Posted by: inforodeo | February 26, 2009

obama administration officially announces GUN BAN

In an article filled with examples of why banning certain guns would be “good” (mexican authorities stressed out that drug smugglers have “high tech weapons”, for example), Obama Attorney General Eric Holder announced yesterday that the Obama Administration WILL seek to reinstate the unconstitutional Clinton gun ban that ended in 2004, though this time seeking to make the ban permanent.

As i’ve mentioned in the past, banning so called “assault rifles” does little to stop crime, mainly for the following reasons:

1) “assault weapons” are RARELY used in crimes.  Last year, for example, there were two incidents of gun crimes committed with those weapons: one was a guy who was not legally permitted to own ANY gun, and the other was a criminal who, during a drug raid, took the gun from one of the police officers. In past years, numerous years have had 0% use of these guns in crime, and in the handful that have, the guns have been used in LESS THAN 1% of violent crime in those years. 

2) These guns are mostly owned by law-abiding citizens with no prior criminal record and no medical history of mental problems.  banning them really only hurts the “good guys”.

3) The over-used but obvious and STILL TRUE fact that criminals will get anything that is outlawed, regardless of what that thing is.  It was true in the prohibition (liquor), is true now (illegal drugs, guns), and will be true in the future.  History has shown us again and again that when you disarm the good guys, the bad guys still make/buy/smuggle/steal their arms, and that makes it harder for the good guys to be safe. 

Areas of the country that experience high rates of violent crime (New York, Washington DC, California, Chicago, Louisiana) are in the spot they are in because of idiots like Holder and Obama and the vast plethora of ignorant Brady-washed self-righteous myopic do-gooders.  They may truly believe that their purpose is wise and just … but so do radical islamic suicide bombers, and we certainly don’t go along with their confused idealogies!  Sad to say it, but Obama and his hand-picked administration are a group of shared ignorance.  they’re ignorant about how the balance of gun ownership & crime REALLY is (and can be statistically proven to anyone who wants to hold a list of violent crime by geographic location next to a list of gun restrictions/bans by geographic location!). 

Guns aren’t the only thing.  This crowd of goons also share a vast ignorance of agriculture and rural communities.  They are ignorant and misled in their “knowledge” of welfare programs and how they “help” the poor (creating a dependence rather than motivating to independence!).  They want to flood the laziest and most spiteful parts of the country with more money that we don’t have, while ignoring the backbone of america (the hard workers: miners, farmers, low-paid factory workers, etc). 

As a lawyer, you’d think Obama would have a better grasp on the Constitution of the United States!  Unfortunately, he doesn’t … and that’s why the federal government is eliminating the state’s militaries (“militia”) and augmenting the bare-bones local police forces with federal soldiers.  This same ignorance is why Obama wants us to remember racial differences.  It’s how he can justify eliminating our 2nd ammendment rights.  It’s how, through strong-arming small broadcasters, he stomped all over first amendment rights during his campaign. 

Now to shift gears a little …

As happens in every economic depression, hate groups are again on the rise.

Most famously, it happened just after the Civil War, during the “reconstruction era”, with the creation of the KKK. 
Less famously, it happened prior to the Civil war, with groups attacking irish immigrants. 
During the great depression we saw an increase again in the racially-charged hate groups. 

Hate isn’t always about race.  Throughout our country’s history, we have seen violence and murder directed toward Blacks, Native Americans, Irish, Freemasons, Catholics, Mormons, Italians, Japanese, Germans, Jews, Chinese, and Muslims. 
To a lesser extent (isolated, small groups of drunken cowboys) we see it occassionally directed toward homosexuals.  Internationally, violence and homicide have been the result in various conflicts with people wearing the wrong style of clothing: a ‘goth” girl was brutally beaten to death in England a couple years back, and people wearing the wrong soccer jerseys have been slaughtered and mutilated. 

hate groups are, however, ALWAYS formed as a result of some hardship, and with a focal point of some ‘scapegoat’. 

we saw this in the recent election, with “Black panthers” and other militant blacks blocking voters from entering polling places, and sending threats of a “race war” if obama didn’t get elected.  This was a result of an insecurity of blacks, a continuation of the idea that all hardships suffered by blacks are the result of “whites”, and the misconception that no whites were going to vote for Obama, or that “the man” (white republicans) always has the vote rigged, and Obama was going to unjustly lose.

fortunately we saw justice … and we saw “the voice of the people” prove that there is no secret conspiracy to keep someone of some race out of the white house …

but now the other side of idiots are increasing in numbers.  according to a story in CNN today, hate groups are on the rise in a huge way, and they’re blaming Obama and the economy. 

not that i need to say it, because if you can read you probably already know this, but HATE GROUPS ARE NOT THE ANSWER, PEOPLE! 

first of all, it’s not Obama’s personal fault the economy is screwed up.  it’s his party’s fault that the mortgage companies were able to live on credit as long as they did, and certainly people like his aunt abuse “the system” and live off of government handouts, but Mr. Obama didn’t cause the economic problem.  Obama was partying with his friends and doing cocaine when the real economic bad guys were out there launching their diabolical plan.  If anything, he’s just a dumb puppet of a greater conspiracy (George Soros, Liberal-Socialist-Democrats, etc).  he might not be qualified to lead our country anywhere but down, but he’s not the bad guy. 
Really, i shouldn’t even have brought up the cocaine thing … since many of his haters use meth … the white-trash cousin of the stuff.

Even so … even though the democrats built this mess … it couldn’t have gotten as big as it did without the average american.  The economy/poverty is a direct result of OUR laziness and ‘GIMME GIMME” attitude.  Lazy people on welfare, teaching their kids to hate the government are to blame.  Uncle Tweaker in his trailer house cooking up meth and living on foodstamps is to blame.  Fat Auntie Slurpee collecting welfare checks and hanging out at the 7-11 is to blame. Hoochie Sister bleaching her hair and hanging out at the mall with her new credit card is to blame.  Beer-drinkin’ cousin Ricky not paying his bills this month is to blame.  Anyone who failed to vote in the last 8 presidential elections is to blame.  Anyone who is going to read one article on MSN or MoveOn or Fox or CNN or my blog or someone else’s blog and ‘call it good’ is to blame …. we are ALL undereducated slobs in one way or the other!  High-paid CEO drinking expensive wine and reading the 1111 text on his cellphone is as ignorant and at fault as the illiterate illegal alien down the road picking corn for 30 cents an hour. 

if you want to hate someone because of the economy, hate yourself.  then, instead of buying sheets and firewood, put some money in savings. quit drinking alcohol. store up some food. do some odd jobs. read as much as you can about something before you open your mouth or strike a match. 

I’m going off on yet another tangent … but there was a story on NPR awhile back that contrasted a minister who is trying to help people stop complaining with an interview with a guy who wrote a book on Kvetching (yiddish “complaining”).  I’d suggest anyone listen to the story … because i personally think a HUGE problem in our society is that we spend so much time complaining (which accomplishes NOTHING) and less time doing.  When you form clubs to support your complaining, and that complaining finds a target in a kind of person, you’ve laid the foundation for a hate group. Liberals who sat around hating Bush jr., Republicans, Big Business and organized religion were, in their own way, hate groups.  Their hate group elected a new leader … and that leader is damaging big business, organized religion and the rights of those they hate … he’s just doing it using quasi-legal means. 
I think, though, the kind of hate groups the story was focusing on, were those who cause property damage, harrassment, physical violence or murder … so to equate the obama administration and their huge following with a ‘hate group’ isn’t something that could be readily accepted by most people …
and as much as i dislike what they’re (the O.A.) doing,  i dislike the idiots in the higher-profile (“real”) hate groups even more.  Violence, vandalism, murder and anarchy are never the right way to bring about change.  Violence against a person or people based on an affiliation and not a true individual act is both ignorant and cowardly.

i’m losing my trian of thought …

sources: Holder announces Obama WILL be taking our guns. hate groups on the rise Reverend hopes Bracelets Will Help Complainers Quit / Michael Wex “Born To Kvetch”


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