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I’m surprised i hadn’t written anything on this a few days ago when he first announced he’s shutting down “gitmo” and other “CIA prisons”.  It had been well known (or so i thought) that many of those ‘detainees’ are terrorists, just like many of those people on death row in the U.S. are murderes. 

Anyway, in response, the pentagon released some numbers indicating many former detainees had returned to terrorist activities following their release.  Unfortunately, however, due to security considerations, the pentagon can’t provide a whole lot of information on their sources.  A reasonable person can understand this, the Liberal Socialist Democrats will likely have some conspiriacy deal against this (“WHY can’t THEY release the information?!”), as they usually do.

Never fear, though!  as CNN mentions in their article:

“CNN has learned that some former Guantanamo detainees have returned to the fight.

An al Qaeda video viewed by CNN’s Nic Robertson 1 showed militants labeled with their former prisoner numbers. Saeed Shihri, Prisoner No. 372, is believed to have been responsible for an attack on the U.S. embassy in Yemen that killed nearly a dozen people in September, barely a year after he was released from Guantanamo.

A U.S. counter-terrorism expert said Shihri is one of al Qaeda’s top leaders in Yemen.

Others have included Abdullah Mahsud, who blew himself up to avoid capture by Pakistani forces in July 2007, and Ruslan Anatolivich Odizhev, who was transferred to Russia in March 2004 and killed in a June 2007 gunbattle with Russian security forces.”  2

So if something is so obvious, and Americans are in danger, why is Obama strolling along, making dumb decisions? Is it his inexperience and ignorance?  Is it his blind quest to always satisfy the loudest voices?  Is it really the terrorist sympathy he’s been accused of because of numerous past associations? 

While i strongly doubt the latter, i’m still left wondering … why is he so freaking foolish?  Does he not realise that the average American citizen doesn’t have a 24-hour a day armed personal security force to protect them from the bad guys?  He makes these spontaneous changes and we are in danger. 

Maybe setting terrorists loose helps scare the American people into agreeing that we need a National Police Force, that we should make guns harder to come by, that our military needs to point their weapons inward instead of outward.  I know Bush was accused of a lot of ugly things, but this new guy is the one building a nation on anger, hate, ignorance, confusion and fear.  It was his party (supporters) that rioted and screamed and committed arson and dispensed lies on paper, on websites, in film and on television.  They are the oneswho fought bloody when some churches were having their rights infringed, not the churches.  They are the ones who fabricated and promoted this idea that “9/11 was an inside job”. They are the ones who blame Wal*Mart for Columbine, or claim that our great nation stinks. 

1 Embedded video from CNN Video


additional: 01/23/2009 (“Permalink”)


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