Posted by: inforodeo | December 29, 2008

Who Kennedy?

After this past election, with all the ridiculous crap tossed around about how ‘unqualified’ Sarah Palin was, i am aghast at the attention this Kennedy Chick is getting in her begging and bribing for office. she has NO experience! wait … her dad was a former (scandal-ridden) president, she’s been guest of honor at some Dem events (because of her genes, not because of anything significant she has ever accomplished), and she’s written a couple books on “civil liberties”. (BTW, for Christmas i got a good kid’s book on the U.S Constitution that was written by Mrs. Dick Cheney. if Kennedy’s “qualifications” are so significant, surely the wife of a VP who has attended more events and written several books on actual history – a subject that requires far more research than speculating and theorizing on the vague ‘civil liberties’ subject- is more qualified)…

maybe the fact that Neil Diamond wrote “sweet caroline” about her makes her a shoo-in.  or her terrible life, where she lived in luxurious mansions and had everything money could buy her entire life gives her an easy ‘in’ for a political office in one of the country’s most caste-d states. 

i could go on at length about the corrupt kennedy family (lobotomies to starlets, drunk-driving murders to bribery), but kennedy chick’s political stances are damning enough:

– supports same-sex marriage
– is pro-abortion
– is a ‘strong supporter of gun control’ (foolish, as gun-control has been repetedly proven to increase crime)
– supports reinstating the Federal Assault Weapons Ban (which bans guns based on their appearance rather than any sort of statistical proof of their being a danger to society)
– supports the ‘bailout’ of american automakers (as mentioned before, i think if the govt is going to bail out ANY businesses, it should bail out ALL businesses. if the auto companies were built on unsound business plans, or corporate greed has caused them to run aground, they should deal with it themselves!)
– opposed the iraq war ‘from the beginning’ (which doesn’t really matter much, since her views in the beginning are undocumented, largely because she DOESN’T MATTER)

anyway, sorry about her tragic life, yada yada yada … but just because her dad, grandpa, uncles and other relatives got political positions because of their monetary influence doesn’t mean money can still get inexperienced people elected!

(insert Obama’s resume here)


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