Posted by: inforodeo | March 25, 2009

More Lies About “Racial Inequality”

According to CNN, a new “Report Sees ‘Sobering Statistics’ On Racial Inequality”.

This new report notes that “social and economic gaps still exist between blacks and whites in America”.  This essentially means that, when taken as a whole, whites hang out on one side of the room and blacks hang out on the other, and whites make more money.  It does NOT reveal any new data that indicates rampant racism in our culture, it does NOT indicate that all whites are rich, that all blacks are poor, or that one or the other group makes more or less that of the other at the same job.

Why, then, is this news?

Different races – different cultures – frequently congregate together. “Birds of a Feather Flock Together”, as we’ve all heard.  It is not any more abnormal for whites to hang out together at the mall than it is for asians to go to dim sum or blacks to play basketball. Yeah, stereotypes (i’m white and i wouldn’t be caught dead in a mall, but i love dim sum), but i’m making a point here.  It is commonly accepted that different groups of people hang out with each other.  Though it is more common (due to an imbalanced drive for “political correctness”) for these groups to “reach out” to one another (as if one were on higher ground than the other?), underneath all that PC talk and ‘social awareness’ and ‘diversity’, most people generally feel a little awkward.  If that weren’t so, there wouldn’t be groundbreaking movies like “white men can’t jump” or recording artists like eminem or alicia keys. There is a gimmick, still alive and well, with stereotype contradiction.  It even got one guy elected president …

The truth of the matter is … ALL PEOPLE ARE EQUAL. There really aren’t any special ‘one race only’ talents out there.  Indians don’t own the market on tech support, japanese don’t own the market on robots and pop culture, chinese don’t own the market on martial arts and dry cleaning, whites don’t own the market on white-collar work and plumbing, and blacks don’t own the market on rap and athletics.  There is no particular ethnic genetic trait that predisposes any one race toward art, intelligence, rhythm, melody, cooking, literature, running or swimming.  Likewise, there is no particular genetic trait that predisposes any one race to being prejudiced, to hating, to criminal activity, or to thinking they are superior.  These good and bad traits exist in ALL people, regardless of race or gender.

I frequently argued with my wife about race when we were first married.  I’m of the “people should be judged on their merits” camp, and she was of the “special help must be rendered because there is a huge divide” camp.
As a result, i spent a lot of time studying various statistics from an unbiased stance: i copiled a spreadsheet that included, state by state, crime statistics (robbery, rape, murder, number of convicts), economic statistics, political voting statistics, poverty statistics (how many people were on welfare, how much money the average family received), ‘hot issue’ statistics (gun control laws, abortions, education success/failure rates), religion (% of population in specific faiths), and virtually any new statistics that were released with state-by-state numbers.  Being in a spreadsheet, i was able to sort by any part of the data, and see correlations between various fields.

Some of the numbers opened up my eyes to interesting things (states with the highest crime had the strictest gun-control laws, while states with the lowest crime had the least restrictive gun control laws), some of the statistics simply reinforced “common knowledge” (a slightly higher number of blacks and hispanics in prison over whites, very few asians).

I then began compiling “race’ violence and harrassment articles in the national news.  I found a few surprising things in those:
– in most crimes where blacks attacked whites, the crime is not listed as a racially-motivated ‘hate’ crime.
– in most crimes where blacks perpetuate violence against whites, it is difficult to initially identify “race” (smaller midwestern/rocky mountain communities are more likely to still say “black” or “white” than big cities, which seem to be trying to play down the color-to-crime ratio).
– an incredibly high percentage of vandalism and arson related “hate crimes” turned out to be falsely reported & staged crimes, where the “victim” or a close relative of the victim had staged the scene in an attempt to implicate “hate groups”.  After 9/11, this became the m.o. of middle-eastern shop owners.
– there were actually about 3:1 more crimes that fit the criteria of ‘hate crimes’ by blacks or hispanics against whites than by whites against others. A neighborhood of blacks might beat a white man senseless, while a white college kid might hang a noose on a tree in a race-hate sign in retaliation.
– whites were most usually the worse off in such encounters, with whites killed or raped, while blacks were generally the victims of ‘symbolic’ hate crimes (or the “burning crosses, spraypainted signs and yelling epithets” variety)
– in homicides,nearly all young black men were killed by other young black men

I didn’t want to believe that  more criminals are black because of some kind of “genetic” thing, and it certainly wasn’t some kind of conspiracy, so i decided to look at other statistics, and then do a little bit of field work.

From my own experience (firsthand witness):

– police pull over black guys in cars that are violating traffic laws (usually speeding, peeling out and running red lights and stopsigns)
– police pull over white guys in cars that are violating traffic laws (usually speeding, peeling out, and drunk driving)
– police pull over hispanic guys who are violating traffic laws (no seatbelts, open liquor, missing tail lights)
– in the city, most people on welfare are black
– in the rural areas, most people on welfare are white
– most blacks and middle eastern folks live in the city
– rural areas are mostly white, japanese and hispanic
– most corporate customer-service jobs where i worked (in Seattle) were predominantly black, with black supervisors (mostly women)
– whites worked in most corporate jobs (banks, dot-coms, law offices), far below the multi-millionaire corporate officers.
– most difficult-to-maintain (requiring ‘hard work’) businesses were owned by 1st and 2nd generation asians and middle-easterners. these would be taxis, convenience stores, delis, restaurants, laundries and hotels – places that have constant business and pay low wages. These were “small business owners”.
– most non-working blacks grew up in single parent households where they were taught to not trust authority figures, especially white ones (police, teachers, businessmen)
– most non-working whites grew up in single-parent households where they were taught not to trust authority figures (police, teachers, politicians), or minorities
– most poor urban people – regardless of race – ate out at restaurants, fast food, bars and convenience stores more than other people.
– most poor urban people – regardless of race – blamed everyone else for everything else. everyone had a “reason” for not trying.
– most poor urban people – regardless of race – thought they were owed something, and were sure to ask everyone for a handout – a cigarette, a couple dollars.
– most wealthy people – regardless of race – were frugal. if they had to buy an expensive item, they worked hard to research it first, making sure they got the ‘best one for the money’. they didn’t settle for “ok”.
– most wealthy people – regardless of race – took ownership of their life and decisions. the closest to blame i heard was “it just wasn’t meant to be”.
– most wealthy people – regardless of race – helped others out whenever they could. those that did so stayed wealthy longer than those who didn’t.

i could go on and on …

but i arrived at a conclusion:

Race does not cause poverty.  Race does not cause dysfunctional families.  Race does not cause crime.
Dysfunctional culture can cause poverty, broken homes and criminal behavior.  When you raise your children to expect handouts and to place blame, to not respect authority, and to put comfort first, they will grow up to be criminals, their marriages will fail, they will blame others for their failures, and they will become ‘the poor and the needy’ by their own choice.
When a parent raises a child to not trust the police, that kid grows up, hangs out with other kids who don’t trust the police, and they dress a certain way.  The police do have to “profile” in a way – they see someone dressed like a gangmember, they’re going to watch them.  They see someone acting suspicious, they;’re gonna watch them.  they see someone breaking a law – whether it be underage drinking, shoplifting, moving violations, trespassing – and they’ll ticket or arrest them.  The wise kid would learn from the mistake, and not break the law again.  The kid brought up in a home where they were taught to blame, to make excuses and to disrespect authority will see his brush with the law as justification of their mindset, and will break more laws down the road, eventually landing in prison.
It doesn’t matter if you’re white or black … “alien” or not … if you don’t respect authority, don’t accept accountability for your actions, and don’t try to be a better human being, you will fail.

the “racial divide” is caused by people who spread fertilizer on the weeds.  By keeping up an “awareness” of “racism” that is not the racism of the 1960’s and earlier, they are continuing to feed the corrupt culture that makes these people poor and uneducated and incarcerated.  By providing handouts to people who aren’t good citizens – the lazy, the promiscuous, the unmarried, the law-breakers, the blamers, the unproductive citizens in our society, we’re burdening those who do contribute, and making them bitter … while still helping the scourge of society mutiply and overrun.

there are whites just as guilty as blacks, and there are asians just as guilty as hispanics … but the focus of the media and the focus of the politicians is always going to be “urban areas’, because “urban areas” are an easy window into the population.  impoverished whites tend to stay outside the cities, in the smaller towns and outlying communities.  I assure you, having seen the lifestyles on both coasts, in metropilitan areas as well as those in rural areas, the substance of criminal failure is the same in urban blacks as it is in rural whites.

There is no racial inequality in stupidity.



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