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I can’t blame this on a particular political party right now, but I think the so-called “Safe Haven” or “Baby Moses” laws, while on the surface seem to be a good thing (in supposedly lowering abortion and neglect rates), are actually a bad thing, encouraging parents to ‘give up’ on raising their kids.

First of all, I’m not really sure how it discourages abortion, because (as far as i’m aware) women who commit abortion are those who don’t want to be pregnant or mothers. If a ‘safe haven’ law was a fix for abortion, we’d see two things: a drop in the abortion rate in areas that had such a law, and a high rate of adoptions in areas that don’t have such a law. We have neither.

As far as neglecting or killing children, such cases are (fortunately) low, and most instances of a parent killing children are not related to ‘not being able to care for them anymore’ as much as from mental illness or revenge against the other parent (which is premeditated evil, and not worthy of the protection designated under the ‘illness’ definitions).

What we are seeing … especially in Nebraska, where the ‘Safe Haven’ law was written to cover all children under the age of 18 … is an abuse of the law. Parents from around the country are flocking to Nebraska to dump off their kids. 

This does not support the abortion argument at all.  It does, however, point to a further collapse of society by way of attack on the family:  Parents have “evolved” from neglecting their children to friends, video games, day care and drugs, and are now throwing them away. 

Look at the case of the 17-year old girl who ran off when she realized her mother was taking her to a Nebraska hospital to drop her off under the states “Safe Haven Law”.  The mother also dropped off her 14 year old son. 

I hope you have no pity for these parents.  These aren’t teenage moms dropping off their babies because they can’t find an orphanage.  These aren’t elderly grandparents dropping off a severely disabled teenager.  These are worldly, selfish parents who probably would have chosen abortion if they could do it all over again, abusing their children in the WORST way possible:  showing them they are considered worthless.

Just knowing that a 17 year old girl ran away when she saw what was about to happen really hurts me.  The girl was obviously ‘normal’ because she knew what was going to happen, and the mother was obviously being sneaky about the whole thing because the kids didn’t know until she pulled up to the hospital.  What could have happened if the mother spent as much time planning and scheming on ways to surprise her children with love rather than abandonment?

I feel an aching in my soul when i think of what fate awaits the ‘parents’ who were successful in abandoning their kids.  Is God going to say “I don’t know you … you’re too unruly” and kick them out of his kingdom to be left in some sort of hospital of outer darkness?

SAFE HAVEN LAWS ARE NO SOLUTION, and are a symptom of the greater problem in our society – ‘well meaning’ people who lean unto their own understanding (not seeking wisdom from God) and create laws forcing everyone else to comply with their personal concept of ‘what is right’, with no regard for the consequences.  This is the kind of thing that happens when we give up on the unit of ‘family’ and start trying to invent our own social units, and when those fail, we put the burden on government – the very entity that should NOT have that kind of power or influence that reaches so far into our lives.

The (Nebraska) Department of Health and Human Services found (in a study of 30 of the 34 latest safe haven cases):
* 27 children had received mental health treatment
* 28 came from a single parent home
* 22 had a parent with a history of prior incarceration
* 20 of the 30 children are White, 8 are Black, 2 are Other.

The state also has 6,600 children in state custody, a per-capita figure ranking as one of the highest in the country (according to the report)

Aunt Drops Off 15 Year Old Under safe haven law – law intended for infants, first time a teenager abandoned under the law.
14 Year Old girl from Iowa Abandoned In Nebraska – the first time a parent from out of state abused the nebraska law.
Father Abandons Nine Children Under Nebraska Safe Haven Law – wife died 17 months ago
Girl Runs During Safe Haven Attempt – 17 year old girl bolts after realising why her mother pulled up to a hospital. her 14-year old brother now in state custody.
Nebraska Rushes To Change Safe haven law, Fears “Rush” As Parents Try To Abandon kids before law passes
Safe haven law on Wikipedia – a general overview
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