleton of a ‘modern’ person, or some sort of man-made artifact that doesn’t ‘fit’ the assumed timeline), instead of recording the find and calling the dating assumptions into question, the anomalous find is shelved or tossed as a ‘hoax’, or (more frequently) never mentioned at all in “respectable journals”.

today i read about a 1st grade class in california that was sent on a field trip to watch their gay teacher get ‘married’.  the school felt this was an important ‘cultural’ and ‘diversity’ lesson, so an entire class of 5 and 6 year olds were exposed to an abomination, a mockery of religion, a fallacy and corruption of natural biology, and indoctrinated into the myth that sexual perversion is an important part of ‘what makes us different’, and that it should be respected.

last week, in my history class in college, we watched a ‘historically accurate film’ that included graphic sex scenes.  afterward, our teacher nudged us into a discussion about sex and how it is ‘only embarrassing because that’s how we’ve been conditioned to view it”.  though in certain ways he is correct, his other remarks led me to feel as if he were preaching to the college kids that it’s ok to be promiscuous, because to be so is both ‘open minded’ and ‘natural’. 

a couple weeks ago, some of the questions in a test being given to Dallas (???) police officers as part of their “diversity training” were made public.  one of the questions the officers had to answer ‘right’ is this: “The Bible calls homosexuality a ‘sin’. True or False?”  … to which the “right answer” they were to select is “false” … when in REALITY the answer is “true”. The Bible, in both the old and new testaments specifically singles out homosexuality as being an “abomination to God” – words far beyond the lighter description of ‘sin’.  The KJV does not use the word “homosexuality”, as the word was not in common use when the KJV was first printed, but newer ‘revised’ and ‘modernized’ bibles are pretty consistent in their use of the term.

so …
the ‘evolution’ of society is doing several things, and they all work together to accomplish a purpose:
– they’re trying to convince us that God doesn’t exist
– they’re using guesses and outright lies to ‘prove’ it
– they want us to believe it is ‘natural’ for two organisms that are biologically incompatible for procreation to “pair up” and go through the motions of mating, mocking God and nature
– they want us to believe that ‘religion’ is ‘forcing’ these ‘unsound’ and ‘hateful’ viewpoints
– they want us to believe that selected perversions are “ok”, and are an essential part of our identity.  how many more years until pedophilia, public displays of sodomy, or bestiality become part of ‘diversity’?
– studying these theories, perversions and lies is REQUIRED to be ‘successful’ in school. Disagreement is ok, as long as you still memorize and study the filth and provide the right answers on your test.
– the ‘science’ being pushed is all designed to discredit and devalue religion and morals, and to ‘call into question’ sound practices in health (“don’t vaccinate your kids!”, “coffee and wine are good for you!”, “take these pills, or have this procedure to make promiscuity easier”

the world is degrading at an incredible rate.  i … still in the younger half of my life … can see vast changes between the world of 15 years ago and our world now. 

while “cutout’s” name change can be reversed, many of the abuses we do to our bodies and lives are not as reversible.  tattoos, scarification, ‘cutting’, piercings, other ‘body mods’, STDs, abortion … these things are all ungodly and the result of ungodly living.  i no longer understand how someone can permanently disfigure their body or their life for things so shallow …


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