Posted by: inforodeo | November 11, 2008


ARGH! i am so freaking mad.  THE IDIOTS!

let me hit a few points:

1) Obama is focusing on a bunch of dead-horse programs for Urban areas.
2) one of these is ‘protecting mass transit’ as part of homeland security. WHAT?! so Obama wants you to take the bus when St. Helens blows up or terrorists attack or the hurricane comes or the earthquake is destroying your city … rather than improving roads so you can evacuate.  Honestly, this shouldn’t bother me so much now … i no longer live in the city, and it doesn’t effect me … but GRRRR! I remember my 2 hour commute to work each day (15 miles), and the state govt spending a crap-ton of cash on building a monorail … and wondering if they expected me to perish in the too-few-laned highway in the event of a natural disaster, or if the monorail was going to save me …
3) Obama thinks banning guns is going to make the streets safer.  THIS HAS BEEN STATISTICALLY – WITHOUT A DOUBT – PROVEN TO BE THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT SHOULD BE DONE! “Protect my second amendment rights” MY A**!!! LIES! LIES! LIES!
4) “Worse, many federal programs inadvertently undermine cities and regions by encouraging inefficient and costly patterns of development and local competition.” Um … isn’t discouraging development and eliminating competition Marxist communism?
5) “Creating a White House office on Urban Policy” yeah, bring in the ghetto!  i’m sure this has potential to be a good idea, but you’re really brushing over the importance of the hard working rural americans in your unrestrained dedication to lazy urbanites.  (not that all are lazy, but a lot more of ’em are than those out in the middle of nowhere!)
6) if you’re a woman or a minority, please forgive me, but: Increase Access to Capital for Underserved Businesses:  Barack Obama and Joe Biden will strengthen Small Business Administration programs that provide capital to women and minority-owned businesses” is strike two against my ability to be a small business owner. (the first strike is Obama’s having grossly increased my taxes).  I was born a white male, and there is nothing i could do (under God, anyway) that will qualify me for access to increased capital, because i’m also married and straight. 
7) “They will invest $250 million per year to increase the number and size of incubators in urban communities throughout the country.” wow! Urban areas are already the highest consumers of government housing, government food, government money in general.  i think that $250 million per year would be better spent enhancing our country’s ability to produce its own food … give it to the few remaining farmers …
8) “The Obama-Biden urban agenda will also help facilitate the creation of new jobs in underserved economic areas, so more low-income urban residents can find employment within their home communities.” uh … dude … the problem isn’t lack of jobs … its lack of education, trust and a work ethic.  you’d understand this if you hadn’t lived in big cities your whole life. 

  • Lower People’s Interest Payments by Creating a New Mortgage Interest Tax Credit: Many middle class Americans do not receive the existing mortgage interest tax deduction because they do not itemize their taxes.  Obama and Biden will ensure that middle-class Americans get the financial assistance they need to purchase or keep their own home by creating a 10 percent universal mortgage credit that gives tax relief to 10 million Americans who have a home mortgage. 
  • Increase the Supply of Affordable Housing throughout Metropolitan Regions: Communities prosper when all families have access to affordable housing. Barack Obama and Joe Biden supported efforts to create an Affordable Housing Trust Fund to create thousands of new units of affordable housing every year. Barack Obama and Joe Biden will also restore cuts to public housing operating subsidies, and ensure that all Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) programs are restored to their original purpose
    um … didn’t we JUST learn that this is a bad, bad, bad, idea? that the programs designed to give people with no money houses they can’t really afford RUINS THE ECONOMY?!
    10) Increase the Minimum Wage: As president, Obama will raise the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour by 2011 and index it to inflation so full-time workers can earn a living wage that allows them to raise their families and pay for basic needs such as food, transportation, and housing – things so many people take for granted.”  OBAMA, CAN YOU HEAR ME? raising the minimum wage ALWAYS raises the cost of living, because the businesses you are already planning on raising taxes on will have to either lay MORE people off or raise the cost of their products and services to accomodate the demands of paying their employees.  Can’t someone try LOWERING minimum wage for once? just for laughs? see what happens? 
    11) Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit: In the Illinois State Senate, Obama led the successful effort to create the $100 million Illinois Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).  As president, Obama will reward work by increasing the number of working parents eligible for EITC benefits, increasing the benefit available to noncustodial parents who support their children through child support payments, increasing the benefit for families with three or more children, and reducing the EITC marriage penalty which hurts low-income families. ” You could have chosen simple words: “make it even more profitable for people not to marry or remain married, thereby increasing crime, lowering education, and filling america with hoardes of little bastard kids who can further weigh down the fruitless welfare system”
    12) Support Teachers in Urban Schools: hmmm.  so kids who aren’t in rural schools can receive less education, and the teachers less pay?  RETARD! Pay is not the reason urban schools have a high drop-out rate. teen pregnancy, drugs, single-parent homes, and a cultural hatred for authority are … yet these other programs you’re threatening us with all serve to increase those primary causes, not decrease them!  welcome to ‘progressive politics’ … with programs so weak they encourage the corruption and disintegration of society, there is a natural progression to quickly patch the leaks, and then quickly patch the other leaks … on and on.  with ‘conservative’ politics, programs are built with durability and accuracy in mind. while it sometimes takes longer to see the effects, conservative politics create less side-effects. 
    13) Address Gun Violence in Cities: As president, Barack Obama would repeal the Tiahrt Amendment, which restricts the ability of local law enforcement to access important gun trace information, and give police officers across the nation the tools they need to solve gun crimes and fight the illegal arms trade. Obama and Biden also favor commonsense measures that respect the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, while keeping guns away from children and from criminals who shouldn’t have them. They support closing the gun show loophole and making guns in this country childproof. They also support making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent, as such weapons belong on foreign battlefields and not on our streets.
    I’ve addressed before the MYTH of ‘gun control’ and ‘gun bans’.  crime will INCREASE because criminals will continue to acquire guns, and those guns will not be licensed. Criminals will be less afraid of the average citizen, because they will know we are not armed.  The entire nation could suffer with crime rates like those of Washington D.C. during its 30 year gun ban.
    The Tiahrt Ammendment prevents what happened in Nazi Germany.  When the nazis came to power, they used existing gun ownership records to systematically disarm citizens, paving the way for further crimes perpetuated by the government.  Obama wants this amendment removed so he and his administration can have total, unchecked control. 
    There is no ‘gun show loophole’.  the expired assault weapons ban is in contradiction to the 2nd amendment. the ‘right to bear arms’ does not specify which arms, and to specify one or the other is a ‘loophole’ designed to illegally circumvent our constitutional rights.  Less people are killed with so called ‘assault weapons’ per year than are killed by falling pianos.
    14) End Racial Profiling: Barack Obama cosponsored federal legislation to ban racial profiling and require federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to take steps to eliminate the practice. He introduced and passed a law in the Illinois State Senate requiring the Illinois Department of Transportation to record the race, age, and gender of all drivers stopped for traffic violations so that bias could be detected and addressed.” This one angers me too. The THEORY of racial profiling is based on the idea that a greater number of one race is picked up in crimes because of prejudice rather than commission of the crime.  Furthering this suspicion … this paranoia … is (i feel, and i have been researching this for nearly a year now) what fuels the criminals … what makes them.  The problem is NOT that one race is more criminal than the next, but it IS that cultures exist that instill a distrust, a fear, and a defiant attitude in children, and these children grow up and become criminals through a chain of events that is generally 1) acting in a threatening or suspicious way which 2) arouses the attention of police which 3) ‘validates’ the suspect’s belief in the corruptibility of law enforcement which 4) leads to real criminal acts that increase over time.  This is why there are actually ALL races represented in the incidents attributed to ‘profiling’, and likewise why all races are represented in good citizenship practices. By ignoring this fact, and trying to make it a ‘black or white’ thing, racism is furthered and crime only continues, because the scattered reports of the possibility of profiling only serve to ‘validate’ the fears of the soon-to-be criminals.
    15) Strengthening Fatherhood and Families:  As president, Obama will sign his Responsible Fatherhood and Healthy Families Act into law to remove some of the government penalties on married families, crack down on men avoiding child support payments, ensure that support payments go to families instead of state bureaucracies, fund support services for fathers and their families, and support domestic violence prevention efforts. ”  It sounds good, but i don’t know how he can pull off this promise when he’s got #6 and #11 to live up to also.
  • 16) Cap Outlandish Interest Rates on Payday Loans and Improve Disclosure: In the wake of reports that some service members were paying 800 percent interest on payday loans, the U.S. Congress took bipartisan action to limit interest rates charged to service members to 36 percent.  Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe that we must extend this protection to all Americans, because predatory lending continues to be a major problem for low and middle income families alike”  as a one-time indentured servant to payday loans, you’d think i’d be sympathetic with this. NOPE!  why not? because the “800% interest” and other shocking numbers are merely a way of the payday loan places complying with lending laws, which require a disclosure of ‘interest’ rates, while plying their trade, which is basically lending money for a set fee. (about $25 or less per $100) while it sounds terrible that they could charge ‘800%’, the reality is that they are not charging interest, they are charging a fee. can’t pay it back this week? pay the $25 again and you have another week, etc.  Personally, i don’t know how better the disclosure could be … it’s pretty clear-cut and easy to understand.  the single sheet of paper lenders give you also spells out ‘payment plans’ that help you pay off the debt without any additional fees.  If Obama wants to go after someone for ‘disclosure’, he should first attack himself, and then the bank and credit system.  banks routinely fool customers into adding ‘insurance’ and ‘credit reporting’, threaten the consumer when the consumer has transferred too much money from their own savings to checking (because of a federal law), and it is ridiculous to charge $35 for overdrawing by $1, and then another $35 because you’re now over by $36, etc. 

    this information originally came from the Official Obama transition website:
    but was mysteriously pulled from public view on 11/09/08. 
    You can still view it on google archive:

    The archived version of the site has now been purged! I am looking for an alternate backup of the site …
    try this:


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