Posted by: inforodeo | July 30, 2009

The Perils Of Global Warming Policies

One of the things that makes me happiest is finding “the rest of the story” on major issues.  After an argument with my wife (she’s a bit quicker than me and aggravates me to a stupor before i can say what i want to say), i went online to find some information about GLOBAL WARMING. The topic came up because some friends in Seattle were “so there!”-ing about global warming because they just had a record high of 103° … but where i’m at, we’ve had a cooler-than-usual summer, with nearly twice our yearly precipitation in just a couple months. 

I guess it’s my belief that Global Warming is a misleading term … while it may be accurate (and understated) for some, it is the opposite for others.  Perhaps the term should be “climate normalization”.  Yes, species are dying off, yes, some of our industry contributes to some of this … but the earth has a pattern of hot and cold cycles that would exist regardless man’s influence.  In the new religion of global warming, man has lifted himself above God as a cause for change in the world.  I think i am uncomfortable with that.

Maybe i am wrong, though?  After all, a professor at my college forced us to watch Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”, and lectured incessantly about the validity of Gore’s research.  I mean, she was a first-year english teacher who’d just begun teaching after haviung been a high school english teacher, but still, she has the title of “Doctor” …
While watching the Gore-flick for the fourth time, i began to see some why-didn’t-i-notice-that-before errors in his presentation.  For example, he claims that cars in Asia have better gas mileage than cars in the United States, but doesn’t let you know that the major reasons for that are the modifications necessary for the cars to comply with our ‘clean air’ requirements … pollution reducers which also reduce the power and MPG of those cars which are exported here.  Gore also measures the damage done by hurricanes in dollars, and uses the graph to suggest that hurricanes have become more powerful in recent decades (in actuality they have not, but the number of people living in hurricane areas has increased exponentially – meaning there are more dollars placed in the path of hurricanes than before). 

Imagine my excitement when i found the video POLICY PERIL online!  It details several important bits (important if you want to explore, with an open-mind, additional data about Global Warming):

– the retractions of data previously used to start the Global Warming craze
– the few areas where man’s restrictions on industry have helped curb pollution
– the truths that are glossed over or manipulated to ‘make a case’ for global warming policies
– some dangers (like malaria, hurricanes and wildfires) that are not actually related to ‘global warming’, and why they are not
– some dangers (poverty, deforestation, increased carbon dioxide release) that are directly tied to Global Warming “prevention” policies 

to wrap it all up, they admit there ARE things we should do to protect the environment, and that (whether man-caused or God-caused) the earth’s climate IS changing, but the ill-planned and dramatic measures being rushed through and enacted will do very little to combat the warming, but will do a lot to further damage economies, health, and the environment … and tyhat some of the more effective measures are those most frowned upon by alarmists.

See Video: POLICY PERIL: Why Global Warming Policies Are More dangerous Than Global Warming Itself



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