Posted by: inforodeo | January 15, 2009

Indoctrination of Little Children

I listened to a disgusting soundbyte on NPR this morning on my way to History class.

“Dear Mr. Obama,
My name is Christopher Tinajero. I live in a brick house. All my family needs is food. Whenever I get home and I’m hungry I cannot find anything. We can’t go anywhere because we always have no gas to drive. My mama voted for you, Obama, because we are a big fan. When you won we went crazy. I would want you to take away guns so our people don’t have to die.

Christopher Garcia Tinajero”

When i heard “we can’t go anywhere because we have no gas to drive” and “I would want you to take away guns so our people don’t have to die”, i got a little grouchy, knowing full well there was some liberal mom hovering over the kid’s shoulder when he wrote it.  How dare you lie to a child and tell them that taking away guns will keep people from dying?  I guess … when you have a lying leader to look ‘up’ to, the morality of it is probably lost a little easier, so i should give them a break.

Some of the otyher letters were better … of course those were the bits they did not share on NPR’s morning edition (instead only posting it on their website, to give the impression of unbiased reporting, knowing that the majority of their followers listen to the show, rather than reading it online)… the kid asking how Obama feels about the 2nd Amendment being my personal favorite.

It’s hard not to be irritated.  A very dear friend wrote me the other day to tell me her son is on his way to D.C. to “witness the historic election”.  I tried to be nice, but the best i could do is congratulate him on getting to see ‘an election’.

I know it’s wrong of me to play it down … but i’m torn here: do i recognize the “historical significance of the first (half)black man to___”, or do i adhere to my philosophy that ‘race’ will only cease to be an ‘issue’ when we quit celebrating and condemning based on it? Do i celebrate the victory of “minorities” (meaning people who aren’t white, somehow lumped in with those who are militant about their sexual perversions), or the tragic loss of everyone’s freedoms?
The way i see it, we’re all in the same boat … but some people who still wanted to linger below deck long after they were invited upstairs have mutineed, and put their tallest buddy in the captain’s chair.  Even as we enter into more treacherous waters … those filled with various icebergs (stamped ‘economy’, ‘israel’, ‘education’, ‘terrorism’, ‘oil’, etc) … the partying is echoing long into the night, and when everyone wakes up … be it the next morning with a severe hangover or later in the night as a loud ‘thud’ signals the fatal blow to our ship … they will see this new ‘captain’ talks up a good storm, but really has no salt in him …

Anyway, it’s fine for adults to be delusional, but where do we draw the line?  like ‘sex ed’, i think politics is really something we don’t need to drill into our kids’ heads.  as much as i think the whole new government are a bunch of dirty, rotten, lying, opportunistic, communist wannabes, i’m only going to teach my kids the basics about government … the flag, the constitution, the bill of rights, the good stories about all the presidents, the revolutionary war, etc.  I want my children to love this country.  if they choose to write a cute letter to obama, i want it to be innocent of political rhetoric and indoctrination.  My parents let me write letters to the presidents of the time, even when those leaders of our country were probably not their top picks … and i was never infused with partisan dogma or unrealistic expectations of ‘power’. (i.e. i never once thought the president could magically change the price of gas, give my 3rd grade class all laptops, or have any right or power to take away our guns).

Children are children … let them learn the things they need to learn before they are thrown into our world.

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