Posted by: inforodeo | January 6, 2009

Obama National Police Force

just a quickie here … i’ve got a lot of homework piling up …

there have been increasing reports of military being used around the country alongside local police.  reports of marines manning traffic stops in California, national guard in NYC on new year’s, etc.

alongside these, there have been news items popping up talking about Gates (Sec of Defense) going ahead with a merging of the national guards (state military) with the army (federal military). some sources further quote it will be by the end of the year.

previously i’ve touched on this, and also on the ‘Obama’s National Police Force” (which you can see below):

On July 2 (2008), Obama said
“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

i hadn’t seen this until someone brought it to my attention on its a couple Obama supporters (“Black panthers) in military outfits, holding weapons & scaring people away from a polling place during the recent election.

alongside the threat of repealing the Tiahrt Amendment, and the upcoming new federal gun ban, i’m seeing some real issues here!

Obama supporters have been playing this all down since before the election (remember the “Obama is not going to take your guns!” dismissals and the “how dare you compare Obamessiah to Hitler!” attacks?) … but now, just a few days before America officially begins to crumble these stories are coming out.

it’s a clever strategy:
1. convince citizens that all guns are bad, but some guns are worse
2. suppress data indicating gun control actually permits the increase of violent crime (rape, murder, robbery)
3. convince people the current administration and the things it represents (conservativism, republicans, religious right, etc) are ‘the bad guys’
4. withdraw from the traditional campaign funding process so you won’t have to be limited to equal amounts of campaign funds as your opponent
5. use you hundreds of millions of dollars to mount a ‘shock and awe’ media attack … keep the stories coming so fast and heavy that when one is disproven and retracted, the public has already been distracted by a new one.
6. allow ‘grassroots’ and ‘non affiliated’ monsters to run wild, blocking polling places, threatening ‘race wars’, registering fake voters, preaching racial and national hatred
7. promise ‘hope’ and ‘change’ from the ‘bad guys’ you built (the reputation of)
8. blame ‘big corporations’ for all the nations woes
9. rally support behind unfair tax hikes (against those bad guys, ‘big business’) and socialist (anti-american) ‘spreading the wealth around’ promises
10. talk the public into thinking that giving more money to certain ‘big businesses’ (your friends) will help the economy.
11. plan a ‘national police force’
12. get rid of the state’s protection (national guard)
13. economy starts to fail (because of bailouts, ‘spreading the wealth around’ and over-taxation of ALL businesses, causing jobs to go overseas or cease altogether)
14. federal military aids local police
15. pass laws to outlaw most types of firearms, firearm transactions (buying, selling, parts, ammunition)
16. between national police and national military, who needs local police?
17. compile (access) a list of law-abiding citizens with firearms
18. pass laws to outlaw firearm ownership (possession)
19. get the guns …
20. federal military/police in complete control. citizens disarmed (except criminals, and law abiding citizens will turn ’em in), states disarmed …
21. people desperate for jobs (or cash), so provide federal work projects (like the old WPA), building national monuments, roads, bridges … (just wondering if we’ll also use the eagle, or if we’ll go with a new emblem)
22. having the government provide some of the necessities of life makes it difficult to be completely against them, so a lot of people start to go along with whatever the gov’t says …

i think you get the picture. 

shocking thing … we are already at #14, with the law for #15 already ‘on the floor’. 

are you scared yet?

it will soon be illegal to blog, txt, or email any sort of ‘warning’ to people.  already, if you blog excessively about ‘constitutional rights’, you can be thrown into jail without a trial. 
during the election, the Obama campaign sent threatening letters to broadcasters who were going to play NRA ads raising awareness of Obama/Biden’s anti-2nd amendment stance. (which we know now was correct). 

“A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined,but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them,which would include their own government.” –George Washington


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