Posted by: inforodeo | June 11, 2009


I just read another article where some parents are upset about some materials available in a public library to their children.
I also read an article about carrie prejean (Miss california) being “stripped of her crown” as part of the fall out from some comments she made supporting traditional marriage.


I don’t understand why it is “an outrage” that a “Christmas” Tree could be on display in a state capitol, or that “intelligent design” be taught alongside “evolution”, or why kids in kindergarten get suspended for pointing their fingers at each other and saying “bang!” …

while on the other hand, public schools are forcing our children to learn about grotesque sexual deviance and told that fornication is ok, public libraries are making sexually-charged materials available to minors, and underage pop stars appear nude in popular magazines.

i don’t know how many times i am going to need to quote scripture to get this point across, but remember GOOD WILL BE HAD FOR EVIL AND EVIL FOR GOOD?

it’s “Evil” to “mix church and state” by displaying a ‘religious” icon on public property …
it’s “Evil” to tell your children not to tamper with the powers of procreation …
it’s “Evil” to ask that dirty books be kept where kids can’t get to them …
it’s “Evil” for boys to play like boys …

it’s “Good” to teach false doctrine as “science” …
it’s “Good” to use public money to promote immoral behavior …
it’s “Good” to live together before getting married …
it’s “Good” to use violence to get your point across …

these are the last days … foretold in scripture … whether you believe “that sort of thing” or not.


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