Posted by: inforodeo | January 22, 2009

Lesbian Gym Membership

Its funny how when people decide to deviate from normalcy, they raise a big stink when they hit a brick wall. 
It’s kind of like those people who ski in closed areas and then lose their life in an avalanche, or those who let their kids run loose on someone else’s private property & the kids get hurt, they sue the owner … or a small-time criminal who one day finds himself in jail. It’s all about  “accountability”,  it’s not exclusively a religious value.

People who choose a “gay lifestyle” aren’t “bad”, so we shouldn’t demonize them.  I don’t believe homosexuality is something we’re ‘born with’ any more than we’re born an alcoholic, a thief, or a politician. There may be some predisposition, but if we’re to believe evolutionists, it makes no sense that an abnormal gene that causes non-propagating behavior could exist in such high numbers.  Of my friends and past acquaintances who considered themselves ‘gay’, I don’t know of a single one who fits that ‘scientific mould’.  All those I knew made a choice at some point … out of desperation, out of experimentation, out of rebellion, out of loneliness … and found a fun ‘club’ that gave them parades, catchy stickers, a new stereotype to live up to, etc.  maybe there are some exceptions … but I haven’t met any.

Here’s my solution for people who want to be gay AND have all the benefits of the club (heterosexuality, religion, ‘breeders’) that they’re so against:  You don’t need the benefit of ‘civil marriage’ to get your little discounts & everything.  Insurance? Go to the ‘gaysurance’ website. They’ll hook you up.  Religious wedding? How about make a new religion that doesn’t use a Bible so you won’t have to worry about God calling your behavior an ‘abomination’. Gym membership?  Personally, I think the rates at Nampa’s Rec Center are way too high for what you get. You’d do better paying a similar amount at any of the other numerous gyms in the area. (The video indicates you’ve joined the local YMCA – funny, to all you ‘anti-religion’ bloggers, that a *Christian* association took in the “sinners”).

Here’s a better, more American (entrepreneurial, capitalist) way to solve your problem: Open an exclusively gay gym! If you’re really all about equality, you can make yours open to *any* kind of family, but we will forgive you if you don’t.

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