Posted by: inforodeo | November 10, 2008

And the Stuff About Sarah Palin …

With all the rumors disproven (her wardrobe was not as expensive as Michelle Obama’s or Hillary Clinton’s, thank you!), it’s been annoying to hear the new stories “leaking” from the “McCain Campaign” about “infighting” and “Sarah’s stupidity”.  One of the latest stories was that in the briefings to prep her for questions she might be asked, Palin allegedly thought Africa was a country rather than a continent. 
Though i’d love to de-rail here and ask how many Obama supporters know Africa is a continent and not a state … or maybe remind you that Obama (for reasons still unclear, though mcCain tried to defend him by saying he must have been exhausted) claimed to have visited 52 states, but had left 2 unvisited (54 states, eh?  is that how many it takes to make a hammer and sickle out of the stars on our flag?) …
… but i really should stick to the issue.  especially since the leak was named on MSNBC.  Whoo hoo!  busted!
it turns out, the “leak” doesn’t exist.  in fact, the rumors can’t be proven anywhere either. 

so why are the anti-americans (anti: capitalism, live births, traditional marriage, gun ownership, organized religion, american dream) wasting all this time trying to bash Palin still?  i mean … the election is over, the inflatable president won, the chick and the old guy lost, and , according to the “experts”, Palin “brought down McCain” … and according to SNL and the daily Show, she’s an idiot.

i will tell you why:

because the bad guys (i.e.: liberal, progressive, socialist, infanticidal maniacs, liars, anti-breeder, constitution rippers) are AFRAID of Palin. They are afraid of a cute gov of a state most americans don’t think about because she is more suited for the job of president than the guy that got elected. They are afraid because they don’t have a suitable rival to run against Palin if the world makes it to 2012.  They’re working overtime on the propaganda and negative PR already … 4 years ahead of the next election, because they DREAD the thought of having to compete against Palin. 
Think about it:  Obama is going to screw up really bad.  The only thing he’ll have going for him is the stream of whack-job nazis that are going to keep trying to _______ him.  (I’d be willing to bet that when the socialist party realizes he gains points everytime one of those crazies is busted, they’ll start arresting people that seemed like they might do that, just to keep the momentum going).  Obama is going to fail fail FAIL at international relations. he’s already making too many promises, already people (poland!) are trying to cash in on those promises, and he just isn’t going to be able to deliver.  As more and more on his racist wife trickles out, a lot of the zombies who voted him in are going to be freaking out, and as the programs he promised fail left and right, as his ‘supporters’ realise the grave error they’ve made, people will be starving for someone who is not going to be like Obama. 
The LSD (Liberal Socialist Democrat) party are going to be frantically trying to find someone to front their corrupt movement when he steps down, and they want to make sure there is no tough competition … like Palin.

Just to remind you of some of the differences between Palin and her opposition, here’s a quick list, lifted from

Defining the character, integrity and belief of Sarah Palin:

     She is for honorably winning the war
     She is for drilling to minimize our dependency
     She is for smaller government
     She is for – find a job and buy your health insurance
     She is for the second amendment
     She is for preserving our Constitution
     She is for freedom
     She is for freedom of speech, including the opposition
     She is for maintaining a strong military
     She is for the hard working people
     She is for America, not just for some Americans
     She is for small business
     She is against corruption
     She is not a Socialist
     She is not for raising taxes
     She is not for the non-willing to work people
     She is not for condoning the use of drugs
     She is not for same sex marriage
     She is not supported by atheists
     She is not supported by homosexuals
     She is not supported by Marxist/communist
     She is not supported by the Hollywood elite
     She is not supported by those that are voting only on race
     She is not supported by those that want the government to support them
     She is not a Socialist community agitator
     She is not creating her private militia
     She is not in somebody’s pocket
     She does not fake patriotism
     She does not fake religion and exploits it for political advancement
     She does not have an array of conveniently disowned mentors
     She does not have a long list of crooked friends
     She does not have ACORN in her pocket
     She does not have the media in her pocket
     She does not believe that America is a mean country
     She is a proud American that does not make apologies for it

     She sounds wonderful to me!

[source: ]

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