Posted by: inforodeo | January 20, 2009

Grass-Roots Private Thugs

The Supreme Court is ruling against the 4th Amendment (right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure). I think it’s a set-up to prepare for them shooting down the second amendment, repealing the Tiahrt amendment, and seizing our guns.

I’ve been offline a few days, and i’m sure there is other terrible news, but it’s late and i need to get some sleep.

The thought occurred to me over the weekend … that the progressives/liberals/democrats/socialists had a huge upper hand in the recent election, largely due to unprecedented “grassroots’ support. their idealogy was so appealing that people were flinging money and man-hours at them left and right (or ‘left and left-er). This manipulation of the people brought in more than six times the cash the opposing party received from the traditional source, blah blah blah. As shown recently, some even volunteered to stand outside polling places in military uniforms, weilding sticks, and intimidate the demographic that was allegedly less supportive of their man.

So if the general population can be brain-washed into supporting the PLSD party that way, couldn’t they also be manipulated into serving as the fists of violence, oppression, censorship, intimidation, etc? During the election we saw hints of their evildoing … the Seattle Stranger publishing photos and addresses of rival supporters in the area (families with pro-republican signs), providing easy targets for vandalism and other harassment (which happened routinely to republicans in the area during the 2004 elections). In Idaho, democrats “accidentally” published the name, home address and social security number of a rival politician in a widespread ad.
as twisted as this stuff is … ‘grassroots’ groups are a boon for those they support. These groups tend to spread their message and support virally, the support is more emotional and more polarized (it ‘gets under people’s skin’), and if these ‘unofficial’ groups go too far, the politician and ‘official’ group can easily distance themselves (as we saw Obama do numerous times, distancing himself from his terrorist friends, from Jeremiah Wright, etc).

I’ve been offline for the past few days because our phone and internet service was deliberately cut. I can’t suggest who did it, because really, i don’t know. A couple days after our phone and internet service were sabotaged, someone did a ‘drive-by paint-balling’ and hit my wife’s truck. Had they done that and hit my pregnant wife, our son or baby daughter, my first reactionary projectile may not have been paint.

Anyway, we’ve involved the local law enforcement, and both incidents have been documented through them and in private …

But i still have to wonder what purpose someone has in tampering with our life.

For fun: try this site out (SodaHead)


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