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I should be working on my “poverty” essay right now, but the following was too important to pass up:

“DEAR ABBY: In this day and age, especially with jobs so scarce, a lot of young couples are finding that by becoming legally married they disqualify themselves from things like prenatal care, health care for their children and government assistance programs. To survive, many couples now opt to have the ceremony without the paperwork.

Another idea gaining in popularity is that unless everyone in this country has equal rights for marriage, no one should be getting married. Several couples I know have married without the paperwork because they regard the alternative the same as sitting at a segregated lunch counter.

Many people think that there is a blatant disregard for separation of church and state and that “legal” marriages are not at all legal, but an example of government recognizing those with faith while disregarding those who have a different point of view on what family is. — the Rev. M.N.R. in New York”

source: Kansas City Star: “Dear Abby”, 02/19/2009


First of all, because it is a LIE.  Having lived in metro areas on both coasts and some rural places in between, I am fortunate to have a knowledge that the idea that two people “have to” get pretend-married to “survive” is FALSE.  It is true that in liberal, selfish & ungodly areas of our country, the lifestyles that exist can make it necessary to have two incomes to buy a new house or condo, but that is not because “life is so hard”… it is because the culture in those areas has leaned to, then focused on, and now requires a life without children, where both adults work, in order to enjoy the lavish lifestyles &”keep up with the joneses”.

The thing the “suckers” in these places don’t seem to understand is that you don’t need a new car. you don’t need a new iMac, iPod, iPhone. you don’t need to wear the latest styles, furnish your house with objects you buy on your Target card, or buy all the David Sedaris and Noam Chomsky books you can get your hands on.  You don’t need to buy tickets to Gay Bingo or four boxes of Thin Mints from the Girl Scouts in order to be a “good person”. Buying a $5 Coffee from the ‘local’ coffee house is no different than buying a $4 coffee from the corporate giant, or brewing your own $0.50 coffee … they all destroyed the environment being shipped to you in Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, or Boston, Mass – what? you can’t tell me you thought coffee grew locally! Maybe you don’t need coffee at all: it is, after all, bad for your health, just like cigarettes, cloves, weed, beer, vodka, schnapps, weight loss pills, energy drinks, etc …

I like where i live now.  Lots of religious folks who don’t vacation in Vegas, healthy old timers who slog through damp cow dung early in the morning to toss some hay or bring in the herds … they’re not wearing North Face jackets.  They’re not trudging through the cold morning stink in a pair of REI gore-tex boots, and they didn’t drive an expensive Hybrid to the nearest over-proced Whole Foods to buy imported apples that were grown the same as the local fruit, but which come in fancy manufactured recycled cardboard boxes with an expensive logo instead of an old re-used Wal-mart bag and a tin pail.

These dirty old farmers, retired school teachers, young, aimless kids whose idea of ‘unique’ is listening to grandpa’s Motorhead and Led Zepplin albums have it right. They haven’t been infected by the viral consumerism that eats up the money and souls of all the “independent” 30-somethings out there in the big city.  These old folks and their progeny aren’t chained and bound by the same credit cards and mortgages as the “free thinkers”. 

Perhaps most significantly, they aren’t spending their time trying to find new ways to “live off the system”.  When you’re upset about your tax dollars going to the wrong places, these are the communities that have amnesty … because they aren’t living off your dollar.  They are not the folks refusing to marry or breed or reside here or there or who have income coming in “under the table” so they can suck their take from the veins of America.  They don’t have ‘tax free savings’. 

No one “needs” to refuse to marry to survive. No one “needs” to lie about their income to survive. No one “needs” Obama’s stupid bailouts to survive.

What people need is a morals and ethics … a desire to work, and the ethic to follow through on that desire & stuck to it.  The desire to sacrifice when sacrifice is needed.  The intelligence to not be bought and sold by designer clothing, retailers, destructive fads, wasteful living. 

American laziness and un-accountability is what made abortion numbers rise … it’s what made the social programs that planted, fertilized and raised poverty (dependence on government). laziness and un-accountability is what brought Obama to power … no one liked the shrivled up old white guy who wanted to make us work hard like he worked hard!  they wanted the guy who promised to save them with little or no effort on their part … the guy who was going to get rid of all the bad guys and spread the wealth around …

the lazy are easily bought with lies.

prenatal programs are available to those who work for it, as is health care. government aid shouldn’t be available for anyone except severely crippled people with no family to take care of them.  everyone should be encouraged to work. 

these loopholes … this “married but not legally” stuff … is dishonest. it is lazy. it is unethical. it is a mockery. it is a surrogate for real commitment.

if two people have to lie and be lazy in order to escape hard work, how can they expect their “marriage” to remain intact through life?  i’m happily married, and it is the hardest, dirtiest work i’ve done in my life! Do these “couples” know that? if so, why go through the expensive lie in the first place?  your fornicating either way, you’re non-commital either way, you’re living a lie either way … why go through the motions to pretend to be something you don’t care for in the first place? [ditto to “gay marriage” supporters].

i was going to blame government social “welfare” programs for this …
and they certainly share a large part of the blame for their development of dependence and disintegration of “hard working” in our society …
but also to blame are all philosophies which attack God’s structure of the family, as well as the blame that we, as lazy, lying, blaming americans need to accept.


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