Posted by: inforodeo | October 17, 2008


I saw a news story on the recent ‘economic summit’ , and in the back of one of the frames i saw a whithered demonic form hunched over with a frozen grin across its face; George Soros!    What was HE doing there?! he’s the guy who destroys countries by exploiting their weak economies, further increasing his personal wealth, and using some of the takes to fund his ‘progressive’ movements around the world!

What’s more, while watching the news last night, i kept seeing this Obama ad where they flashed some quotes on the screen (trying to scare people away from McCain), and underneath they showed references.  One of the references to this fancy & official looking statistic was from the CENTER FOR AMERICAN PROGRESS. sound familiar?  if not, read here: THE CONSPIRACY CHAIN.  CAP is a liberal/progressive political advocacy organization that promotes liberal candidates and policies at colleges around the country, is primarily funded by George Soros (Owner of the Democratic Party).  This is as ridiculously misleading as … if a McDonalds commercial began telling you a BigMac a day would cure cervical cancer, referencing a ‘study’ by Ray Kroc.  


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