Posted by: inforodeo | April 1, 2009

First Hand Witness of the State of the Economy

I went to the bank today to deposit my most recent paycheck. 

While standing in line, i overheard the bank manager working with a couple who were trying to get their social security checks.  Nothing that much out of the ordinary – i’d seen other people collecting welfare before.

As i was filling out my deposit slip, a guy came in and cheerfully addressed the teller by name.  As he passed me by and walked up to the counter, he told her he had just got his unemployment check.
He looked like he probably worked at the local lumber mill, and i know they’d laid off quite a few people recently.

As i walked to the counter to deposit my check, an elderly woman pulled up to the drive-thru window, and i heard the teller say “well, it’s overdrawn.”
The elderly woman asked, “by how much?”
The teller, beginning to speak in a concerned, hushed voice said, “by over eight-hundred dollars.”
The elderly woman slumped in the seat of her blue pickup. 

It’s april fools day, and across the Atlantic there are riots in England during an “economic summit”.  Obama is supposed to be speaking with Chinese leaders to figure out what to do about our debt to China.  China owns a lot of U.S. Treasury bonds.  Like a commenter said the other day, “We’re in a trillion-dollar ‘national debt’. Who are we indebted to? China.”

I hoped this was all a joke, but it is not.


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