Posted by: inforodeo | October 29, 2008

Another Comparison

society always wants to blame ‘the rich’ for their problems.  it’s how it has been forever …

in pre-nazi germany, it was ‘the jews’ who had all the money and were ‘sneaky and secretive’. this provided a read-made scapegoat that aided hitler’s rise to fame and domination.

in the early colonization of america, it was the wealthy land owners. our own constitution came about, in part, because we wanted to limit the power of the wealthy.  

in france, the revolution was against the wealthy.

communism started as an opposition to the ‘bourgeois’, the ‘property owning class’, the middle class … the land owners …

is Obama (who symbolizes the whole of the liberal/socialist/’democrat’/progressive masses) accusing McCain of ties to “big Oil” any different? 

if “Big Oil” … even Big Corporations are the modern ‘jew’ in our society,  who is the Hitler?  The Marx? 

O – B -A -M -A

You’ve been fooled into hating something because you need a scapegoat for your anger, your frustration at perceived poverty and lack of control.  Bush will out of office soon, so your new confused and misdirected anger had to go somewhere … good thing Obama told you who to hate, who to dethrone!

when Obama’s purchase of the presidency of this country is complete, the wiser of you will begin to see the grim problems surfacing … the realization that we were right about the dangers of his campaign.  The secret web of the Soros progressives will become more evident. 

if the strategies are not realised quickly, you will be disarmed – both literally as well as legally/socially, and will not be able to effect any change that will oppose the machine that is being built. 


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