Posted by: inforodeo | April 17, 2009

The Dangereous OA

Several news items in the past few days:

OA Homland Security Commander, Janet Napolotino has decided that the war on terror should be primarily fought against the following:

most people who buy a lot of ammunition
– returned “disgruntled” vets (“because Timothy McVeigh was a disgruntled vet”)
– people who oppose abortion
– people who don’t like “Big Government”
– people unhappy with the economy
– people unhappy with taxes

these targets are pretty vague, and the DHS is on the look out for anyone fitting this description.  This policy sets up the OA’s “anyone on the DHS watch list shouldn’t be allowed to have a gun” plan.  interesting.

also interesting is that there was no mention of the numerous “left-wing” terrorist groups with a proven record of crime:  the ELF, Obama’s friend’s “The Weathermen”, etc.

On the 15th, thousands and thousands of people turned out for the “Tea Party” protests.  In towns as small as Boise, Idaho, the numbers were in the thousands (Boise had over 2,500 protesters).  Some reports indicated some East Coast towns with as many as 20,000.  This/these event(s) are interesting because:

– they were non-violent, non-destructive, and within the law (in stark contrast to the Liberal Socialist Democrats’ usual “protests”)
– they happened across the country
– they involved U.S. citizens from both major parties
– they indicated a united desire for eklected officials to stop raising taxes and spending the people’s money without the people’s approval.
– most major news outlets ignored the priotests, and the few who aired them greatly underestimated the numbers (in one notable clip, the camera scans the bottom of a seemingly endless sea of protestors, and the commentator announces “only about two thousand people showed up”), or picked-and-chose the most “redneck” or unknowledgable people to interview, attempting to slant the protests as staged by ignorant and unreasonable people.  THEY FAILED.

in (possibly – still having trouble believing this) GOOD news, today has brought the following two stories that (if true0 i am kind of excited about:

– Obama announced a national high-speed train service.  It’s actually not as good of news as it sounds … it’s really just some high-speed public transport for a handful (like 5?) major metropolitan areas, so it is unlikely most of america will get any use out of them … but having better mass transit in major cities will reduce traffic, which will in turn reduce (a little bit) air pollution, etc.  Having lived in a major city that had a similar public transportation system, i can say that it is not a perfect solution – it will still be too expensive for many people, inconvenient to get to boarding places, subject to frequent break-downs (which will stop entire cities if that is the main form of transport), make populations more vulnerable to disease epidemics, create more vulnerable terror targets AND be terrible options for large-scale evactuations (like tsunamis, volcanos, missiles, etc) … but hey! traffic will be better and the environment will be a little better off (except where the train is racing through – look out, gray wolves!)

– Obama said he is “backing down’ from reinstating the “assault weapons ban”.  This is a WISE choice because it serves no purpose for the public good (no crime has ever been proven to decrease as a result), and it allows our citizens to defend themselves from criminals with effective weapons.
the thing is … i don’t believe this headline.  it’s … too easy.  maybe the answer lies in a plan to destroy the firearm-related economy … not putting the ban into effect will destroy the high value of the weapons and ruins their collectability.  maybe the thing we’re not hearing is “Obama is not going to go after the ban, but that won’t stop the rest of the OA”.

anyway, if true, cool.  if not, it’s just another broken promise to add to the broken promise tracker,.


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