Posted by: inforodeo | May 25, 2009

Liberal Socialists Blowing Up Starbucks

I’ve been ridiculed before for ranting in history class against “those radical riotous hippies who throw bricks through the windows at starbucks”.  The teacher’s aid seemed to think i was over-reacting to the “appropriate demonstrations” I was going off about idiots in Seattle who threw bricks through the Starbucks window (honestly, it might have been Nike or Gap or something) during the WTO riots that happened while i was living there.
Those riots … and the news media’s ridiculously biased/ignorant coverage really turned me against all “liberal” causes.  Watching the news and seeing the aged reporter waving a “peace sign” and screaming into the microphone that a”these are peaceful demonstrations” as someone behind her hurled a brick at a policeman was really funny.  The joke got even better when she tearfully screamed, as police responded with shields and teargas, “this was an unprovoked attack! this was an unprovoked attack!”
The more i witnessed these liberal demonstrations … against Bush, against the war, against “big corporations”, “oil companies”, “republicans” and everything else formerly American and wholesome, the more i realised the mindset and action are far removed from the boycotts and strikes of the past.  These things weren’t “a revolution” for anything good … no race, age or gender being championed … and they certainly were lacking the element of PEACE, not to mention “common sense”, “truth”, and a plethoras of other good things.
Modern protests are an exercise in violence, hate, vandalism, riot, and all the “anti’s” that go along with it.

Burning down SUVs or houses, for example, to “save the earth”.  How does all the air-pollution, chemicals being washed into the soil, and forcing the manufacturer to re-build (thereby doubling the ‘environmental impact’ of production alone!) REALLY help the environment?

This morning, before dawn (according to CNN), Starbucks in “several cities” were bombed.
I’m left wondering “WHY?”

What is so offensive to some that some clever person created a business that was successful?
Why does everyone hate Bill Gates, for example?  Yeah, he has way “too much” money – but the judgement against the quantity is based in our tiny minds’ opinion.  If money doesn’t really matter, why worry about who has the most of it?  Why are people mad that he, taking advantage of the privilege he was born into, increased his talents (to quote the bible)?
Our society is successful, from time to time, because we allow innovators to innovate.  we allow accountants to account. we allow workers to work, and we allow managers to manage.  While it is also true we allow the poor to be poor and the rich to be rich … you have to balance that with the related truth that our society also allows the rich to become poor and the poor to become rich.

So why bomb Starbucks?

If it happened in several cities, it was probably a group of some sort and not a person (unless the cities were all nearby).  It’s likely this group is so deeply ingrained in the propaganda of the Liberal/Socialist/Democrats that they actually believed Starbucks was “the bad guy”.  They couldn’t see that the company became big through legit means … through hard work … or that the average employee of starbucks is some college kid working part-time.  Yeah – that will help society – make all the college kids lose their jobs! brilliant!

Myopic politics.  idiots.


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