Posted by: inforodeo | October 29, 2008

The Multimillionaire Candidate

I’d taken the last week off from reading the news … i felt it necessary to get away for a bit and clear my head a little, and give me the time i need to focus on my own life, my family, and spiritual needs.  I needed time for peace.

With all Obama’s talk about ‘the middle class’ and ‘spreading the wealth around’, i found it surprising to learn that he opposed the campaign fund rules (set firmly in place in the 1800’s, and based on prior concerns of our founding fathers to help prevent the wealthy from having an advantage in gaining political power over the non-wealthy), and chose instead to rely on ‘private contributions’ … a strategic move through a gaping loophole that put him at something like $600 million for his campaign, while McCain (following the tradition of receiving equal amounts from the government) is campaigning on a mere $95 million or so. 
Are you beginning to understand why there are so many Obama ads? Do you see why Obama is on the cover of everything from ‘men’s health’ to ‘Rolling Stone’, and can afford to air a 30-minute ‘television special’ (paid advertisement) on several major cable and broadcast networks, even causing the ball game to be postponed to accommodate this (choose one: “propaganda” or “ego-centric”) production?
Fortunately a couple networks approached by the millionaire’s campaign refused to air his paid advertisement … CNN (who preferred to use the time to explore ‘all angles’ of the election, using their own team of ‘political experts’) and ABC (a family-oriented channel. not sure why they oppose it, but maybe it has something to do with Obama’s stance on baby killing, gay marriage, or the fact that some primary players in the network of progressive organizations that have funded Obama are or were higher-ups in competing networks). 

Either way, even some of his irritating supporters have been rubbed the wrong way by his amassing great quantities of wealth, using the wealth to have the greater advantage in the election, and going back on some of his campaign promises:
Commentary: Obama breaks promise on campaign finance
Campbell Brown: “No Bias, No Bull”

(CNN) — You may have heard that Wednesday night Barack Obama will be on five different TV networks speaking directly to the American people.

He bought 30 minutes of airtime from the different networks, a very expensive purchase. But hey, he can afford it. Barack Obama is loaded, way more loaded than John McCain, way more loaded than any presidential candidate has ever been at this stage of the campaign.

Just to throw a number out: He has raised well over $600 million since the start of his campaign, close to what George Bush and John Kerry raised combined in 2004.

Without question, Obama has set the bar at new height with a truly staggering sum of cash. And that is why as we approach this November, it is worth reminding ourselves what Barack Obama said last November.

One year ago, he made a promise. He pledged to accept public financing and to work with the Republican nominee to ensure that they both operated within those limits.

Then it became clear to Sen. Obama and his campaign that he was going to be able to raise on his own far more cash than he would get with public financing. So Obama went back on his word.

He broke his promise and he explained it by arguing that the system is broken and that Republicans know how to work the system to their advantage. He argued he would need all that cash to fight the ruthless attacks of 527s, those independent groups like the Swift Boat Veterans. It’s funny though, those attacks never really materialized.

The Washington Post pointed out recently that the bad economy has meant a cash shortage among the 527s and that this election year they have been far less influential.

The courageous among Obama’s own supporters concede this decision was really made for one reason, simply because it was to Obama’s financial advantage.

On this issue today, former Sen. Bob Kerrey of Nebraska, an Obama supporter, writes in The New York Post, “a hypocrite is a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue — who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings. And that, it seems to me, is what we are doing now.”

For this last week, Sen. Obama will be rolling in dough. His commercials, his get-out-the-vote effort will, as the pundits have said, dwarf the McCain campaign’s final push. But in fairness, you have to admit, he is getting there in part on a broken promise.
more here:

I’d like to add my own additional comments on all this. 
First of all, Obama has repeatedly attacked McCain with the gross untruth (i.e., LIE) that McCain is supported by ‘Big Oil’.  Obama never mentions that both campaigns (i.e. Obama just as well as McCain) are supported by the same ‘big oil’ connections, and those connections are not (and cannot legally be) corporations. With this in mind, a reasonably intelligent person (are there any left?) should wonder “if McCain is supported by ‘Big Oil’ and ‘Big Corporations’, and Obama is supported by ‘grass roots groups’ and ‘the average middle class joe’, why does Obama have more than six times the millions of dollars McCain has?  wouldn’t ‘Big Oil’ leap in and find a way to support McCain?  Maybe make a few ads on their own?”

the answer is pretty simple … so simple, those who are wrapped up in their own never-ending intelligence ignore it.  It comes in 2 parts:

1) Obama and his campaign are liars.  They’ve invested MILLIONS of dollars in trying to fool the American public into thinking McCain is only concerned about ‘big business’, that he hates veterans (that’s a huge stretch, considering McCain was a freaking POW and has family serving in the current war!), that McCain and Palin hate the environment (ever known a hunter who wished his hunting grounds were sold to big corporations?), that McCain is physically unfit for the presidency (he’s repeatedly got a ‘clean bill of health’ from doctors, despite his age, despite his ‘cancer’ – in quotes because i haven’t looked up the cancer stories), that Palin lacks ethics (the ‘bridge to nowhere’ severely dwarfed in wasteful funding by Biden’s own bridge projects in Delaware, the ‘alaskan state trooper’ thing being *legal* and no proof of unethical behavior was found there, the LIES that she ‘made rape victims pay for their own rape kits’ – none ever did, though in other cities where she was not a mayor, some did), that there is no difference between McCain’s stance on abortion or gay marriage than Obama’s (Obama supports gay marriage, McCain said – even on “ellen” – “i believe marriage is between a man and a woman” … Obama supports partial-birth abortions AND recently said at a speech he gave to planned parenthood that he’d appoint judges who had ’empathy for’ teenage mothers … when given in the full context of the speech, he was continuing his ‘it would be a sad day if roe vs wade were ever overturned’ platform by saying he supports “planned parenthood” in their heavily biased methods of ‘planning’ to prevent or terminate unwanted pregnancies).  Obama and Biden also lie about their stance on gun control, saying in one place “i support the second amendment”, and in another “it doesn’t support the citizen’s right to own *that* kind of gun” … Biden even drafted the Clinton ‘Assault weapons’ ban of 1994-2004 … a ban which did not curb crime at all, but prohibited guns based on their look from being bought or sold. How does that support the 2nd ammendment? And there are still the issues of ‘free speech’ … Obama’s Campaign lawyers sent threatening letters to television stations who were playing ads paid for by the NRA, trying to scare the stations into not playing them, climing the ads were ‘lies’ (a quick review of Obama’s political record shows they are incredibly accurate), and ‘informing’ the stations they could be fined if they ‘knowingly’ air material they know to be ‘untrue’, and that the only persons/organizations exempted from the practice of airing untrue ads are candidates running for federal office. 

2) Some of Obama’s ‘grass roots’ supporters are:  George Soros and his Open Society Institute, Center For American Progress (you’ll see them quoted as a ‘source’ or ‘authority’ in all of Obama’s misleading ads), America Coming Together, Annenberg Foundation, and the brady campaign,, Call for change,, Huffington post, Democracy Now!, the Ford Foundation, and the Lannan Foundation.  Some of these contribute vast sums of money, some of them simply provide support of one of the most massive disinformation campaigns in the history of the world, spreading lies, referring to lies promoted on their sister-sites/groups, white-washing the dark and troubling socialist ideals of the obama campaign, and Obama’s own lack of experience.  The Obama campaign has networks of gestapo-type lawyers … after hearing of and then seeing copies of letters that have arrived in various anti-obama organizations, i can honestly say i am afraid to bring up certain concepts (race, tragic events in the lives of other presidents) because though i would NEVER support any kind of violence or personal attack on someone for any reason, and i have no intention of ever suggesting that someone else do such a thing, being in a  society shaded by the ominous spectre of the Obama campaign makes me fearful that the wrong word used here or there could get me whisked away to some secret prison somewhere.  They are stronger than ‘censorship’, and have exercised their strong, multi-million dollar arm already. 
The very notion of ‘grass roots’ in this campaign is misleading. while the poor and middle class may have purposefully or inadvertently donated to the campaign (buying cute little bracelets that donate a portion of their proceeds to obama, for example), and while a handful of people have had their credit cards stolen and used to make donations to the campaign (serious – look it up), the vast majority of the money is coming from the progressive-liberal-socialist groups, and the majority of those are owned, funded and controlled by George Soros, as i’ve mentioned before.  Obama’s team is NOT the wonderful ‘lower and middle class’ organization they pretend to be … they are wealthy members of exclusive organizations who toy with politics for fun and personal gain.  

my last point in all this:
if the democrats really were concerned about the poor, the middle class, education, healthcare, third world countries, the environment, civil rights, etc …
couldn’t they have done all this sneaky fundraising before and put $600 million into programs benefiting those things?  couldn’t Obama have taken the money that he received that surpassed the ‘equality’ between campaign funds in both parties and donated it to those causes … tho ‘put his money where his mouth is’? 
or …
couldn’t he have ‘spread the wealth around’ between the parties, proving once and for all that his ‘tax the rich, pay the poor’ plan is a ‘good’ thing, as well as proving his claim to mending partisan relations?


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