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What I Think About vaccinations, Quarantines, etc …

A few years back, a friend who was in the Marines was telling me how he and others were refusing to take the mandated Anthrax Vaccine because they’d heard it caused Gulf War Syndrome.  Having spent my late-nights for several years listening to late night talk radio, i immediately agreed.

More recently, i married a woman who was into “natural birth”.  The concept of midwifery was not that shocking … my last serious relationship prior to meeting my wife was with a new age holistic healer-woman, so i was used to some of the rhetoric of “modern medical technology vs. natural health”.

Essentially, the underlying belief in both is that nature has had it figured out for thousands of years, and medicine initially started in the right direction, but with each new technological discovery, began to deviate further and further from nature, and created its own entity that is now more damaging and “addictive”, or ‘needed’ than it should be.

It’s kind of the same argument between “evolution and creation”, or “government and anarchy”, except when stacked upon each other, you will find most people pick and choose at what time to follow this underlying “people tend to mess things up’ principle.

For the past few years now, i’ve heard that vaccinations in children may cause autism.  To be honest, it scared me, so when my wife brought it up, we decided not to vaccinate our children.
Then news broke that Polio was back, and thriving among Quakers or Amish …. some “frozen in time” religious group in Minnesota.  They didn’t agree with vaccinations, and as a result their kids were dying from a disease that vaccinations had otherwise erradicated. Worse, by becoming willing breeding grounds for the disease, they could possibly spread it to others who were not protected.

At this point, i had to consider my political philosophy:  That our freedoms extend only as far as to not interfere with the freedoms of others.

Do i have the right to refuse medical attention? Sure.  Do i have the right to make other people sick?  No, because that “right” would take away others’ right to be healthy.

We had to get our son caught up on vaccinations so he could enter public school.  We chose to do so.

Recently, another reputable scientific organization released their conclusions from their own study on the possible vaccine-autism link. They, like other real scientific groups before them, have determined that vaccinations do not cause autism in children.

Shortly after that, i was reading a publication from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and it suggested (as part of an “emergency preparedness” program for individual families) getting vaccinated to protect against disease.  If you think about the concept, it makes sense … if you’re vaccinated against Hepatitis, you’re not going to have to find a doctor to treat you if you become a flood refugee.  In most cases, if you’re vaccinated against a certain illness, you are less likely to assist in the spread of that disease to others, too.

As significant as it was “logically”, it was significant to me in another way too:  If an official Church publication – in a Church that is overseen by a living prophet of God – suggests vaccinations in the same way it suggests storing a supply or water or food, then it could, perhaps, be “approved by God” that we use modern medical techniques to boost the health and prevent disease in our families.  It may not mean that a vaccination is “right” for everyone, it may not mean that there isn’t a connection between vaccinations and autism … but it does mean that i should follow that advice and make sure our vaccinations are up to date.

Within a week of reading this, we took out 18 month-old, naturally-birthed, never-been-to-a-doctor daughter to the doctor to get six of her required shots … most of which she should have had long before.  As a parent, it is painful to see your innocent child go through pain they “didn’t deserve”.  She cried and looked up at us with a questioning anguish.  She moaned”ouch … ouch … ouch” for hours afterward.

A day later, she was fine, and there haven’t been any strange differences in her personality and behavior.

[I should remind you … the things i say are my personal opinion at the time i say them, and not officical positions of my church or any other affiliations i have]

A week or two ago, I had a class in histpory on the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918.  Millions died during that pandemic.
Two days later, the news began reporting of a new flu epidemic coming from Mexico that had some of the same dangerous traits of the 1918 flu.  This new “Swine Flu” also attacked the healthiest of society, by triggering a damaging reaction in healthy immune systems.

Unlike the 1918 flu, however, the 2009 flu has some mysterious traits, which are fueling a lot of conspiracy theorists:
– most flu’s originate in asia, where there is close proximity between people and animals, and then work their way eastward, hitting north america later.  this one originated in mexico and worked its way northward.
– the flu is a combination of human, swine and bird flus.  how did the three blend naturally in nature?
– most of those who have died – the majority – have been in mexico, while those elsewhere have survived.
– the governments, WHO, and the media have seemingly “blown it out of proportion”, according to some, “because a smaller percentage of people with this flu have died than those with regular flu”.

Today i saw this online, and it is what prompted me to write:

I do not doubt at all that pharmacutical companies seek to influence doctors.  I’ve known people whose job it was to go into clinics and hospitals and take doctors out to lunch, give them fancy clipboards, pencils, and other materials stamped with the company’s name or the latest drug the company is trying to push.  Anyone who has visited a doctor’s office in the last twenty years has noticed the lab coats with drug names embroidered on them, or how all the medical posters in the waiting and examination rooms were “generously” provided by Company X, and remind you of Brand X.  And then there are the free samples …

I am, however – regardless of the “evidence” – not convinced that “the government” or “the illuminati” or “aliens” engineered the Swine Flu, AIDS, or other super-diseases to try to wipe out certain ethnicities or social groups.

In the video above, he mentions some legal stuff that gives the government the power to fine people $250,000 for refusing a quarantine.  As much as “quarantine” is a good hollywood fear element, if you think about it, the idea of having people stay put until they get better (or the other alternative) , rather than going out into the public and spreading their germs around, makes great sense!  In biblical times they did this with Leperosy.

As far as the current “pandemic”, i’ve heard the officials talking about how they are more concerned with controlling this now, before it has a chance to mutate and come back stronger, like the 1918 flu was.  In that context, the “over-reaction” makes sense.


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