Posted by: inforodeo | January 15, 2009

Today’s Idiots: PETA and David Engle

I sure hope this angers my Buddhist friends who like to be liberal commie jerks when it comes to me carrying on about Athiests who force crosses and menorahs to be removed. 
At the same time, though, this guy is a freaking idiot.  “do unto others”, sir, is not about revenge. 

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Zoo has received a complaint about Buddha statues in an Asian-themed area.
David Engle, of Overland Park, Kan., complained after visiting the zoo on Sunday. He said it’s “phenomenal to me” that the zoo would put up two smiling statues of Buddha when “we can’t have a cross or a nativity scene on public property.”
Engle, who said he is Christian, called the statues idolatry and “infuriating to God.”
Buddha is the name ascribed to Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism.
Randy Wisthoff, zoo director since 2003, said he has never heard complaints about the statues before.
He said they were bought a few years ago, along with concrete pagodas and a terra cotta warrior, to provide an Asian theme for the zoo’s Tiger Trail, which was reopened in 2004.
The Tiger Trail, formerly known as the Great Cat Walk, features red pandas, a variety of birds and binturong and a pair of Sumatran tigers.
He plans to discuss the complaint with the zoo’s board.

Also a Christian, i enjoy chilling out in the local cultural museum’s “Japanese garden”, which also (gasp!) features images of Buddha.  I buy Jewish stuff around Easter, I didn’t pester my Muslim friend about fasting at Ramadan, and I’ve yet to start s creaming and name-dropping lawyer names at school, where we are forced to explain ancient history with “B.C.E.”(Before Common Era) instead of the traditional (and Christian) “B.C.” (Before Christ). 
I guess my point is that the RIGHT thing to do … the thing the architects of our nation intended when they said Congress can’t impose an official ‘state religion’ on us, is that all people should be permitted to worship how they want, and we should consider it a blessing … a reaffirmation of the liberties we enjoy … to see such a variety of religious symbol and worship in our land.  Many other countries are not permitted that option (and through liberal/’progressive’/socialist/athiest politics, we soon will not either!).  Dave Engle needs to chill out.  If he doesn’t want to worship a ‘false god’, tell him not to burn incense in front of them or whatever. 
I’m gonna file this one under ‘atheism’, because he’s using their dirty trick.

I still can’t believe i used to side with these lunatics!  Doing weird things like this really makes them look like a pack of crazies to most people, and i’m sure that kind of image is truly damaging to their organization. 

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — The animal-rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is asking Palm Beach Atlantic University to change the name of its athletic mascot.

In a letter sent Wednesday to PBAU President Dr. David Clark, PETA urged the school to change its mascot from the Sailfish to Sea Kitten “to reflect the gentle nature of its current marine namesake.”

The suggested name change is meant to promote empathy for fish and other marine animals, PETA said in a news release.

“If Sailfish became Sea Kitten and everyone in town started calling fish sea kittens, fewer of these gentle animals would be violently killed for food, painfully hooked for sport or cruelly confined to aquariums,” said PETA’s “Save the Sea Kittens” campaign coordinator Ashley Byrne. “Colleges strive for achievements in academics and sports, so why not add compassion to the list?”

A PBAU spokeswoman said the school would not comment about such a “ridiculous” request.

I have pets, and i spoil them and love them almost as much as i do my own children (the kids win, though, because they watch cartoons and are brainwashed into wanting more things than the critters are).  I hunt, and i don’t like to kill.  I eat meat, and i give thanks. 
But re-naming “Sailfish” to “Sea Kitten”?  WHAT? If this were the Bush Administration instead of PETA, people would be lining up to point out the “great steps science is taking backward” in calling a fish a feline, blah blah blah.

You know what?  If PETA wants us to treat animals like people, do you think they’d appreciate people behaving like animals on their front lawn?  I think it would be grand if the good folks of Norfolk, VA stopped by and ‘did their business’ on the front lawn of PETA Headquarters.

Really, though, it wouldn’t change anything, and it wouldn’t put an end to the whole “animals are more important than people” mindset. it’s a shame, really. 

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