Posted by: inforodeo | November 13, 2008

Obama’s National Police

Last July in a speech in CO, President-elect Barack OBAMA stated that he would create ” ……………..a Civilian National Security Force ………” just as powerful, and as strong and as well funded as our own military
This reminded me immediately of the neighborhood snitch groups like the Castrist Committees for the Defense of the Revolution created in Cuba by Commander FIDEL, the Chavez’ Bolivarian Brigades, created in Venezuela by Commander Chavez, just to cite the most well known examples of militia-type organizations created by COMMUNIST dictatorships in Latinoamerica.
Are we going that direction too ?
God SAVE America !!
[source; ]

i was a little shocked by his ‘original’ idea (gotta remember, as a friend of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Rashid Khalidi, Obama probably doesn’t believe the Holocaust ever really happened, either) too, as it sounded a lot like … well, the Nazi party (pre-takeover).  Further, i’m wondering how he intends to create this civil army, since he and his Congress are planning on outlawing military rifles for civilians.


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