Posted by: inforodeo | November 20, 2008

Liberal Education

it kind of bothers me that i have to listen to these leftist lectures and then be graded on my attentiveness to their poison in order to get my ‘degree’. 

today … same class is i mentioned the other day … i had to listen to more on how ‘everything you learned about the founding fathers was untrue’.  today asked us “if they were so into equality, who became equal under the new government?  blacks? the poor? natives? women? the English?”

it’s frustrating, because on the surface … on paper … in ways measurable to the small mindedness of mankind, he’s right. 

in the ways we can’t talk about in school (faith, religion, morality, ‘gut instinct’), he’s wrong.  there is a DEFINITE difference between the actions of the founding fathers and the action of radical Islamic terrorists on 9/11.  the founding fathers wanted to chase some people out of their land, and govern themselves. the terrorists made the long trip into our country to hurt us.  the colonists killed few British.  the terrorists killed thousands.  the colonists …. regardless of their history or ‘real motives’ set up a near-perfect government (which relied on faith and ‘good’).  The terrorists indiscriminately kill men, women and children out of HATRED. 

anyway, after enduring nearly 90 minutes of this, he got into a fight with an Iraq Vet who is in the class over whether or not ‘we should be there’.  the prof’s view is that ‘worldwide polls show we shouldn’t be’ and that ‘the Iraqis all hate us
‘ and ‘why have they sought refuge elsewhere?’
the guy who HAS ACTUALLY BEEN THERE said he never witnessed the masses of America haters … instead he met people who were thankful we’d overthrown Hussein and were glad we were setting up a democracy.  This view … the view of this soldier … is in line with ALL i’ve heard from other soldiers, from Iraqi refugees and from less edited footage. 

nevertheless, guy who read some books and watched TV and listened to the voice of all the people across the world who’d read books and watched the TV version of the events made it pretty clear that his view trumped the view of the guy who’d been there. 

maybe it wouldn’t have bothered me if we weren’t in a room with 40 or so children of voting age. 


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