Posted by: inforodeo | March 27, 2009

Why Fargo, North Dakota Is Important

It should be enough that a huge disaster is slowly inching its way into the lives of thousands of Fargoans, but the pending super-flood is important to those keeping tabs on our Constitutional Liberties, too.

This disaster will be the first disaster to occur under Obama, and since his election, numerous “FEMA Camps” have been sprouting up around the country, mostly along the Mexican border. Many lie on railroad routes, and in a few instances, railroads have been constructed to connect to the mysterious camps. 

Our National Guard – the people who normally respond to disasters – are being assimilated into the regular federally-controlled military, and DHS and FEMA have been granted quite a few spooky powers.  More incidents have been popping up around the country in which the federal military have been working as policemen – something supposedly guarded against in the constitution and the Posse Comitatus Act.  United States marines were “helping” with traffic stops in California a few months back, and armed military presence was witnessed around our country ion new year’s Eve, as well as during the Obama Inaguration.  During Obama’s big party, in fact, military used cellular-service signal jamming equipment to prevent ordinary citizens from making or receiving cellphone calls as his motorcade passed – a technology that is outlawed in this country, even for our own Law Enforcement. (The technology is used to prevent terrorists from triggering bombs with their cellphone signals). 

Meanwhile, Obama’s administration is now fully assembled, and the majority of them are infamous anti-gun politicians. They’ve announced their plans to ban certain types of guns (most types, as a matter of fact), and have been feeding the media propaganda about how our “high tech guns” – legal to law-abiding citizens in the United States – are “over-arming” Mexican drug lords, giving them an unfair advantage over the Mexican police.

Of course, most people either aren’t aware, or justify these actions.  Today, a commenter on CNN put it well:

“Many Americans are so emotionally invested in the Obama presidency that they consider it too historic to fail.
They won’t tolerate any criticism of the president or his administration, finding it easier to simply attack critics.
And whatever goes wrong that they can’t defend or deflect, they just blame on George W. Bush.”
Ruben Navarette Jr, CNN Commentary: “Obama Is Flunking Economics”

During Katrina, the law-abiding citizens of New Orleans were forcibly disarmed.  Their weapons were stored away in a mouldering warehouse, and when they were finally released back to some of their owners, as a result of a lawsuit filed by (the NRA?), these weapons – antique, modern, expensive, heirloom, etc – were rusted, moldy and damaged beyond repair. The owners were not compensated.
Those who managed to hold onto their guns – now illegally – were able to defend themselves against looters, rapists and rioting criminals. 

In Idaho, however, a bill recently went to the state house, seeking to prevent the unlawful seizure of citizens private weapons during “martial law”, to prevent what happened in Katrina. The bill has (thankfully) passed so far, with those opposing it belonging to the same pro-government domination party as Obama.

Fargo is significant because we may have the opportunity to see what kind of liberties the government will grant itself during a natural disaster, now that a few more things are in place.  Though i certainly hope i will be wrong, i am going to watch to see.  It will also be different because the population of the upper midwest is made up of people who are vastly different than the populations of California and Louisiana, so there may be no need for military presence, as there may be no rioting and looting.

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