Posted by: inforodeo | November 19, 2008

Terrorism and Politics

It is a weird time to be alive.

Yesterday, in my US History class at the college, my professor posed the question: “The founding fathers (of America) would get into fights and the British troops would bail them out. the British lowered taxes to stop people like John Hancock from smuggling cheap sugar from the French, and the future ‘patriots’ rebelled. they stole private property (tea) and threw it into the harbor.  they spread propaganda about town against (some guy, forgot his name), a prominent business owner, and then tore down his brick building.  Doesn’t that make them terrorists?”

He’d made the point before (trying to push the PC/secular view that, on the surface is true:  we use the term ‘terrorist’ to describe anyone who uses terror to get their point across) … and frequently calls our own soldiers fighting in Iraq ‘terrorists who kill women and children’.  Yesterday, he went as far as to say “maybe the people we call terrorists are the new founding fathers?”

His class is usually pretty interesting, and he makes a lot of interesting points … and i suspect he personally doesn’t believe the sick people who killed so many of our countrymen on the 11th of September, 2001 are really the ‘new founding fathers’, but i do feel that he really believes our soldiers are ‘terrorists’, and that he is against the war(s).  That makes it difficult for me to sit through his class.

When he asked how we could decide one were terrorists and not the other, i said that the outcome of our founding father’s rebellion was good (it set up a foundation for liberties that increased over time, and less people were killed in their rebellion), while the aim of other terrorists was ‘bad’.  He argued that good/bad were subjective … and i suppose to some, that would be correct … and i responded with the question: “so, since that time has Britain become more like the United States, or has the United States become more like Britain?” 

From a secular point of view, I am a brainwashed idiot.  rather than float aimlessly, ‘tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine’, i do have some solid beliefs.  i believe Columbus was inspired by God to go on his little search (whether or not he later killed a bunch of natives. remember the biblical king who was good, but later sinned and was cursed?). I believe our founding fathers were inspired by God.  I believe the people whose writings became the Constitution of the United States were heavily inspired by God.  I believe this land is a ‘choice land, above all other nations’, and so long as we obey god, we will never risk destruction or the loss of our liberty.   
Thus, i have a motivation other than a love of fighting and rolling around in complexity that motivates my personal political beliefs.

but yeah, most of this nation is disobedient to God. 

After some of my remarks, another student at the end of the row i was sitting in remarked back … turning to me, and not to the professor … with a ‘know it all’ subversive tone … with his swollen malcolm X/Boondocks eyes … and said that the only way for people to change government is to protest and riot and often resort to violence.  he brought up how the ‘Bush administration’ was a ‘tyranny’ and all this other leftist babble …

My tone raised quite a bit …
and i related my personal observations of the Seattle WTO riots … screaming idiots throwing bricks through coffeehouse windows, lighting trash cans on fire, disobeying police …
and i told how i believe people get fired up over some little things and some weird slants on stuff — like the ‘wiretapping’ (which STILL required a warrant) … so they elect a new regime and the new one has even scarier motives and acts (in this case, repealing the Tiahrt amendment … which means that instead of law enforcement having to have a warrant to see who owns what gun, any member of the general public can see the names and addresses of gun owners, no warrant required … effectively setting up a thing like the ‘sex offender registry’, but based on the assumption that anyone with a gun is going to eventually commit a crime).

anyway …

today on CNN, they talked about how some terrorist sent a message to Obama (and no, not Bill Ayers – who my History professor said ‘had the right idea’ – or Rashid Khalidi or that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad goon) who was poking fun at Obama for ‘having a Muslim father, but claiming to be a Christian while acting like a Jew” or something to that effect.  (the Jew thing was in relation to some photo of Obama wearing a jewish skullcap, likely as part of a tourist experience, like when he dressed like a muslim for a photo). 
In the United States, in our modern ‘oh-we’re-so-smart’ culture, most of us are probably thinking “uh … so what?  what does it matter what religion he is?”  … and as much as we’d like to pretend we’d think that because we have so much religious freedom, the real reason most would think that is most people here don’t believe in any religion.  I’m serious when i say that. sure, a lot of people profess to belong to this church or that church, but on monday, where’s the lifestyle to back it up?  most only pretend or profess to believe. 
So haring some foreign guy go on and on about Obama being kinda sketchy in the religion department seems like a childish argument, as weird as if they were pointing out his race or something. 

The argument about religion does have some serious significance, however.  As is better known in most of the rest of the world, a religion is a lifestyle, a particular set of values, and a deciding factor in the decisions an individual will make.  This is why the Jeremiah Wright affiliation was so incredibly significant.  More significantly however, in playing around with the images of three of the major world religions  making alliances and promises with conflicting parties (Israel and Palestine, for example), Obama is treading on very dangerous territory, putting our country at risk. 

Yeah. i said it.  HE IS PUTTING OUR COUNTRY AT RISK.  You, me, our kids, our neighbors, our grandmas … terrorists make no distinction between the president, the nation, and the citizens.  if Obama offends, America offends.  Obama has already offended thousands … perhaps millions. 


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