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Black Power

I heard something disturbing last night about some pre-Obama election tension in Florida.  My little sister is a school teacher somewhere around orlando, and the day of the election, there were fights on the playground and weird tension … black teachers congregating in one side of the teacher’s lounge, whites on the other (where normally there wasn’t that kind of division).  My sister, not having grown up in a racially-charged environment, asked someone what was going on, and the response was “if Obama doesn’t win, they’ve promised race riots.  you should go home and stay indoors after you vote, regardless of who you vote for”. 

Out here in the podunk valleys a little more inland from the left coast, i hadn’t heard any such thing.  In fact, most everyone here didn’t care one way or the other what race he claimed to be … race just isn’t something we spend our time worrying about. 

Anyway, here are the best of (most interesting) links i could find on the subject:
1. from a pro-black racist: He quotes a survey where the majority who responded suggested there would be a race riot if McCain won, though he himself didn’t think that would happen.  One of the comments on his blog, however, stated the following:

Well, I for one shall be honored to kick back on my balcony with a good drink, and watch the flames in the hood reach for the sky.
Posted by: da bureacratic barbarian | November 03, 2008 at 01:41 PM

There were a lot of other comments too full of explicitves to repeat here, but the general consensus was that there weren’t any planned race riots, but a lot of people planned on doing some sort of violence if the election was ‘rigged’ (meaning, amazingly, if Obama lost …which is funny, considering the number of rigged votes injected by Obama-funded ACORN). 

2. from an anti-McCain site, allegedly quoting a Fox News radio show:
I find it funny that that whole “fox news” thing is still going on.  You do know it started when someone dissed one of the liberal groups ( on their talk show, and that “Fox News” and the talk radio shows that are on the same channels are NOT the same thing, right?  Fox news’ tag line is “fair and balanced”, and you know what?  if you listen to the news portion for any length of time, and compare it to CNN or MSNBC, or (can’t believe i’m even suggesting these could be in the same category) MoveOn or Democracy Now!, you’ll see that it is balanced, and it is fair: they report the news with as little slant as possible, and sometimes it comes out favorable to their talk radio shows, and sometimes it doesn’t.  Any seeming ‘bias’ has more to do with the facts and the correctness of the interpretations of the radio hosts. 

3. from a site that i can’t quite determine the leanings of, so i’ll go with the content (go figure!):
the author critiques a few scattered news items.  i guess Detroit police were gearing up for “possible riots, regardless the outcome” (which begs the question: when have republicans rioted?), and elsewhere people were suggesting officers be prepared in case a riot ensues.  A lot of these stories keep bringing up the “OJ Riots” of los Angeles, that allegedly happened when OJ was acquitted … but i don’t recall these. 
I do however recall the LA Riots of 1992, when 4 policemen were acquitted of a videotaped beating of motorist Rodney King. The riots lasted a week (6 days) and included widespread looting, assault, arson, and murder (53 people died).  I remember being freaked out by the riots … it was the first domestic uprising i’d seen in my life, and to me, a high school kid far removed, it opened up a whole new view on racism and the myth that it is a problem always perpetrated by whites.  The incident in question, the edited video of Rodney King being beaten by police (the initial 13 seconds, which jurors saw, showed kind charging the police, but was edited out of clips that were released to the public, making it look like police had just picked a motorist at randonm and began beating him). King had led police on a high speed chase, and was behaving erratically, driving through several red lights and putting the public at risk. King, in a later interview, stated he had past convictions of robbery, assault and battery, and was worried that he’d be sent back to prison for parole violations.
ANYWAY … two days after the verdict, and tensions heightened, blacks began attacking the city, stealing televisions, lighting fires, and brutally beating a white truck driver, Reginald Denny, who had stopped at a red light.  Police, fearing for their own safety, didn’t come to the scene, though the entire beating (including cinderblocks being smashed into his head as he lie motionless on the ground) was televised from helicopters overhead. Denny was finally rescued by a black man and heroic American, Bobby Green, Jr, who saw the violence on TV and rushed to his aid. Denny was the most publicized victim, but numerous other motorists were severely beaten. 
Elsewhere, just minutes after Denny was rescued, a Guatemalan immigrant, Fidel Lopez, was puklled from his truck, beaten in the head, robbed of $2000, and one of the black assailants attempted to cut off his ear as a souvenir.  Lopez passed out, and the mob spray painted his torso and genitals black. Another black american hero, Rev. Bennie Newton, put himself between Lopez and his attackers, and got him to medical aid.
On the second day of the riots, police had abandoned Koreatown, so Korean shop owners were forced to protect their stores with weapons against the rioters. Bill Cosby tried to stop the riots with a television spot on the local NBC affiliate. It didn’t work. (Proving that celebrities and media can certainly inspire people to violence and riot, but cannot stop it).  There national guard showed up, a curfew was enacted, and the violence continued for 4 more days. 

4. a blog talking about how The DNC elected Obama as their candidate by discounting all the delegate states after new York in their vote. 
not sure what this has to do with the riots, but it was quite interesting, and should probably be added to my Soros-Obama conspiracy file …

i’m getting kind of tired reading these sites.  i’ve heard rumors about Farrakhan suggesting riots, blah blah blah … but really, when it gets down to it, i think there were a lot of people speculating riots … and we may never truly know if there would have been (i believe there may have been … i mean, when we can riot when aid helicopters are arriving on the scene of a natural disaster, we could certainly riot when a president is elected, right?) … but i have yet to find any solid evidence of an organized plan to riot. (which might be the key word?)


1. Michelle Obama’s Thesis at princeton was embargoed until after the election.  Why?  BECAUSE IT WAS ON BLACK POWER AND THE RACIAL DIVIDE.  Probably would have looked kinda bad if it had been found out that the wife of the man running with this whiole “unity” thing had been known to be a racial separatist and supporter of a violent racist ideology?

here’s a sample:

and here is a link to the rest:


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