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Obama Are You Ready?

As the president of the Anti-war, make-a-lotta-promises party, I hope he is prepared to deal with some of the issues that are out there:

[all sources: Nov 6th, 2008 4:17pm MTN]:

Girl, 13, stoned to death in Somalia 

Posted: 05:19 PM ET
(CNN) — A 13-year-old girl accused of adultery was stoned to death last month in a soccer stadium in Somalia, witnesses told CNN.
The killing occurred October 27 after the girl, Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow, told officials of al-Shabab, a radical Islamic group that controls the port city of Kismayo 500 km (300 miles) south of Mogadishu, that she had been raped by three men, said Amnesty International, citing sources.
The human rights organization said 50 men participated in stoning the girl, who had been placed in a hole in the ground, as about 1,000 people watched.
“It was absolutely appalling to be there, the girl was screaming and begging for mercy as she was being dragged to her killing hole,” said a Kismayo resident who did not want to be identified out of fear for his safety.
None of the men accused of rape were arrested, Amnesty International said.

This sort of thing is common in some areas of the world, though rarely reported (due to inaccessibility of most areas that practice these radical interpretations of Islamic law). It is almost certain Obama is going to prematurely yank our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, leaving those nations incomplete after our initial “tilling” of their soil.  Without finishing the rebuilding, we will be leaving impoverished and angry persons – people promised something and not given that thing – and in the past, those situations have been fertile conditions for terrorist recruitments.  Look forward to these crimes against humanity increasing under the careless and selfish rule of the democrats.

Posted: 03:36 PM ET
WASHINGTON (CNN) — Computers at the headquarters of the Barack Obama and John McCain campaigns were hacked in mid-summer by a foreign government or organization, a source with knowledge of the incidents confirms to CNN.
Another source, a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation, says federal investigators approached both campaigns with information the U.S. government had about the hacking, and the campaigns then hired private companies to mitigate the problem.
U.S. authorities, according to one of the sources, believe they know who the foreign entity responsible for the hacking is, but refused to identify it in any way, including what country.

This is serious … it is a story i feel was underreported today. Someone from a foreign country was trying to see what policies our future president would have.  The implication is that another country is inttrested in preparing themselves for who our president is.  Is this why the pats on the back to Obama have been pouring in? Is he who America-haters wanted to be president?  If so, why?  What is going to happen? 
Terroristys know Obama is unprepared for another terrorist attack. terrorists know Obama will be hard-pressed to go to war against anyone. Terrorists know that in Obama, they have found someone sympathetic to their cause: to destroy America, destroy democracy, and the uniform rule of socialism mixed with the proper structure to eventually eliminate Christianity.  Chinese hackers have attacked us before … and china supplies technology and some arms to middle eastern countries … but regardless of who did it, we should be aware, and prepared!

Congolese rebels clash with government forces

Posted: 01:33 PM ET
(CNN) — Congolese rebels clashed Thursday with government forces in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo on the eve of a regional summit on the crisis and despite a cease-fire declared last week, U.N. officials said.
Madnoje Mounoubai, a spokesman for the U.N. mission in the country, said Laurent Nkunda’s rebels had battled government forces in Nyzanale on Thursday. Casualties were not immediately known.
The clashes marked the third straight day of fighting, despite a unilateral cease-fire that Nkunda declared on October 29. It was not immediately clear who controlled Nyzanale afterward.
Media reports and an official with the U.N. military said Thursday’s fighting had forced thousands of people from their homes.

Africa too?

Dollar rallies after Euro rate cuts

Posted: 01:11 PM ET
NEW YORK ( — The dollar rose against the euro and the pound Thursday after monetary policy makers in Europe cut interest rates in response to growing economic weakness.
In a widely expected move, the European Central Bank lowered its benchmark rate by 50 basis points to 3.25 percent. But the Bank of England surprised investors by slashing its key rate a full 1.5 percentage points to 3 percent.
The British pound slid 2 cents after the Bank of England announced the larger-than-expected rate cut. It recovered immediately, jumping 3 cents, but has since fallen to $1.5758, down nearly 1 percent from late Wednesday.
The bank of England learned their lesson after Soros crushed them last time.  Is it worrying anyone else that the world’s economy – at least those in ‘developed nations’ – is sliding because of ours?

Suicide bombers strike in Pakistan
Posted: 12:51 PM ET
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (CNN) — Suicide bombers struck two targets in northwest Pakistan on Thursday, including a gathering of tribal leaders, leaving at least 24 dead, according to local officials and state-run media.
The latest attack happened Thursday night when a suicide bomber rammed his vehicle into a police checkpoint in the Swat region of North West Frontier Province, killing two soldiers and wounding five, two Pakistani military sources said.
Hours earlier, a suicide bomber detonated at a meeting of tribal leaders in the same province, killing 22 and wounding more than 100, the head of Bajaur Agency, Shafeerrullah Khan, told CNN.

When Obama pulls our troops, this sort of thing will continue.

Iranian president congratulates Obama

Posted: 12:18 PM ET
(CNN) — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in a message Thursday, congratulated U.S. President-elect Barack Obama, saying Tehran “welcomes basic and fair changes in U.S. policies and conducts,” according to the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency.
Relations between the United States and Iran have historically been chilly, and have been strained in recent years over Iran’s nuclear program. Tehran insists the program exists for peaceful purposes, but the United States and other Western nations are concerned by Iran’s refusal to halt uranium enrichment activities.
“I hope you will prefer real public interests and justice to the never-ending demands of a selfish minority and seize the opportunity to serve people so that you will be remembered with high esteem,” Ahmadinejad told Obama in his statement, IRNA said.

Ahmadinejad is a former terrorist who has come under fire since assuming presidency of Iran for calling the Holocaust a myth, for stockpiling nuclear arms, and for trying to build closer ties with Russia and Syria, as well as the oil producing Persian Gulf States and Venezuela. It is particularly interesting that he called Obama to congratulate him on being elected, because Iran and the United States have never been close – making the call itself surprising – and Obama has been linked to other terrorists during his campaign, making this new possible friendship suspect.
8 dead in North Ossetia blast

Posted: 10:56 AM ET
MOSCOW, Russia (CNN) — At least eight people were killed Thursday when a suicide bomber set off a blast as a minibus was unloading in Vladikavkaz, the capital of Russia’s North Ossetia province, local officials said.
The North Ossetian Emergency Situations Ministry said at least 48 people were wounded but would give no other details.

Earlier this year, Russian tanks and jets began firing upon and killing citizens of Georgia, by attacking via South Ossetia. The Russians claimed the South Ossetians had been attacked by Georgian troops.  While the rest of the world sided with Georgia (a country who became independent in part through financial support from world manipulator George Soros), Obama condemned Georgia’s self-defense, siding with Putin’s Russian attack forces and angrily stating that the United States should not be involved.  Now he’s president, causing me to wonder at what (if any) policies he will have in the growing unrest of the region?

Wall Street retreats for 2nd day on economic worries

Posted: 10:55 AM ET
NEW YORK ( — Stocks slumped Thursday as weak reports on retail sales and jobless claims added to fears of a prolonged recession.The Dow Jones industrial average, the Standard & Poor’s 500 index and the Nasdaq composite all declined by at least 1 percent nearly an hour into the session.
Stocks fell sharply Wednesday, with the Dow losing close to 500 points and all three major gauges off at least 5 percent as President-elect Barack Obama’s historic victory gave way to worries about the economy he inherits.


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