Posted by: inforodeo | November 5, 2008

In the middle of the night …

blogging is a lot like talking to yourself. especially this one, where there are no visitors.

When i went to bed last night, Obama had just given his acceptance speech, and Proposition 8 (banning ‘gay marriage’) had been defeated in California.

About half an hour ago, i woke up, and, unable to sleep, decided to check the news again. 

To my surprise, ALL gay marriage votes across the country had come out the same: The majority voted against it. It was (is) close in California, right now 91% of precincts have reported, and the gay marriage supporters are 357,000 behind). The majority also voted against gay adoptions.  In one state, Affirmative Action was abolished – a good move considering it is now ridiculous to believe a person doesn’t have the same options as others because of skin color. (go figure!) The other state (Colorado) where AA was on the ballot, it remained in effect.

Obama Brays “CHANGE HAS COME!”, Comforting Millions of Americans With Warm Fuzzies Shot From His Eyes

On the darker side, however, Michigan legalized Marijuana.  San Francisco is making prostitution legal. (The technical way of saying this is “de-criminalizing, not making it legal”, but since decriminalizing prohibits investigation, arrests and prosecution, i’m not really sure what the difference is).  Washington State has decided it’s ok for physicians to kill people who agree to die.  I used to be for this … (the whole Kevorkian thing) … and i think people should have freedom to make this kind of choice for themselves … but i don’t personally support those who choose to do this.  It’s a little better than abortion, though, because the dying has a choice in the decision. 


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