Posted by: inforodeo | November 7, 2008

An example of why gun bans are dangerous

As mentioned before, some of the Obama-sponsored gun bans in Illinois (and later, while backing up ted “Killer” Kennedy in the senate) were related to banning certain kinds of gun and certain kinds of hunting ammunition, claiming it is “cop killer” ammo. (Though we know that most police killed in 2007 by guns were killed by .22’s and other bullets not covered by the attempted ban – in fact, the only policeman killed by one of these ‘high powered assault rifles’ was killed by another policeman’s rifle when it was wrested from his hands during a raid on a drug deal)  Groups that funded Obama’s campaign have outlawed handguns with more than a 6 cartridge capacity, handguns of certain calibers, and so on and so forth.   
Biden, as author of the illegal gun ban that went into effect during the Clinton administration (1994), the gun ban that ended in 2004, and that he and other democrats want to reinstate, outlawed guns based on their look, so if you had a gun with a large capacity magazine or a collapsible stock, it was illegal. 

So then we have an incident where a woman who is home alone is assaulted by two 20-year olds with rifles, tied to a chair in her own home, and robbed. 
being from the area, i can tell you that most 20 year old yokels with rifles have .22’s … it’s a big rabit shooting area, and the .22 is the weapon of choice for drunken cowboys. 

If we were to apply the Obama/Biden standards of gun ownership and criminal prosecution, we would have this situation:

–  .22 rifles are Ok
–  .22 handguns may be ok
–  if these kids haven’t committed violent crime “enough times”, they will spend only a short period of time in jail.
–  if the crime is drug-related, their sentence could be mere months, because it’s “foolish to prosecute people because of the substances they take into their own body”
– the woman could not have owned a handgun (a handgun could have prevented the robbery)

i’m deviating from my point.  my point is, under Obama/Biden and their threat against gun ownership, THIS crime would not have been prevented.  The criminals could have still owned these guns legally, the home owner still could not have defended herself, yada yada yada.

the story is here:


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