Posted by: inforodeo | November 7, 2008

I wanna Axe YOU a Kesstin!

Look at this propaganda taught in a classroom in North Carolina!  It was captured as part of a Finnish documentary on the US Election:

Wow!  This is as filthy as teaching sex-ed and evolution in school!  Whoa! 
I don’t care whether this woman’s views are right or wrong … It wouldn’t have made any difference if she were pushing McCain on the kids …


Not only do i have problems with a teacher indoctrinating students into her own (confused, wrong) political gang, it disturbs me to see a teacher who is not fluent in her own native tongue (English) teaching children.  Do you want a nation of kids who say “lemme axe you a kestun”?  I mean … it’s great if someone wants to talk ghetto on their own time, but to some people that kind of rudimentary English – especially coming from a teacher – is as offensive as if she were using profanity. 

I also need to say … regarding the interview with her after the classroom thing … WHAT?! She lies to that little girl (whose dad is in the military) saying McCain would love to keep the war going for “a hundret years”, pushing the girl to tears, and then turns around and says “i’ve got some children who like McCain, and i treat them equally”.  heh heh … yeah, whatever.  like everyone else who saw this, i hope she got fired.

I first heard of this video on Glen beck, but found a really awesome blog that included the YouTube video (as well as other awesome posts), like this:


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