Posted by: inforodeo | April 21, 2009


At least THREE Items in the news today which underscore the bizarre inversion of the “War on Terror” that the Obama Administration has brought:

The first excited me. After Last week’s announcement that Iraq War Vets, gun owners, people against big government and people who oppose abortion were now being watched by the Department of Homeland Security, the news that violent vegan “animal rights” activist DANIEL ANDREAS SAN DIEGO had been added to the FBI’s terrorist list was a small beam of light coming from an otherwise cloudy government. San Diego had been convicted of bombing two facilities in California because he thought they were connected with animal-testing labs.

While his addition to the list is a step in the right direction, I still have to wonder why Bill Ayers, one of Obama’s close friends, was able to escape prosecution. Ayers, who co-founded 1960’s “activist” group Weather Underground, had bombed several buildings during his campaign of terror and destruction, and has publicly declared he would “do it again”, and “expresses no regret”.

Obama seems to have kept up his close association with (and lack of condemnation of) terrorists and anti-american figures.  Obama has recently been photographed with Venezualen militant socialist “President” Hugo Chavez, smiling and joking as if the two were old friends.  This may not be surprising to those who were aware of Obama campaign workers sporting Che Guevara shirts, flags and posters during the election (Chavez is a supporter of Guevara and his murderous movement). While Obama – who spent late nights chatting at the dinner tables of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and Rashid Khalidi, but dismissed accusations that the three were “friends” – may simply have again been misunderstood (like when he didn’t place his hand over his heart during the U.S. National Anthem, or when he said there were 57 states, or when he said he was Muslim), the “freudian slips” and “misunderstandings” are piling up and pointing in a direction that worries a lot of Americans.  A few days ago, another terrorist-turned-president, Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared from a podium at the anti-Israel United Nations that Israel was a “cruel and repressive racist regime”, but the OA State Department spokesman simply said later, “that type of rhetoric is not helpful and doesn’t help facilitate a constructive dialogue.”
Obama has been equally unresponsive to anti-American speeches at which he has been a spectator.  He said nothing and did not react much to the hour-long anit-American speech by Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, simply looking at his watch when it was over.  Perhaps Obama wasn’t as concerned that an American citizen might be watching him, allowing him the luxury of not having to feign a nervous smile, like he did when the preacher at his inauguration started spitting out anti-white racist remarks.

Columnist Gloria Borger wrote a good article on Obama’s enthusiasm for violent dictators and apathy toward hateful rhetoric directed at Americans in her article “A LITTLE OUTRAGE, PLEASE, MR. PRESIDENT”.

In the past couple of weeks, then, we’ve seen the OA go after war vets, gun owners, people who oppose the sickening practice of abortion, and persons with the historical understanding and legal knowledge to question the federal government’s intrusion into the personal lives of citizens.  The govorner of Texas was ridiculed for suggesting his state seced from the union over this last point.
We’ve also seen the king of the OA himself looking bored while another world leader delivers a tirade against our nation, and shaking hands and joking with another terrorist-turned president who idolizes a communist mass-murderer and is trying to talk other nations into helping “crush democracy” – a form of government that IS America.  Oh – and the OA issued a press release that said, quite firmly, that when the Iranian terrorist-president made up a bunch of anti-Jewish stuff in a speech where he was trying to gain support in attacking Israel, he “needs to be careful about how he words things or other people won’t want to discuss this further.”

So what next?


yep. exactly. In a nation where:
– Angry, Paranoid Liberals throw bricks through corporate coffeehouse windows, set trash cans on fire, hurl rocks at policemen and spray paint on private property
– anti-war demonstrators illegally march on a major highway, stopping morning rush-hour traffic
– anti-war protestors vandalize a military base in an attempt to stop shipment of protective equipment to our soldiers
– Obama supporters riot and vandalize private property and physically attack police outside the RNC
– Obama supporters riot, trespass and vandalise at the DNC
– Gay Marriage advocates violently and rudely trespass and protest on private church grounds
– flood victims shoot at rescue helicopters
… they are let off, or never pursued in the first place, but a guy who stages a funny, non-political, peaceful and silly “flash mob”, where people suddenly pull out pillows and whack each other (gently, and they weren’t allowed to whack anyone holding a camera or not holding a pillow) got arrested for “disorderly conduct”.

I know that law enforcement has much better things to do, like reading our blogs to see if we oppose abortion, have just returned from duty in Iraq, are stockpiling ammunition or don’t like how high the taxes are … so why go through all the trouble to arrest this guy?  I know Christo and jean-Claude at least get permits before they do giant works of art, but most liberal-socialist-democrat protests go on without the necessary permits, and they are rarely hauled in.

In this dark and frightful time in our nation, we NEED upbeat things to keep our spirits up. In the 1920’s it was “pole sitting” and “longest kisses”.  In the 2000’s it’s flash mobs and silly dancing!  YouTube and other sites are full of the videos of these often elaborate and always unexpected public performances.  There’s the Belgium railway station where hundreds of people start dancing to a choreographed song from “the sound of music”, and the “wherethehellismatt” dancer, and the numerous stunts by imrov everywhere.


and …


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