Posted by: inforodeo | December 15, 2008

Woman carries gun around PA community. Is she crazy?

Doesn’t sound crazy at all, so i guess i’m one of the few who is more irritated at all the attention.

I remember the first time i was in a public area with children and saw some regular guy with a pistol on his hip strutting around.  it was about 2 years ago, and i was on the greenbelt near my home.  some redneck climbed out of his elevated truck, got his 4 year old and started walking as if nothing were strange about the giant gun strapped to his leg …

Having converted over to the ‘gun toting’ mentality, i would now be less alarmed, as my own concealed gun provides me a sense of security and confidence.  not the kind of ‘confidence’ you get at 2am as you stagger out of the local bar, but a true sense of … peace.  i no longer worry as much about who may or may not be ready to ‘get me’. 

Don’t get me wrong … i’m not ‘paranoid’.  growing up in a rural area, i have had bottles thrown at my head by passing trucks, was chased out of a convenience store by a couple of cowboy thugs with a shotgun (who then sped up and down the nearby streets looking for us as we hid in the cemetery), around the same time some drunken cowboys shot my friend as he was at a stop sign. the bullet lodged in his headrest, and he was never the same after that. i’ve had guns pulled on me by smart-*ss jocks (in that particular instance, i was able to call the police, but by the time they showed up, i’d beat the crap out of one of the assailants, and he was spitting up blood. it’s amazing what fear can help you accomplish).  Living in the ‘big city’ on the east and west coasts, i’ve been chased and harassed numerous times … pulled over once by some puerto rican gang-bangers flashing their headlights at my friends and i, shot in the head with a paint ball gun as i was leaving a performance, followed by a knife-wielding crazed black guy who was mumbling about cutting up my wife, surrounded by a gang when i was ‘in the wrong part of town’, only to be saved by one of their members i happened to know from work, and nearly mugged once (i dragged the conversation out into the light and where other people could see us). 

The fact that i escaped unscathed is probably a fair argument for “see! you don’t need a gun!”, but if you are understanding for the former near-rape victim who won’t leave her house, or the airplane survivor who won’t fly on planes anymore, it’s only fair to be sympathetic for my sense of peace now that i have a firearm on me. 

I’m not crazy.  I’ve passed all the requirements to own the types of weapons i own, and to carry those weapons ‘concealed’.  While i do enjoy reading gun magazines now and those blogs of gun owners who are far more consumed by the hobby than myself, the fact that i have firearms is secondary (actually further down the ladder) to a lot of other things i do in my spare time.  Even so, by living a law-abiding life, it is my right to own and carry guns. 

Likewise, it’s Melanie Hain’s right too. 

As i’ve mentioned before, the mortal architects of this great nation were worried about the federal government having too much power.  The United States was just that … a group of individual States who wanted to have a few uniform rules that allowed easy commerce across their borders.  Allowing the citizens to own firearms (among other rights) was one way of preventing the infringement of the people and their states by the rulers of the federal government. 
(This is one of the reasons that the feds assimilating the state’s ‘national guard’ and reserves freaks me out, especially with the looming ‘national police force’ coming up, alongside myth-driven gun ban/restriction laws). 

those things stated, Hain really should have been going for the ‘concealed’ option.  as some of the people interviewed said, seeing a gun strapped to your side worries people … they don’t know your intentions.  as far as crime prevention goes, you may be singled out because of the weapon, or a criminal intent on attacking you will be better prepared.  i got my CW permit so people wouldn’t look at me and think i was a dangerous crazy person.  i wanted security, not prominence. 


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